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fireplace burning Most expensive private colleges have some kind of commons area. It is a place where you can meet friends, relax and catch up on the latest news. Our commons area tries to serve the same purpose. Here you can find a bulletin board with tips on all kinds of subjects posted by tribal members from the Spirit Lake,Fort Berthold and Turtle Mountain reservations. You can also read our newsletters with stories by the same staff you meet in your workshops. We would very much like to publish your stories as well.

Go to our Reading Room. Relax and read news articles on recreation and sports for people with disabilities, helping children with learning and attention disabilities succeed in school, vocational rehabilitation success stories and much more. All for free!

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COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD - Good Advice Found Here on Living with a Disability: Do you wish you had someone who understood what you are going through? Do you wish you could ask someone who has been there advice about finding a job for a person with a severe disability, caring for an older family member or communicating with a child who cannot speak? Click here to read advice from those who have been there. Please, feel free to add your own.

guide dog puppy - Golden Retriever FIELD TRIPS Another thing you'll find in the commons area at a university are invitations to join in activities. While we cannot offer to take you all on an actual field trip, we do have the opportunity to go on some virtual field trips. Like any field trips, the purposes of these are to be both interesting and educational. On the field trip on blindness, you can learn where guide dogs come from (they are specially bred), the field trip on aging covers areas from Alzheimers to sex.

Electronic Filing Cabinet - Never written an Individual Family Service Plan before? Would you like a free poster to teach children about nutrition? Not sure how to write up your observations that you think suggest a child should be referred for special education? If you ever wished you could just go into the filing cabinet of experienced professionals and pull out whatever you could use - well, now you can.

Who can help? A collection of resources by state and on the Internet can be found here.

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