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Caring for a family member with a disability.....
blue thumbtack If you have to care for a relative with a disability you will need:

#1 Patience

#2 Respect for the individual as a person

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Make sure they're clean at all times and make sure they are fed at all times. Make sure they make it to school on time. Make sure their hair is fixed nicely, and make sure they are dressed nicely. Disability or not, a person who steps off the school bus well-fed, well-dressed and clean will have a better day and probably get treated better by other people.

blue thumbtack The main thing that I want to express is to have patience. That's number one on my list. If you have patience, everything else will fall in the order you want it to.
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Make sure their teeth are brush, they are showered and are dressed properly. Even if they are not leaving the house, this will make the person feel better about himself.

blue thumbtack Caring for my disabled grandmother: My name is Jennifer Schmidt and I have a license as a CNA, but I am out of that career as of now. That career did help me with one thing. It helped me take care of my Grandma Lucy. She is 84 right now and has a lot of problems, especially with her body. She is handicapped. I have no problem helping her when I'm with her. That means helping her get out of bed, help her get dressed, dress her wounds on her feet, get her meds ready, and help her if she needs to get up from the chair (most times she can do it herself). She lived by herself all her life until 4 years ago, then we had to put her into an assistant living place. She wasn't too happy, but is getting better with it. I will do anything for my grandmother. She holds my heart!!!
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Advice from Woodlake -

Patience. Also, make sure they get exercise, have three meals a day, make sure they bathe daily. Don't forget other needs. Make sure they have someone to talk to day to day, make sure they are given medication as needed, regular doctor appointments/exams

blue thumbtack Keep them company. Take them out of the house. Take them to their appointments.
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