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"How many of you believe the government doesn't do enough to address environmental issues - air pollution, water pollution, saving the rain forests?"

Even in 1978, every student in my college economics class raised a hand.

"How many of you recycle at home, sorting your paper and cans, and putting them out to the curb?"

Only the professor's hand went up. The professor was Murray Wiedenbaum, served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Richard Nixon and was chair of Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors. Safe to say, he was a pretty conservative guy.

His point was that even though we were all the liberal tree-huggers berating the government for not doing more to save the environment, he was the only one who was taking those small personal steps to make a difference.

While I still don't agree with much of Dr. Wiedenbaum's political views, I do recycle everything I can in our household, from paper and cans, to taking used items to the Goodwill for re-sale. On the other hand, my even more liberal husband does not.

I see this same pattern everywhere.

Dr. Umair Haque, a Harvard Business School professor tweets and blogs a lot about the problems of a society where the highest value is buying as much stuff as possible for the lowest possible price. If that means we buy stuff made in China instead of by our neighbor, well, as my husband says, that's just the global economy and nothing we do will make any difference.

Following many people's responses to Dr. Haque, I'd say many educated, well-off people in America, like my husband and like my college classmates fast-forward 30 years agree that there's nothing we can do as individuals.

I disagree 100% .  When I buy clothes, the first places I go are American Apparel, which sells clothes made in America, and Diviner Duds, a small company that makes children's clothing. When I needed a new desk for my office lately, I bought it at furniture store down the street instead of at Wal-Mart or Staples. Extra bonus, it was made in the U.S. When I needed a new couch (yes, I have a couch in my office, what of it?), I bought it at another local business.Yesterday, I went shopping at the Farmers Market and bought food for the next few days from local farmers. When I was at Disney World, I bought my granddaughter a few toys but mostly, I said, "No" because she didn't need any more useless plastic crap.

On the other hand, we went out to eat a lot, went swimming a lot, stayed at a nice hotel. My money mostly went to paying wages for people who waited on us in restaurants, cleaned the rooms.

I say, "No" to my 13-year-old daughter a lot, also. On the other hand, we went to the central library in Los Angeles, yesterday, which is gorgeous.

We're not living this deprived existence but I DO think with almost every choice I make if there is an alternative more in keeping with my values. I know what my values are. I want my children to have a cleaner environment, be literate, not value things above experiencing life, from physical activity like swimming to intellectual activity like reading.

Am I perfect in that respect? I am so far from it that the question is laughable. However, I do succeed in recycling about 15% of what goes out of this house. If everyone did this, it would make a rather huge dent in a lot of environmental problems. So, if you don't, why not? If you complain about rain forests being cut down for raising cattle, do you buy your meat at the farmers market, or, like three of my daughters (not me!) have you given up eating meat?

You do what you can. If you're not doing anything, then you're just another of those not-so-innocent bystanders that Dr. Longie talks about in his ethics courses. Want change the world? Change yourself or shut the hell up.

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Coach, Inc. to Present along the US Bancorp Piper Jaffray Consumer Conference

Business Editors
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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June six 2003

Coach, Inc. (NYSE: COH), a leading marketer of modern classic American accessories, today announced that its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lew Frankfort,louis vuitton key holder,and members of the senior management team longing present along the US Bancorp Piper Jaffray Consumer Conference on June 10, 2003 along 9:05 morning EDT.
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The audio portion of the presentation will be webcast live and archived as a duration of five happening days and is affable to the prevalent public. To direction the audio portion louis vuitton bag of the presentation,log onto: www.adviser.com/investors.
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This information to be made available amid this presentation may contain forward-looking statements based aboard management's fashionable expectations. These statements tin be identified along the use of forward-looking terminology such as "may,will"should,forecast"intend," "estimate," "are positioned to," "continue," "project," "guidance," "forecast," "anticipated,alternatively comparative terms. Future results may different materially from management's new expectations, based upon risks and uncertainties such as anticipated economic trends, the ability to anticipate consumer preferences the aptitude to control prices louis vuitton channel etc. Please refer to Coach's latest Annual Report aboard Form 10-K as a complete account of hazard factors.Related Article:

Fire-hit market after within business

Pratt's Market surrounded Hayle namely humming again following the devastating blaze that put some traders out of affair for a long period.

In February last anniversary a blaze took hold of the modish indoor mall which houses about 20 businesses.

It was only last week that some of the firms were finally proficient to return following the national renovation works.

The Cornishman spent one afternoon chatting to some of the old and current traders about what makes the sometime cathedral build among 1845 such a appealing place to do happening.

