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Disability Employment 101: This guide starts out a little slow, but keep reading. It contains some good ideas for counselors on how to help people with disabilities find jobs, examples of programs for preparing students with disabilities for the workplace.

Jobs for people with cognitive disabilities: Gives very practical advice for finding and keeping a job. For example, turning a weakness into a strength. Rather than saying, "I can't sit still for more than five minutes," the young person in an interview would say, "This job involves constantly moving - putting away items, putting groceries in bags and helping people to their cars. I think this would be a perfect position for me because I am the kind of person who needs to move around quite a bit."

Vocational rehabilitation handbook - courtesy of the Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project, explains eligibility, services and legal rights. Reading this will give you a good idea what to expect from your vocational rehabilitation program.


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