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Other Vocational Rehabilitation Resources on the Spirit Lake Site



Virtual Library
The Job Shelf, as of this writing, contains only two books and one article, but we add to the library weekly, sometimes daily, so check back often.
Check out the Virtual Library Catalog for shelves of resources on everything from Alzheimer's to Native American Education to Visual Impairment.

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Commons Area

Miniwakan (Spirit Lake) newsletters are published bi-weekly on such topics as transition, self-advocacy and, of course, vocational rehabilitation.
Virtual Field Trips on topics from aging to Individual Education Plans

Both these sections of the Commons Area are updated regularly so ...check back often.

filing cabinet The Electronic Filing Cabinet includes documents such as a VR weekly progress report, two samples of brochures, sample forms for Individual Transition Plans and - need we say it again, we are adding to this resource all of the time.




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