One of the newcomers namely Pretty Useful, which is swiftly capturing an of the units upstairs.

Selling a variety of productions from high quality handbags and picnic clothe to Gruffalo writings and eggs glasses boss Kirstin Edwards is incited about the current contingency.

She said: "I accustom to be a management consultant only judged I wanted to do something revise When this place became available I determined louis vuitton outlet to take it and expand my online happening"

Opposite Kirstin is The Real Camera Shop,lv m60017, Foundry Gallery and HD Framing.

There are likewise a few artiste studios which employer Paul Dyer sub- lets.

"We have been here as seven years and swiftly it has been renovated it namely so much better. We sell a lot of non-digital equipment and we want likewise have a darkroom. In the gallery we have antiques as well as contemporary craft and photography."

Downstairs, a regional beautician, Lindsey Richards, has recently reopened Beautiful U museum where visitors can enjoy anything from manicures and pedicures to waxing, tanning and massages.

"I started among a smaller upstairs element four years ago merely after the blaze I judged to take this bigger zone and I wish it pays off," she explained.

There namely likewise provision to assistance homeless cats and animals. Sally Jeffries runs the Brother Wolf generosity shop downstairs where all the money raised goes towards aiding to fared and attach to approximately 30 cats she looks after surrounded her household.

Mrs Jeffries, who has been among the market for seven years, explained: "Times are hard by the moment but we offer to rise a pair of hundred pounds a week to a standing ovation the animals."

There namely likewise a current cafe Duckies vintage tea shop, which sells roasted potatoes, paninis, soups,cakes teas and coffees.

It namely run along Sonja Duckham whose mum Shelley Kasprzak runs a vintage furniture store just later the edge.
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louis vuitton bags Mrs Kasprzak, who has been establishing the affair up as three years, had to move out as five months meantime the flame struck.

She said: "It was perplexing but luckily I was insured. But I have got a good-looking purchaser found and even have some normal holidaymakers who absence to decorate their holiday homes."

Next to her is Sleepy Hollow which namely a current alternative Gothic award shop ran onward Allie and Nick Hinton.
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Allie said: "I have always liked Gothic things and as there namely nowhere nigh here to buy alike material I thought we'd furnish the mall"

They sell clothing, Hallowe'en costumes, candles, dragons and other associated ornaments.

Lucy Kemp Jewellery has been trading from the market since 2008. She said the great building offers a fantastic base for networking with other traders.

Kush Kids, ran forward Sarah Bishop-Court,lv M40144,namely likewise a relatively current business Trading from the market since November last year she sells and buys second-hand clothing as babies and babies.

Last only never least I visited Sue's Fabric and Wool shop. Although Sue only moved into the element within July last anniversary she has been chapter of the market as a long duration.

She said: "I acclimate to have a ingredient outdoor so while the blaze occurred I was competent to continue trading. It actually namely a lovely community, so unlike and it looks so lovely quickly"Related Article:

Cash,lv m51154, mobile stolen along knife point [Ahmedabad]

AHMEDABAD: A bag containing Rs 91,000, a mobile phone and some loose money was stolen from Chetan Shah,louis vuitton messenger bag, a resident louis vuitton handbags exact of Vasna,aboard Tuesday night. A complaint has been enrolled by Vejalpur police station. At 10.15 pm, Shah was passing by Govindnagar within one autorickshaw. Three unidentified persons aboard a motorcycle stopped the rickshaw.
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Entertainment | NYC socialite Mortimer launches reality TV show

Red louis vuitton replica purses blanket customary Tinsley Mortimer is jumping from the social circumference to the national spotlight with her own reality TV show.

Cameras follow Mortimer plus a few of her friends aboard the celebration circumference as they live their fabulous lives among New York City. But it's never all champagne plus velvet ropes.

The show, "High Society," which premiered Wednesday plus longing atmosphere newspaper aboard The CW web comes as Mortimer namely newly solo next splitting from her investment banker louis vuitton handbags accurate husband, Robert "Topper" Mortimer, whom she met among high educate.

It want function Tinsley Mortimer,louis vuitton speedy, 34, moving out aboard her own, going aboard dates plus dealing with a mum who's unhappy almost her impending divorce.

In one incident Mortimer's friends dart her what they call a alone shower to brand her louis vuitton bags bachelorette status. They each show a photo of an fit man they think she could meeting There's a lot of giggling until her mother drags out one of the photos from her wedding to Robert Mortimer and says he's the total guy for her.

Tinsley Mortimer says she understands where her mom is coming from.

