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A virtual library works just like any other library, except you don't need a card and there are no fines if you forget you have a book and leave it lying on your desk for six weeks. There are different 'shelves' where books and articles are arranged by topic. You can go directly to a book you were searching for, or you can just browse through what is there to see if anything interests you.

Many reservations and other rural communities have no library, no bookstore and no Internet access. Even if you have all of those things, it still may be hard to find what you need. The Virtual Library is a collection of sources right in one place. We add to our collection weekly, if not daily, so check back often.

There are eight major sections in the Virtual Library. Right now, we have hundreds of documents available under the following topics.

Families & Disability
- includes information on caregiving, early childhood and parenting.
The School Years
- has shelves on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Educational Plans (IEP,IFSP, ITP), Learning Disabilities, and Special Education
- covers Alzheimer's, Elder Care and staying healthy as you age.
- provides information on vocational rehabilitation, employment for people with disabilities and the transition from school to work.
- offers 'bookshelves' on Diabetes, exercise, obesity and personal care for people with disabilities or chronic illness. Just because you have a disability or chronic illness is no reason not to get as healthy as you can possibly be.
Mental and Emotional Disorders
- here is where you will find information on behavior disorders, mental illness and mental retardation, including depression, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism and more.
General Interest
- this is the section we put items that didn't fit neatly into any category and would be of interest to a wide audience. For example, emergency preparedness for people with disabilities is an article found here.
Specific Disabilities
- This is the section where you can find information on a specific disability. If you want to learn in depth about Asperger's, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Blindness or other specific disability or illness, here is the place to look.


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