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Old-fashioned car driving alongNo matter where you live, the Internet gives you a chance to see disability and illness from a different perspective. On these field trips you will learn about how people adjusted to blindness in another century, hear how a young person with Down syndrome can feel lonely in the community because she has a lot of service providers, but no real friends. The purpose of these field trips are just like those you went on in college - to be interesting and educational. The difference is you get to skip the smelly bus, brown paper bag lunch and sharing your seat with someone who forgot to brush their teeth that morning.

Aging field trip - click here, go there.There is a lot more to growing old than grey hair. On the aging virtual field trip you will have the opportunity to learn about everything from falling downstair to falling in love. There is also a section on caring for older friends and family members.

guide dog - Golden Retriever puppyBLINDNESS VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP Did you know that dogs are specially bred to be guide dogs? Did you ever wonder about the history of printed books for the blind?

Diabetes Virtual Field Trip - addresses an illness that touches every family in Indian country. Here you will find resources that are both readable and informative. Guaranteed to be more interesting than those pamphlets they pass out at Indian Health Service. How could you not like a site that begins with, "Most people never think about their pancreas."

Down Syndrome Virtual Field Trip These websites are really interesting even if you don't know anyone with Down syndrome. There are articles on loneliness, love, marriage, jobs, new babies - all the important stuff. There are also scientific articles on health problems, causes of Down syndrome, Alzheimer's (which is more common among people with Down syndrome.

Spirit Lake Baby in war paint and car seatEarly Childhood field trip featuring some of the best sites you never heard of

EPILEPSY VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP click here What do you do when someone has a seizure? This page will lead you to first aid procedures. The San Diego Epilepsy Foundation, another site included here, tells you what the different types of seizures are and are not and what you should do. Usually, the answer to the last question is "Not much".

wine bottle pouringFetal Alcohol Syndrome Virtual Field Trip You will learn about diagnosis, what to do if you think you might have a child with FAS/FAE in your class, recommendations for helping children with FAS succeed at home and at school and what to expect at different stages in development.

Individual Education Plan - It's much more than a piece of paper. Go on this virtual field trip to find examples of goals, excellent advice on preparing for the meeting, following up when the promised services aren't delivered and even a few pages that are good for laughs.


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