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Coalition building for people with disabilities - Ever feel like you're all alone in your concern for accessible transportation, independent living or other services? SLC consultant Willie Davis suggests in this article that if you find yourself saying, "Somebody should do something about ...." that maybe the somebody is you! He discusses how to build a coalition and gives contact information for both coalitions of Native Americans with disabilities and general disability coalitions.

Disability Definitions - A PowerPoint presentation on the 13 disability categories for special education, developmental disability and developmental delay. Were you aware that the number of categories changed from eight to thirteen? If not, read all about it here.

Emergency preparation for people with disabilities - Since Hurricane Katrina, when many people with disabilities were left without needed medication or other necessary medical assistance, there has been more attention paid to being prepared for emergencies. This brochure from the Department of Homeland Security covers an amazing amount in only two pages. Recommended reading!

State Protection and Advocacy Agencies list of contact information by state- if you are a person with a disability and you believe that your legal rights are not being respected by the organizations funded to serve, please contact that Client Assistance Program in your state.


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