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When looking for photos of Native Americans, particularly Native Americans with disabilities, it was very difficult for us to find anything usable for our web pages. The clip art collections, if they had anything at all, had stereotypical Indian and Pilgrim cartoons. The few photos were generally of people at pow-wows wearing traditional dress for dances. While we do have a few of those types of photographs on our site, and some of them are really beautiful, of course there is much more to life on the reservation than pow-wows. In the end, we sent our consultants out with cameras and took our own pictures. There are hundreds of photos on the CD. These give you a variety of examples of what you'll find. Happy hunting! You are welcome to use anything you like among our photos that are not of individuals for any legal purpose, however, credit to Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. would be appreciated. Email us for permission to use photos with people in them. See the Easter Eggs 'free stuff' page for information about using photos with models.

Our CD is not currently available for sale as we are in a development and re-design stage. These are given out free at our workshops where we are conducting testing to establish an empirical database for our methods (wasn't that more than you wanted to know?!)

If you really, really want a CD, contact Breeanne Hinojoso in our Spirit Lake headquarters and she will probably take pity on you and send you one for free or the cost of mailing.


Spirit Lake toddler


Basketball player from Spirit Lake


Children playing on the Spirit Lake Reservation


Dreamcatcher drawing


Recent high school graduate, from Turtle Mountain


Spirit Lake baby in paint


Teepees made in Cankdeska Cikana USDA program

Didn't find the type of photos you were looking for? Try the Gathering of Nations website. They have thousands of photos available for non-commercial use. Unlike a lot of sites with "free" photos where you need to go through a dozen annoying pop-up windows to find the few free photos, they really do have thousands for free and they are not the stereotypical UND Indian logo type of images.