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Making handling ethical issues easy (well, easier) ...

If you worked in a large corporation, you might be able to find sample forms for attendance policies, letters to employees about policy violations or contracts with vendors. Some tribal organizations have those documents, but many don't. This is just one of the many ways the Tribal Leaders Institute tries to be more than just a lot of nice sentiments about respecting our elders and valuing the earth. Ethics in action means standing up to abusive behavior by board members, respectfully responding when someone has a legitimate question about your decision and taking a firm stance on employees repaying money when they have used tribal equipment or services.

We know that some of you have the courage to take those actions but you are not sure where to start or what exactly to say. Our Electronic Filing cabinet provides examples you can use. Please feel free to download anything here and change it to fit the needs of your situation.

Documents for Board Actions

See the "Boards and Councils " page for description of the documents available in this area, or just click below.

Warning letter to board member regarding problem behavior
Letter of explanation for removal from a board position
Response to a board member complaint
Letter of complaint to tribal council chair

Letter from board chair declining to attend General Assembly

Documents for tribal business offices

Letters for collection of funds due for travel, use of tribal equipment

Documents for Employee Relations

Attendance: Sample attendance policy from Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc. Policies & Procedures manual.
Letter notifying employee of unsatisfactory performance : Here is a sample of a memo given to a hypothetical employee warning that one more unexcused absence will lead to termination.
Corrective action plan - Once a warning has been issued to an employee, the next step is to follow up with a corrective action plan. This plan should state objectively, in writing, the action the employee must take to continue employment.




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