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We offer a series of four workshops on care for Native Americans with disabilities and chronic illness. These include:

  • Introduction to Disability & Culture - for staff working with individuals with disabilities in and out of school. This training prepares staff to better assist individuals and their families with special education needs, balancing a social life, finding assistance for everything from wheelchairs to employment.
  • Early Childhood Intervention - covers Individual Family Service Plans, behavior problems, teaching personal care, developmental stimulation and modifications in the preschool classroom.
  • Special Education - this module is a must for parents and educators alike, as it focuses on educational, personal and social issues for school age children with disabilities.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation - is aimed at helping people become independent.  We discuss finding employment at any age, leaving home, relationships, self-advocacy, finding independence again after acquiring a disability in adulthood, and finding mentors and others who will help you succeed.  We also address the difficulties issues in parenting youth with disabilities.

We offer three workshops, based on the five modules available on our website. These workshops are:

  • Empowering Ourselves and Our Families: focuses on the services available to people with disabilities, their rights, and how to find just about anything you need to know by using the Disability Access CD-ROM, which you will receive for free
  • Family Life and Disability:  provides information and solutions to common problems for people with disabilities and their families.  These include coping with diagnosis, behavior problems, becoming independent, substance abuse, and sexuality
  • Adulthood and Aging: a workshop geared towards elders and those who care for them.  We face issues such as adjusting to a disability after a lifetime of independence, accepting care, making sure you get the care you or a family member needs, death, dying, and living as healthily as possible.

ON-LINE COURSES : Caring for our People Family Life and Disability Special Education Rights

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