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Caring for Our People Training is ....

  • A series of four workshops offered on-site on reservations
  • A website (this one) with web pages full of information
  • Extra resources including newsletters, entire books you can download for free, and Internet tours.


blue button INTRODUCTION TO DISABILITY: This course module provides information on what a disability is, coping with a diagnosis, disability services, cultural issues, legal rights, financial resources and overcoming obstacles to providing services on the reservation. Even experienced staff members may find new information here. We recommend taking this course first.
blue and silver button SPECIAL EDUCATION- This course module covers Individual Education Plans, classroom modifications, personal and social issues for school age children with disabilities, adolescent identity and disability, substance abuse by students with disabilities and preventive health.
EARLY CHILDHOOD - This module introduces important concepts in early intervention such as Individual Family Service Plans, clasroom modifications in preschool, developmental stimulation, behavior disorders in young children and how to deal with these and teaching personal care.
VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION - This module covers the services and information needed to help people with disabilities get and keep jobs.

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Click here to learn about the Virtual Library and other free resources from Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. for people serving tribal members with disabilities and chronic illness

The project was supported by the Small Business Innovation Research program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, grant number # 2004-33610-14307.


ON-LINE COURSES : Caring for our People Family Life and Disability Special Education Rights

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