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Since most of you have probably never taken an internet course before, let me explain a few things.
FIRST OF ALL, YOU DO NOT NEED ANY SPECIAL INTERNET OR COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE TO TAKE THIS COURSE. It would be nice if you had taken the course on introduction to the internet, but it is not required. If you can type (even using two fingers), point, and click, you are all set.

Why is it free? These pages were originally written as part of a college course in Developmental Psychology. The for-credit course involves graded tests, more written assignments, email discussions and a textbook. It also costs money. This course includes only the web pages - but, hey, it is free. There are some assignments you can complete in this course for your own interests, but no one will grade these. Because it is free and offered here as a public service, it is not maintained as well and often as some of the other areas of our website. On the other hand, some of the other areas of our website are still in the process of being completed because those are new project. I guess we at Spirit Lake Consulting are just like human beings in general, in a constant state of development.

Now, for a start, click on one of topics at left. You can either read these in order and do the assignments as they come up or just click on whatever interests you, do any assignments you like and skip the rest.

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