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Questions children ask about blindness. This article is very useful to answer questions that might be asked by children who are blind, children who have a visually impaired person in their family or in their class or just kids who are curious. It is written at a level most children will understand. Even for adults, it is very interesting to read the answers blind adults give to questions by blind children. For example, "You need to understand that the sky is mostly blue and grass is mostly green, and the colors of the ocean and the colors of leaves in the fall are just as important for blind people to know as everyone else."

Who is blind? It is not a simple question.

Short fact sheet on visual impairment, from the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities.

The National Federation of the Blind publishes many books and articles by people living with blindness. A few examples are given below, just to give you some insight into a view of the world by some individuals.


Parenting as a single, blind person - Ramona describes her child-rearing practices and how, she believes, her testimony and example allowed another blind parent to keep shared custody of his children.

Starting college, one woman's experience and advice to students.


What is Braille and why is it important to the blind? Reproduced by permission from the National Federation of the Blind.

101 Ways to Use Braille is sure to have some ideas you haven't thought about even if you are blind and having been using Braille for years. For anyone else - family members, a person with a visual impairment who just knows a little Braille or just the curious - this is an interesting article. Read it.


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