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Finding a job when you have a disability.....
blue thumbtack Try a volunteer position as a first step to a paid job. These positions are often less stressful and usually part-time.
blue thumbtack If you have a visible disability, it can be a good idea to let the employer know in the interview how you will be able to perform the job. “I have transportation from Voc Rehab in a van equipped for wheelchairs, so I will have no problem getting to work on time every day."

blue thumbtack Do not ask for accommodations until after you have been offered the job. Whether you have a disability or not, it does not look good in an interview to be asking what the employer can do for you or telling them what you need. The interview is for telling the employer how well you can do the job.

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Contact vocational rehabilitation. They will provide services to help your child be ready to get a job when he or she finishes school. They can also help your child get work experience while still in school.

Spirit Lake Voc Rehab 766-4446 Turtle Mountain Voc Rehab 477-8189

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  1. Go to the JOBS program to see what jobs they have posted.
  2. Call the casino and ask what jobs are available.
  3. Check the T.E.R.O. office to see if they have a list of any jobs that are available.

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