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Guaranteeing Special Education Rights: Individualized Education Plans

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A very important point about the Individual Education Plan for students with learning disabilities is that it must explain what is going to be 'special' about special education for this student. Will he receive tutoring? Will she meet with a teacher who has training working with students with learning disabilities? How often will students receive any special services? What modifications will be made in the classroom to allow the student to succeed? There is a very long list of possible classroom changes to help students succeed. A student who has difficulty reading could be allowed a longer time to take a test, take a test orally or take the test home. A student who is easily distracted could take the test in a resource room. A student who has difficulty writing might be allowed to complete assignments using a word processor instead of writing them out by hand.

A family member (and, students, when they are old enough) should always attend the IEP meeting. It is strongly recommended that you bring with you in writing a list of what you think the student's goals should be and what kind of modifications you would like to see in the classroom.

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