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Short article by Spirit Lake Consulting on involvement of parents.

Fact Sheet from the National Dissemination Center for parents on communication through letterwriting, includes sample letters.

Who gets Special Education - is a PowerPoint presentation that gives a quick overview of who qualifies for special education and a short description of each category of disability.

Questions parents often ask about special education - click here for frequently asked questions and their answers.
Developing your child's Individual Education Plan - good advice from the National Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

Teasing and bullying in school - you should not just have to accept this as 'kids will be kids'. Used with permission from PACER Center Inc., Minneapolis, MN, (952) 838-9000. All rights reserved.


little red schoolhouse This 55-page guide on inclusive schools is full of ideas for celebrating diversity in classrooms. These assignments are not just 'feel-good' activities but also encourage creative thought, artistic expression, practice writing skills and teach information about disability. Personally, we found pages 12-15 the most useful with specific activities you can do in your classroom. We couldn't really see ourselves bringing bumper stickers about diversity to the school board meetings - but, hey, maybe that's your kind of thing. There are other good ideas throughout this guide, such as having students design a three-dimensional model of a school that would be accessible to all people with disabilities.

Related services - children in special education are entitled to "related services" as stated on their IEP (Individual Education Plan). What are related services? There are many different types.


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