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Disability in Early Childhood


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ADHD - Straight Talk from Maria: When you think your child has AD/HD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorders). This is one of a series of articles by our staff writer, Maria Burns. A newspaper reporter by profession, Maria is well-known for her treatment of disability issues in plain English.Spirit Lake baby

Cerebral palsy - "Jen was born 11 weeks early and weighed 2 1/2 pounds", at first, "Everyone thought she would be just fine..." read the rest of this informative fact sheet from NICHY to learn about her early diagnosis, what is cerebral palsy and what caregivers can do and expect.

Deafness/ Hearing impairments in young children: Most parents don't even know it is possible to test hearing in a newborn. Following that surprise is the shock of finding out their baby has a hearing loss. This publication from the U.S. Department of Education will ease some fears and and answer questions.

Full inclusion

Setting the stage: Including children with disabilities in Head Start - is a wonderfully helpful manual available from the Administration on Children and Families.

ADA and child care. Although child care centers on the reservation are not covered by ADA, off-reservation centers are. This article provides twelve pages and facts on what ADA does and does not require child care centers to do to meet the needs of children and parents with disabilities.

Early Childhood - General

Child of the World is a combination catalog and stories about the Montessori method. It is sort of a Whole Earth Catalog for early childhood. We liked it. The toys, supplies and other products are designed to promote the development of young children. No plastic junk found here. It is focused on children from age three to twelve. Most resources are for children age six or younger. Reproduced with the kind permission of the Michael Olaf Montessori Company.

Care for infants and toddlers with special health care needs, an excellent introduction from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Individual Family Service Plan versus the Individual Education Plan - this is a very confusing difference for many parents, who aren't sure what is happening as their child moves from early childhood services into the school system, and also for staff who move from one system to another. Yes, the IFSP and IEP are similar, but these are not the same thing.

Joyful Child - is a similar guide to Child of the World with a focus on prenatal through the first year. Again, thanks to the Michael Olaf Montessori company for allowing us to reproduce this resource.

Old Indian Legends, by Zitkala Sa, retrieved from Project Gutenberg.


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