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I apologize to my readers for not blogging the last couple of weeks.  As some of you may be aware, my tribe, Spirit Lake Nation, will vote on whether or not UND should be allowed to keep using the Fighting Sioux Nickname and Logo.  I (we) anti-logo people, as the non-Indians call us (another label), have been holding rallies, passing out posters, and passing out other material in an effort to convince tribal members to vote no on the nickname.  It was a tough two weeks. Fortunately we have many friends and supporters outside Indian Country.  Below is my email thanking them for their help and a few responses.  
Hi Everyone,
We will conduct one more rally today.  It will be held at the Elderly Center in the St. Michael's district at one o'clock.  Then I am going to Grand Forks to meet my friend Carol Davis for supper and try to relax. 
The last couple of weeks have been hectic and stressful.  I never imagined myself as one to be leading the opposition to the nickname here on Spirit Lake.  On the other hand, as very few of you are aware, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer several months ago.  Recently the doctor told me I have five (give or take a few) years to live.  So this issue has become extremely important to me.  Prior to the news about my cancer, I was content to wait and see what would happen with this logo issue.  Now I want to see it resolved as soon as possible.  I do not want my grandchildren to attend UND and have to put up with the constant undercurrent of racism that always accompanies the use of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo.  Therefore, if we lose, it will only be a matter of time before we bring the issue up again.  Still, I need to get back to running my business.  I am way behind in my work and other commitments.

I sincerely thank everyone on this list-serve for your support over the years, and especially for your help in the last couple of months.  Your assistance in ideas and resources really helped out.  I want to offer a special thanks to the UND students and others who came to our rallies.  A very special thank you, Amy Phillips, for courageously conducting your presentation at our rally knowing full well the media would splash your involvement all over the papers.

An elder once told me, "You don't pray for victory over your opponent, you pray for courage to put up a good fight."  I believe we have done that.

Dear Erich Longie,
I want to say that I appreciate your courage and compassion for the betterment of society.  I am a student at UND - Sierra Abe (Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara) majoring in psychology and health policy, minor in nonprofit leadership.  Your letter touched me and I want to say that I am thinking of you and that I will pray for your wellness.  You have been working hard for many things I know.  We all benefit from your efforts.
I may not know you, you probably do not know me, but I look up to you and am grateful that there is someone out there like you.  With your leadership on these important issues, I am able to see that maybe I can make a difference too.  You inspire me.
With great respect,
Sierra Abe


Erich -- the good fight has been and is still being waged and you are a principled and indefatigable leader!  This fight WILL be won, and I'm honored to be a part of it.  I also believe--strongly--that the strength of conviction and willpower you have shown in this fight will serve you well in ensuring a long and rich life (i.e., MUCH longer than five years!)

with profound respect,  Amy


THANK YOU!!  Dr. Eric Longie!!!!
Many Blessing!!!  Frank Sage



My thoughts are with you.  And thanks for all your help.



Thank YOU! Marcia


Fine words Erich!  You certainly did put up a good fight and you continue to be one of my favorite Indians -- Monique


Eric--my prayers are with for healing and thank you for all your great efforts!!!- lisa lone fight


And a very hearty thank you to you, Erich for all your hard work and dedication to this effort.
Tom Disselhorst

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