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Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. provides three main areas of service:

Educational programs - offering college courses, staff training and community education programs. For information on our Caring for Our People, Family Life & Disability or Courageous Leadership workshop series, click here

No one knows your needs better than you! This is why our grants services, grantwriting and evaluation, involve a joint effort from beginning to end. We will write the proposal or perform the evaluation with your input. We offer two types of grant services.

Grantwriting - Over the past decade we have written proposals that were funded for a total of tens of millions of dollars. We accept a limited number of contracts for grantwriting each year. Expect to work closely with us as we define carefully your idea to create a fundable proposal. We are not one of those places with a website with lots of exclamation points about FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY!!! Obtaining significant federal funding is a lot of work and far from guaranteed. To get the straight facts, click here

Evaluation - As with grantwriting, we pride ourselves on providing intensive services to a small number of clients. We will work with you on everything from defining your objectives to writing your annual report. This process involves you from beginning to end. For more information on our evaluation services, please click here.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our services, please click here.

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