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This 35-page guide on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder provides a very detailed description of what it is like to have ADD/ADHD. We strongly encourage you to read it for information on how to help yourself or your family member.

Testing young children for Attention Deficit Disorder - this guide is part of the 'Straight talk from Maria' series of brief, plain language articles for parents.

NOTE: People with ADHD also have learning disabilities, so you may also want to check the web pages and resources in the Virtual Library and Commons Area on learning disabilities.


This 23-page guide on Identifying and Treating ADHD, from the Department of Education is extremely informative, although it may be a bit much for the average consumer or family member to wade through some of the technical terms.

Instructional Strategies for Children with ADHD the second resource guide from the Department of Education, has really good concrete suggestion. I love resources like this. They don't tell you the theory about what causes ADHD. They give you strategies that work. In fact, this is part of the Department of Education's Ideas that Work series. Although it is targeted at staff members, please do try these at home. For the average parent, I think the first few pages might seem a little boring, but the rest is fabulous.


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