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SLC LogoMaking life better - for who? And how? - The October, 2007 edition of Miniwakan News features an article by Dr. De Mars on the families who are the focus of our training on disabilities and chronic illness. There is also a challenging essay by Dr. Longie asking, "Is ethics a taboo subject on Indian reservations?"

Special Issue on Ethics in Indian Country - introducing our Tribal Leaders with Character project, this issue of Miniwakan News discusses the ethical issues facing leaders in Indian country and organizations throughout America. The signs of moral collapse are discussed and efforts both on and off the reservations to instill a high standard of ethical behavior. Join the conversation!

Heroic and non-heroic leadership and our workforce survey - Dr. Erich Longie discusses his views on the need to return to traditional Sioux values of generosity and courage to improve organizations from school board through the tribal council. Our workforce survey gets answers to the question your grandmother always asks, "Why don't you have a job?"

How our new leadership project is aimed at changing life on the reservations - When most people say, "Something has to change" , they don't develop a small business research project and get a federal grant to fund it. Who says you should be like most people?

Our give-away on the Internet, How to get us to send you a star quilt and more stuff about SLC, August, 2006

Two new projects funded: Caring for Our People & Disability Access. How to get a free CD. What our consultants have been doing. May, 2005.

When not to write a grant, calming your evaluation fears and issues in Indian country. November, 2003.


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