Marianne Jennings, in her book, The seven signs of ethical collapse - How to spot moral melt-down before it is too late, gives seven warning signs, all of these apply to reservations to an extent,but some we have seen more than others. The third sign we have not seen as commonly as others. Unfortunately, some of those other signs are all around us.
  1. Pressure to maintain those numbers
  2. Fear and silence
  3. Young 'uns and a bigger than life CEO (don't worry, we'll explain this one).
  4. Weak board of directors
  5. Conflicts
  6. Innovation like no other
  7. Goodness in some areas atones for evil in others.
We will discuss each of these signs in turn.
1. Pressure to maintain those numbers. Jennings describes it like this,
Employees are trying to meet a quota, but efficiency is down. So they start a plan by looking at the number they want, then working backwards, making things fit using accounting interpretations, and eventually just making it all up to reach a pre-determined number. "

On the reservation, we have mostly seen this in grant-funded programs. The project is required to serve 200 clients per year, have 15 students transfer to mathematics and science programs or increase the high school graduation rate of students tutored to 65%. It doesn't happen. Now what?