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older relativeThis 75-page book from the Administration on Aging is well-written, very easy to read and shows real understanding for people who are taking care of family members with disabilities. Most of it is about caring for parents but it can apply to anyone caring for a person who is disabled.

A short article on care-giving for older relatives, by SLC Consultant Willie Davis is available in two formats. If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, this copy of the article includes links to related website If you don't have Word, here is a copy of the same article in pdf. format.

  • An even shorter article - Caregiver Do's and Don'ts , from the Administration on Aging.

    An article with useful advice for caregivers just on living day to day caring for an elder. This is from the National Family Caregiver Support Program.

    American Indian elders: An article on caregiving by Dr. Leander R. McDonald

    Caring for a relative who lives with you. Should your relative live with you or not? What if you have no choice, what are some of the challenges you should expect?

    Improving the quality of life for your older relative. You want her (or him) to be happy. We know you do. Here are some more ideas from the National Family Caregiver Support Program.

    Selecting a caregiver for your relative

    The virtual library provides on CD-ROM copies of articles available on the Internet. If you do have Internet access, we highly recommend following up to get more information at the Administration on Aging caregiver section.Also, check out the Commons Area Bulletin Board with tips from tribal members around the country who are caring for their family members. Read their advice.

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