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Guaranteeing Special Education Rights: Individualized Education Plans

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Individual Education Plans (IEP): An Introduction

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Which one of the people in this picture is you?

Dionne - didn't go to his IEP meeting because, "No one is going to listen to a kid anyway."

Marshall - went to his IEP meeting but just sat there and didn't say anything, even though he really didn't agree with some of what was said.

Frank - didn't attend his daughter's IEP meeting because, "I am sure the school knows what they are doing. They all have degrees in special ed and I don't."

Kayla - knew she has a hard time speaking out so she brought Auntie April to her IEP meeting with her. April told the special education teacher that maybe her nieces were not going to college but that Kayla was and they had just better change those IEP goals that said she would take work study half the day and work in the cafeteria because did they know that Kayla hates washing dishes and her career goal sure did not include food service.

Cindy - who met with her daughter's teacher before the IEP meeting to discuss what they thought Tamara's needs were. Cindy and the teacher then presented their ideas to the rest of the IEP team.

If you are a parent of a student who has an IEP or you are the student, understanding Individual Education Plans can help you to help your family member or yourself

WHY AN Individual Education Plan (IEP) IS SO IMPORTANT..... CLICK HERE for a PowerPoint Presentation.

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