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Disabled Village Children - This book has over 600 pages on everything from making your own crutches to sex. There are chapters on specific physical disabilities common in poor, rural villages. The book was written by and for rehabilitation workers in poor rural villages. It is written in a style to be easily understood by almost anyone. Some staff members or families may feel it is 'talking down to them'. We liked it. Many people in the world do not have more than a grade school education. Even if you are not one of them, this book has a lot of information that will help people with disabilities and we highly recommend it. (You don't have to read all 600 pages!)

Nothing About Us Without Us - A book on developing technologies for people with physical disabilities, it includes a lot of information on making seats, wheelchairs and is mostly focused on people with physical disabilities in places like villages in Mexico and India. A lot of what is discussed here, though, like how we think about disabilities, should be of interest to anyone. For example, the first chapter, on designing seating is called, "A child is not a sack of potatoes".


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