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The Family Life & Disability Series: Answers for people with disabilities & their families

babyIf you, or someone in your family, has a disability, this website will help you from beginning to end. It was made for you by members of the Spirit Lake Tribe, Three Affiliated Tribes and Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. We have tried to set our website up to be easy to use and we have broken up information into areas that address the concerns we have heard most often.

The Family Life Series offers five workshops;

  1. Disability Access,
  2. Family Life & Disability,
  3. Young Children & Disability,
  4. Disability in the School Years,
  5. Adulthood, Disability & Aging.

For each workshop, we have many web pages on the website organized in course modules. At each workshop you will receive a free CD with our entire website for use during those times when you may not have Internet access. You can get answers to almost anything in our workshops.

What about later, after the workshop is over? Heck, what about now? Most reservations don't have a huge public library nearby. There may not be other people with the same disabilities or other parents with whom you can talk about your experiences. The Virtual Library and Commons Area can help you meet those needs.

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