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Since most reservation towns don't have a large library with a reading room, or a student activities building with a lounge full of newspapers from around the world, we decided to provide you the next best thing. Articles in these newsletters are written by people working on reservations, interviews or stories about people living on reservations. So, relax and catch up on the news.

Newsletters on disability are found below. For our corporate newsletter and other resources, click on the newsletters link at left.


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Best of Miniwakan Tiyospaye -- newsletter for people with disabilities and their families

Best of Miniwakan Waonspekiye -- newsletter for staff members serving Native Americans with disabilities

or find your area of interest below, in alphabetical order, by topic
Acquired Disabilities, January 2005. As one article puts it, "Your whole life can change in an instant" and, even for those who have to hear the dreaded words, "Are you the child's mother? I am afraid I have some bad news...." at least one author believes that "...everything happens for a reason".

Acquired disabilities 2.0 A second chance on life: How a car accident changed my life, March 2006 by Willie Davis, Turtle Mountain Site Coordinator.

Aging with a disability - articles on growing older with a disability, what you can (and cannot) do about it and how you can adjust, May, 2007.

Anxiety disorders and depression are the topic of the February, 2006 newsletter.

Attention deficit and behavior disorders -June 2006 - Miniwakan Waonspekiye News: This newsletter includes an article on successful ways to teach students who are struggling with behavioral disorders, as well as a piece on Attention Deficit Disorder from our Straight Talk with Maria series.

Attention deficit disorder or learning disabilities: Helping children succeed in school is the topic of our October, 2005 newsletter.

Autism and news on our latest project - Special Education Rights - and research (Indianonish and email) are found in the December, 2007 newsletter.

Behavior disorders in early childhood , August 2006

Teaching self-care to young children with disabilities (you don't want to brush their teeth for them when they are 21), July 2006

Behavior disorders in special education - what you can do that actually works, May 2006

Brown-Sequard Syndrome - the story of life after a disability, from drinking through rehab to president, May, 2006 by Dr. Erich Longie, Spirit Lake Dakota and President, Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc.

Child care, VR- October 2006 - Miniwakan Waonspekiye News: This issue contains articles on child care centers on the reservation, as well as another personal account from a VR counselor.

Community Resources - February 2007 - Miniwakan Tiyospaye News: This issue includes a little bit of everything, from how to know your legal rights, to Community Resources for Parents.

Early childhood - getting a diagnosis - "You don't know what you don't know". Also, an article on Independent Living Centers and American Indian reservations are found in our January, 2006 newsletter.

Early Childhood - Individual Family Service Plan Sept. 2006 - Miniwakan Waonspekiye News: This newsletter features IFSP Tips for Families is a 'must read' for parents of young children with disabilities.

Hearing impairment: classroom modifications from the student's view. (Thank you to guest author, Turtle Mountain High School Student Jordan Laducer). Also, an article on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be found in the March, 2006 newsletter.

Independent living after becoming disabled: How a car accident changed my life, April 2006 - by Willie Davis

Learning disabilities: modifications at school and on the job are covered in our November, 2005 newsletter.

Learning disabilities in adulthood: A hidden reservation issue is the feature article in our August issue, also included is an article on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome prevention programs.

Long QT Syndrome - what you don't know could kill you. July 2006 - Miniwakan Tiyospaye News: This issue contains an in-depth article on the Long QT Syndrome, featuring a story from a reservation resident.

Nursing home on the reservation? A model, April, 2006 - Guest editorial by Dr. Carol Davis, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.

Occupational Therapy - November 2006 - Miniwakan Tiyospaye News: This newsletter includes a descriptive article about the roles of an Occupational Therapist and includes links to other Vocational Rehabilitation articles.

Parents - October 2006 - Miniwakan Tiyospaye News: This newsletter serves as a resource to parents, demonstrating how to use the SLC website to meet your needs and how to locate community resources when caring for young people with disabilities.

Recreation and sports for people with disabilities, December 2004. Read about a blind judo champion and a pool shark (and find out why Willie's email address is sharkwheels).

Self-advocacy and coalition building, March, 2007- views from the Spirit Lake and Turtle Mountain Reservations, by Willie Davis and Breeanne Hinojoso

Transition planning , January, 2007 - maybe not everything you wanted to know on planning the transition from school to work for students with disabilities, but this is certainly a good start.

Visual Impairments - changing classrooms to help students with visual impairments succeed and modifications for people with learning disabilities at school and on the job are covered in our November, 2005 newsletter.

Vocational Rehabilitation December 2006 - Miniwakan Waonspekiye News: Our special Vocational Rehabilitation issue features articles from two VR counselors on their experiences, tips, and techniques.

VR, child care - October 2006 - Miniwakan Waonspekiye News: This issue contains articles on child care centers on the reservation, as well as another personal account from a VR counselor.

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