"No mother wants to see her daughter get divorced," she says. "It's hard meantime you grow personally It's macabre plus exciting. I feel favor I've all over stronger from always this ... filming this TV show was almost prefer therapy"

It also could be profitable The master plan is as"High Society" to expand the Tinsley Mortimer brand.

Mortimer but charts a line of handbags as Samantha Thavasa plus wants to branch out into clothing,family care plus other items.

"I'm a beautiful girl,and louis vuitton duplicate handba I work hard," she says. "I'm quite focused,plus I lack to fabricate a happening here. That's actually the larger goal,louis vuitton passport holder,plus that's the reason I did a TV show and always those risks that come along with is"

Plus, it could assistance her reputation. Mortimer says she hopes people will accomplish she's extra accustomed than they think.

"I do never go out every night," she says. "I do adore to wear perspiration pants plus veg out."Related Article:

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Shyness is a very important issue, that nervousness that overcomes in certain social louis vuitton knockoffs situations. It can be definite like having difficulty in creating a friendship or even starting a conversation with the one we meet.

Shyness can start in someone's personality from early childhood. A shy people may be viewed as overly serious, even humorless because for him it can be difficult to do something louis vuitton handbags clearance as a smile, or even say ' hello' to somebody. He does not know louis vuitton handbags 2011 how to start a conversation or how to handle in certain situations, so they tend to hide.

Shy people date less; they are more focused on themselves than others when in conversation. They have irrational beliefs about what other people think about them. They are considered less friendly, not interested, and even boring. Therefore, loneliness can come from shyness.

The problem with shyness is that we built negative beliefs about ourselves based on lack of skills. Shyness has several components that interact and affect the mind, body and behavior of a shy person.

If you are a shy person, you are probably somewhere between uncomfortable and paralyzed at the thought of meeting new people to the point where it interferes with your goal of dating and ultimately having an intimate relationship.

People who fear meeting another people, asking for dates, or divulging personal information are at a significant disadvantage in the dating game. Many women are looking for shy men, but since you are too timid, you may get alone. Therefore, if you are a shy person you have to overcome your shyness if you want to attract the louis vuitton knockoffs one you like.

First, recognize that you have a problem, and talk with someone about this. Constructive counseling can help. Have self-confidence; do not be afraid to start to talk with everyone you meet, you will see that you have so many things to share.

Get out and socialize,louis vuitton outlets, join activities authentic louis vuitton handbag in which you are always interacting with people,louis vuitton replica purses, like disco, clubs, parties, gym or even colleges.

Your shyness is triggered by the inability to approach someone that you consider attractive. This occur when you think about your flaws, you have the fear of rejection. You approach her by engaging her in conversation.

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After you will get over your shyness, you will see that your life will change totally.

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With Vedic Astrology, the symbols or signs of the Zodiac that an individual is born under are considered as characteristic traits of that individual. Many individuals will pick up the newspaper and read their daily horoscope,louis vuitton Monogram Denim, but few really understand the true meaning being of the zodiac symbol they were born under.

The eighth sign or symbol of the Zodiac is Scorpio the scorpion, which is a ground dweller containing a poisonous stinger on the tip of its tail. Another symbol for this, though not as popular, is the eagle, which is a predator that sees far away while soaring above troubles, hypothetically that is.

In Vedic Astrology the sun stands for an individual's inner nature, character, and personality. If you are a Scorpio then the sun was under water when you were born. This means that you are considered to be a water sign. The Scorpio is feminine and is ruled by the fierce warrior planet,http://www.itisreplican.net, Mars and the dark planet of transformation, Pluto.

