August 2007 Archives

August 31, 2007 I should feel happy, today. Our website hit the 100,000 mark this week. That is, we have had 100,000 visitors since we began keeping website statistics in October of last year. Not bad for a company founded on a handshake in the Spirit Lake Tribal Administration building.

As I said, I should  be happy but lately I feel as if I am standing still while the Merry-Go-Round whizzes by me. We have hundreds of web pages up, thousands of pages of documents available, 100,000 visits to our site, over a million dollars in funding. That is definitely a lot of numbers.

Despite all of the progress we have made, it feels as if we need to run as fast as we can just to keep up. We have only a couple of small video clips on our site. My blog on the corporate site has been done in html until today, when we just had Movable Type installed.

We have a forum up and running, with some activity, so that is good, but we have no podcasts, RSS. Every time I turn around, it seems that there is a new technology I need to learn - MySQL, PHP, ASP, Java. Oh, and you know, we would like some actual information on the site, too.

All of this leaves me wondering, if I feel this way, after three graduate degrees and thirty years of programming experience, how does the average person handle all of this? I suspect the average person handles it the same way I handle flying in a plane. That is, chalks the operation up to "magic" and lets the pilot worry about it. So, today, I feel like the pilot.

Where was that landing gear again?