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Easter Eggs on the COPT and Disability Access CDs

Photos, Fact Sheets & Powerpoint presentations
Open the folder named "SpiritLakeConsulting" . You will see a folder named "sharedphotos". It is often difficult to find pictures of American Indians in other than stereotyped settings. Pictures of children in jingle dress at a pow-wow are very cute, but what is often needed and seldom found are pictures of people at their desks working, on computers doing school work, playing with friends in the backyard. Pictures of Indians with disabilities are almost impossible to find. So, here they all are as well as other photos. Please note, SLC has obtained permission to reproduce these pictures for OUR purposes. These can be used on SLC websites, newsletters, presentations and other material produced by Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. If you don't work for SLC and would like to use one of these photos, please email . If we have permission from the photographer or subject to use the photo, we will let you know. Otherwise, we will let you know that we cannot give you permission. Click here to see some of my favorite photos hidden in this folder.

Also in the folder, "SpiritLakeConsulting", you will find a folder called "sharedfiles". There are three folders in here that have particularly nice Easter eggs. The download files folder includes fact sheets on various disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, etc. These are very, very good and from the NICHY site. If you are somewhere without Internet access and cannot download the fact sheets from NICHY, you can find them right here. There are many PowerPoint presentations in this folder. The most commonly used one is recruitment.ppt which provides an introduction to challenges and successful strategies for recruitment and retention of Native American clients, students and families.

There are many, many, many more Easter eggs on the SCL CD-ROMs that you receive at the workshops you attend. Our August, 2006 corporate newsletter, Miniwakan News, had an article featuring several more. If you want to subscribe to our newsletters, click here. These are also free!