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Asthma - Managing Asthma in the Schools - a very useful book from the Environmental Protection Agency on how to make the air in your school cleaner for everyone who breathes.

Epilepsy - a four-page fact sheet from NICHY. Brief, to the point and accurate, like all their fact sheets.

Living with cancer - a video documentary of one Native American's experience with cancer.

Strengthening the community system of care for children and youth with special health care needs. By: Suzanne Bronheim, Thomas Tonniges, funded through the Communities Can! Project

Do health care professionals and community members in your community work together? This workbook discusses the necessity for health care officials to concentrate on promoting health and eliminating illness, in addition to caring for patients. Keeping an entire community informed and providing them with sufficient care can be a challenge anywhere. Workbook objectives include educating yourself on the different cultures and health care approaches that exist, collaborating with others who work in the system, sharing leadership with others, going that extra mile to make your system work.

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