DISABILITY ACCESS: Empowering Tribal Members with Disabilities & Their Families

Provided by Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc.

Welcome to Disability Access

Our first workshop focuses on disability services, disability rights and information. This workshop will explain the different services available, who can get them, where to find services and how to apply. Participants in these workshops will learn to use the Disability Access website and CD-ROM to find information on just about anything related to disability - what to expect at different ages, advice from other people in your same situation. Whatever your questions, this workshop will help you find the answers. You can click on whatever interests you, or follow the next button at the bottom of each page for the sequence we use in the Introduction to Disability Access workshops.

First, we would like to introduce you to the parts of Disability Access...

computer Workshop Web Pages - We have information needed by people with disabilities and their families of all age groups on issues important to their lives, like education, jobs, alcoholism and legal rights. Design your own course! You can pick the pages you need.
bookshelf Virtual Library - Articles, booklets and even whole books are available right here on your computer, for free. If you don't have a library where you can check out the Administration on Aging book for family members taking care of a person with Alzheimer's, or an article on uses for Braille or on getting what you need from your child's school you can find it all here. (Did we mention it is free?)
fireplace burning Commons Area - Here you find the same kind of information as in a student union at most good schools. This includes bulletin boards with notices on important issues, newsletters and virtual field trips.



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