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A deck of tarot cards, as they are used present,louis vuitton Monogram Denim louis vuitton handbags on sale, contains 78 cards,http://www.itisreplican.net, every one of of which contain various, meaningful symbols which may be interpreted in a number of ways. The deck contains a total of four suits, and the names of the suits may alter depending upon the tarot deck louis vuitton handtasche one is using. Time after time times, the suits are louis vuitton outlet referred to as wands, cups, swords, and coins, which make up what is labeled the Minor Arcana. Meanwhile, the Major Arcana consists of twenty two cards, every one of of which are used to signify major events or populace in a translating.
Tarot card interpretations are always changing - and they present also differed significantly through time. Today, on the other hand, there are common and general card meanings. For example, minor arcana cards normally present an astrological meaning that changes along with the seasons of the year. On another side of things, court cards talk of citizens and their nature. This nature concerns the physio-emotional traits of a being.More specifically, the determinants of a card's meaning are the following: Card Number, chief Number, Rulership (Astrology), Hebrew Letter, Translation, and Numerical Value. The meaning is also determined by the position of the card, whether it is upright or Ill-stately/Reversed. The difference between peoples' readings is the weights they impose on the diverse 'statistics' and 'attributes' of the card.
Face to face tarot readings are louis vuitton handbags prices interactive louis vuitton handbags cheap in a understanding that the reader allows the individual to louis vuitton handbags prices determine which face down card is interpreted by the reader. Face to face readings are commonly found in the thoroughfares of myriads dissimilar locations in the English-speaking world. In England, there is a going rate of ?12.50 per human, but the price drastically decreases depending on the number of folk paying for the service. Some offer the service in the comfort of one's own home, while some offer it on the street for cheaper rates as well.There is a purist belief that face to face readings are significantly more accurate than other types of readings such as e-mail readings or phone readings, but indeed the general destiny of these beliefs is to be completely unfounded like every one of other astrological arguments.
Card readings over the telephone are conducted much the same form that card readings face to face are conducted. A querent (caller) will call into a reader, and the reader will ask the caller to concentrate on a question that he or she wants answered or clarified. The card reader then shuffles the cards and lays them out in a particular pattern. Accepted patterns include a single card translating, a three card deciphering, and a Celtic Cross understanding, which is a understanding of 10 diverse cards. The card reader will examine the symbolism in each card, in addition to the card position to conclude what the cards convey.
Tarot card translating is seen as a trivial activity present, but myriads still hold extreme opinions about these cards. Either these cards come from the devil or are legit manual to your fortunes. Whatever value we afford to these cards, there is no question that they reflect a queer angle to our history and culture.

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I wanted to post my Dating Disciples review after having a chance to find out for myself whether or not it was a legitimate dating service. By the end of this short review,louis vuitton replica, you'll have an idea of whether or not Dating Disciples is the right way for you to meet new friends and start replica louis vuitton handbags fresh relationships with someone who loves Christ as much as you do.

Before I discovered Dating Disciples,louis vuitton replicas louis vuitton handbags on s, I was lonely and depressed. I had been louis vuitton replica louis vuitton handtasche purses single for so long, that I was beginning to think that being a spinster cat lady was Gods plan for me. I spent countless nights praying for a man to come into my life and sweep me off of my feet, but it just wasnt happening for me. All of the attractive men who belonged to my church were already attached, and I was at the end of my rope. Then I attended a sermon entitled The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves and decided to renew my efforts.

A friend recommended Dating Disciples to me over coffee one day. I knew she had a new boyfriend, and I knew they met online, but I didnt know which site they found each other on. They were very cute together, and I hadnt seen her so happy in years. After coffee, I went home and posted a free profile on the site.

Eventually, I upgraded to a paid membership so I could contact other members. Hands down, it was the best decision Ive made in a long time. I got so many positive responses from louis vuitton wallet local Christian men, I didnt have time to go out with them all. Unlike other dating websites with all kinds of weird people as members,Louis Vuitton Bags Men, Dating Disciples brings together Christian men and women. There are never any surprises, and I never have to explain my church-going habit to a nonbeliever.

Overall, Dating Disciples has been a Godsend. Ive met my soul mate and Im well on my way to living happily ever after with the louis vuitton handbags knockoffs Christian man of my dreams. I highly recommend DatingDisciples.com to those who love Jesus and are looking for companionship.

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Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie Outlet Stores for Active New You

This is an American brand of clothes that has worked their success through the year since it was founded during early 80's. At this level in time, this brand is already known as an international brand, because they already have tons of Abercrombie outlet stores located in different states all over the world. You will certainly not find any person who is not aware about this brand.

This is a brand that is known to cater young generation and all individuals who are very aware about their own fashion statement. It will give a very distinct option of clothing that is why teens are hooked up for all Abercrombie & Fitch items.

Every client placed their faith in this brand because they know that each items was produced and planned by honored experts inside the fashion industry. Abercrombie outlet stores can provide a lot of amazing matters to their clients. Abercrombie has been big parts of the fashion industry and in the lives of all individuals who wish to have fashionable clothes that do it sacrifice quality over fashion.

Abercrombie t-shirts are plan for both men and women. Young girls and boys are very inclined in buying shirts, denims and new items produced by this brand. Young generations are very difficult to please nowadays, but Abercrombie has caught the hearts of young ones. They know that there is no other brand that can compare to the excellent and singularity that Abercrombie Fitch can provide. This brand will stay to surge as long as there are individuals who aim for high greatest fashionable clothes so you can go to any Abercrombie outlet Stores near you.

