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The Small Business Administration is a government agency that will provide you free information that would cost you tens of thousands from management consultants. Much if this information can be viewed on their website. If you are thinking of starting a business, go here first. If you have been in business for a long time and have never been to this website, go here now.

An unexpected source of excellent free resources for small busines can be found at Apple Computer's website. They don't offer as much in the way of free technology downloads as some, but the small business resources on their web site are useful and fun, from the latest web browser to Google Earth to programs to create journals, CD labels and more. Be sure to look under both Business & Finance and Productivity to find tools you can use. If you spend some time checking out the games or widgets, we won't tell. Also, spend some time test-driving software like Adobe GoLive before you buy. If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of software, it's not a bad idea to spend an hour or two trying it out first.

Also, check out their small business section for useful information on running your business and running your computers. Having stayed in business for nearly 18 years now, we found ourselves nodding at the truth of much of what they had to say, such as that one key to bridging the gap between what your business makes and what you need is to need less. Not only does Spirit Lake Consulting not have $1,200 chairs in our conference room, we don't even have a conference room. We want to come to your site and see what your program needs. We can't really do that sitting in a room conferencing somewhere else.

Another wealth of free information is the free management library. This is particularly useful for people just starting a business and in the growing stages.

Although it is in development, we are pretty certain that anyone running or thinking of starting a small business on the reservation could benefit from the Spirit Lake Leadership Training Project, and it is free!

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