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First, let's talk about field trips a little. The purpose of a field trip is not to just drive by a place. The same with these websites. We have chosen websites that we thought had lots of pages worth reading on the topics of interest. Go there, click here, click there, look around. When you have seen all that you are interested in, come back and we can go on to the next site.

Old-fashioned touring carThis Senior Living site always has something of interest. We particularly recommend the article on falling. We have known a lot of older people who were reluctant to go outside their homes or even to move around very much inside their homes because they were afraid of falling. The plus side of this website is that the articles are very easy to read and there are a lot of them. We don't want you to think getting older is nothing but falling down and getting Alzheimer's. On the other hand, from the same senior living site you will find this article on Six Steps to Better Senior Sex. The downside is that there are a lot of ads on the pages and pop-up ads. We found that a bit annoying, but you can't have everything.

The Alzheimer Disease Education & Referral Center (ADEAR) is a really great place to find out anything you want to know about Alzheimer's. The introduction to their "Dealing with Diagnosis" page gives you some idea of their writing style and understanding of the subject.

"Caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease (AD) at home is a difficult task and can become overwhelming at times. Each day brings new challenges as the caregiver copes with changing levels of ability and new patterns of behavior. Research has shown that caregivers themselves often are at increased risk for depression and illness, especially if they do not receive adequate support from family, friends, and the community."

Once you go to this site, I recommend you click under 'caregiving' and go to the HOME/FAMILY site.I think they cover just about everything.


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