Young Children and Disability

A Product of Disability Access: Empowering Tribal Members with Disabilities & Their Families
by Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc.


Spirit Lake toddler reading magazineThe Young Children and Disability workshop is designed for family members in Native Amrican communities who have a child with a mild to severe disability. While much of the information here can apply to any child with a disability, and some would be useful for any young child, we have selected topics that our experience on the reservation has shown to be common parental concerns.

  • First impressions: when you first learn your child has a disability
  • Understanding parenting: Myths, guilt, resources and Internet links are all here as part of Parenting 101
  • Individualized Family Service Plans - parent involvement in children's special education - it's really, really not too early to start
  • The importance of friends and how to make them
  • Language - learning language and other ways to communicate
  • Helping your child learn - developmental stimulation - how to help your child through stories, books and play
  • Community Resources for Families of Young Children with Disabilities - who can help with what you need
  • Preventing child abuse
  • Common concerns: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Developmental Delay

If you would like to schedule a workshop for families or for staff members concerned with young children with special needs:

Click here to contact Willie Davis for Turtle Mountain or call him at (701) 477-0322
Click here to contact Dr. Erich Longie Spirit Lake and other reservations.
You can also call Dr. Longie at (701) 351-2175

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