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An Easter Egg is a program function or application that is undocumented, you have to look for it, like an Easter egg hunt.

The dog cowOne of the earliest, and most famous, Easter eggs is the dog-cow, shown at right. The dog cow was used to show you which way the printer was set up to print back when printers were a brand new pretty neat idea.

The Macintosh would show the picture like it is above if your printer was set up to print sideways (landscape) and it would show the critter on its side if it was to print normally (portrait). People with obviously too much time on their hands would argue about if it was a dog or a cow. There was a sequence of keys you could press and a picture of the dog-cow would show up on your computer with a word balloon that said "Moof!" This wasn't documented anywhere, it was just information passed along from one computer user to another.

All Spirit Lake Consulting products include Easter eggs. These include photos, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, books and whatever else seemed like a cool idea to hide on a CD-ROM. Two folders full of Easter eggs can be found on the Disability Access CD-ROM, Caring for Our People Training CD and the Spirit Lake Consulting website. Click here for a very brief overview of what is in the SpiritLakeConsulting folder .