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Caring for Our People: Resources for Tribal Members with Disabilities and Chronic Illness

babySpirit Lake Consulting, Inc. offers workshops, on-line courses and other resources, all with a unique focus on Native American issues. Please contact Dr. Erich Longie on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation or Willie Davis on the Turtle Mountain Reservation for more information. Or just feel free to browse a while.

On-line courses

Simply go to the menu at the top of the page and place your mouse over each menu item. Pop-up menus will appear and you can view the information you want.

Spirit Lake Forum - Maybe you want some advice. You might just want to rant about a lack of services. In Indian country, you may not have another mother, another son who is taking care of a family member with the same problems. Post here anonymously or join as a member. Yes, it's free.

Community - free community services provided include a reading room with newsletters , virtual field trips and a community bulletin board.

Our intranet, unlike most, is open to the public and has a surprising number of free resources including grant proposals, photos, annual reports and PowerPoint presentations.

Virtual Library - we know that reservation communities have very few libraries or bookstores. Where do you find information on disability, illness or special education? Right here! Thousands of pages are available for download and it is all free.


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