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IEP - It's more than a piece of paper

RECESS! Websites on IEPs just for fun (really)

Dr. Seuss on IEPs
Okay, it cannot always be serious around here. How can you not like a web page that begins:
"I do not like these IEPs
I do not like them, Jeeze Louise!

Mothers from Hell humor page- a grass roots advocacy group for children with disabilities
We do not actually advocate holding your IEP meeting in your neighbor's hot tub (not that there are many hot tubs on the rez anyway!) or bringing a tattooed biker named Bear to the IEP meeting as the child's advocate (unless he happens to be the child's grandfather or has a masters degree in speech pathology). Also, despite what they say, it probably is not true that no one will care if you smack the school psychologist.

PAGES FROM LD ON-LINE - But could apply to any IEP

LD Online: Did you see your Regular Ed teacher at your IEP meeting?
This article describes one of the IEP rights that you may not know you had – the right to have your child’s regular education teacher at your Spring IEP meeting. Although it is from LD On-line, this information is not specific to learning disabilities.

LD Online: Involving Teens in the IEP
Get your teenager involved in anything? You can't even get him to get up off the couch to find the remote or take out the garbage without rolling his eyes or pretending he has gone deaf from all that loud rap music. This article includes ways to involve your teen in the IEP process and a questionnaire to see how well you really know your teen.

Miscellany - good stuff on IEPs from around the web

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective IEP Teams
This is another one from LD On-line that could apply to anyone with any kind of disability. The one line that struck us was when they said we need to understand a person's dreams, and also their nightmares. How many parents are afraid for what will happen to their child after graduation, living on his own, after the parent dies. This articles is a good place to start for a good IEP.

Ten Mistakes Parents Make in IEP meetings
From the parents of a child with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, who admit to making all of the mistakes listed at least once.

IEPs for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
This page provides a lot of examples of objectives and services you could request for your child. All of the examples are given for children in preschool through elementary school.


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