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When you are in high school, you have access to a lot of services you probably never even gave a thought. Need to fill out a job application? Need to type up a resume? Does the employer want a copy of a letter of recommendation faxed to the company?

Services for finding a job

Do you own a computer? How about a fax machine? Can you type? Do you know how to write a resume?

Vocational rehabilitation counselors can help you write your resume, provide a computer to type it on and fax it to the employer, if that is what is needed. Good VR counselors will try to get you to do a lot of work yourself. This is not because they are lazy but because it will benefit you more if you learn how to write a resume, how to use a word processor, instead of sitting there and having her do it for you.

Let's start with writing the resume. As a business, we hire people on a regular basis and have seen more than our share of job applications and resumes from people who clearly had no idea how to write one. It's like anything else, from writing your ABCs to playing basketball, once you figure out the order and someone shows you what the finished product is supposed to look like, it is not that difficult.

quill pen writing on paperYou can click here to go to a page with links on writing a resume, or just wait until you get to the end of the workshop for the links pages.

Click here to find the North Dakota Job Service office near you. You can also get help from the Job Service in resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing. They also have computers available for you to use. This is a public service. An important point we find that people sometimes miss, an individual with a disability is able to use services specifically designed for people with disabilities and also services for the general public. You can use VR for help with resume writing and your job search or you can use the Job Service. Whether you tell the people at Job Service about your disability or not is completely up to you.




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