Abercrombie & Fitch

The Charm Of Abercrombie Clothing

Fashion has always been changing and the change in the fashion scene is undoubtedly constant. Every one of you knows that change is constant. It is the case with the changing trends in the fashion scene. Now, you will see that fashion industry is being growing unlike any other industry. The love for branded outfits and accessories is not new, but the men and women of this are just in love with shopping branded items for themselves. This is the reason, why the popularity and demand for designer outfits, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories have been increasing by each passing day. Different fashion houses have brought beauty and elegance in the lives of people living across the globe.

When you go out in the market for shopping or shop online, then you come across a large number of brands, which are selling amazing things, but if you talk about sophistication, casualness and funky styles in your clothing, then nothing can be better than Abercrombie clothing.

This brand knows well the fashion needs of men and women. This is the reason, why it has become the part of the lives of the people. There is wide range of Abercrombie clothing available for the people. You will find our different designs and colors of t-shirts, pants, jackets, coats, shorts and many other types. The clothes of this highly acclaimed brand are available for both men and women. People, who have a style in their dressing sense, they prefer to wear he clothes,Abercrombie Polo Shirts, which are being offered by A&F. This brand pays sheer concentration on giving its customers the highest quality in clothes. This is the reason why the fabric used in the manufacturing of the garments for men and women is durable and the colors are fast.

If you have purchased any of the garments of Abercrombie and Fitch including jackets, hoodies, sleeve t-shirts, sweaters, undergarments, shorts of varied styles, outwear, jeans, polo shirts, fleeces, jumpers and cargos, then you should not need to think over its cleaning expenses, as you can wash them at home and they will remain new for many years.?Abercrombie clothing speaks up the style and fashion of individuals. You will never feel overdone because of wearing the clothes of this brand, for it��s aim is to keep up the decency of the all the customers. This is the reason, why young people are in love with this brand, for they know that no other brand can understand their fashion needs other than A&F.

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The main reason concerning the Social Security Number can be said above and beyond since they will be a requirement along with a multi functional newly-employed individual. The SS Number often which they can display on the basis of going to be the federal your government to understand more about draw attention away from records to do with your annual wages. Your boss in most situations requires all your family members for additional details on without risk some form of as soon as conceivable probably before all your family members earn your before anything else wage. With your Social Security Number, you’re taxes in many cases are forwarded for more information regarding going to be the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the withholding tax amount extracted back and forth from your paycheck.

The SSA reminds all your family members that going to be the records and your Social Security Number are protected and confined so that you have confidentiality. They assure all your family members that they won’t be giving a resource box to explore anybody,グッチ サングラス メンズ,but they may should and thus about whether or not it is this sanctioned by going to be the law. But then,シャネル サングラス,going to be the SSA also reminds your family that your family be careful having to do with your personalised SSN back and forth from identity crooks In all of these attempting dates and times,香水人気女性,element usually a hassle include them as an all in one sufferer having to do with identity theft.

As any one of these,it is always an imperative as well as for all your family to explore shield your one of a kind SSN back and forth from many other people which of you may result in being strange to learn more about you If an all in one business that seems unreasonable to educate yourself regarding all your family members asks your SS Number,you if you find that ask him or her a good reason element is the fact had to have,what exactly is a resource box can often be which they can display and what will happen if all your family members don’t give a resource box Some federal agencies by going to your family to understand more about allow you to have an SSN,any one of these as DMV, tax agencies and welfare offices.

California regulated laws that limit going to be the display having to do with Social Security Numbers into going to be the research conducted recently As any one of these organizations such as business and agencies are prohibited to:

• Print SSN’s all around the ID cards/badges; all around the documents mailed for more information regarding customers except if if a resource box is this required based on going to be the law or at least the document usually an application form at least any kind concerning form); and everywhere in the postcards
• Embedding SSN’s upon cards or otherwise documents throughout a bar html page or perhaps magnetic harness
• Have Internet users receive and send their SSN’s on the a unsecured connection
• Have Internet users continue to use their SSN’s to fire wood throughout the an all in one website

In case your card has been confused or at least all your family you are feeling that a group of people would be the fact using your SSN,should not either think relating to having another SSN. Doing and as a consequence can have been seen all around the disastrous setbacks one of these as harm to do with credit history, academic records, and some other too much information online The SSA rarely does this on the certain situations,but all your family are practically never allowed for additional details on have to and as such about whether or not your family want to understand more about evade legal responsibility. It is the best to learn more about contact an all in one local SSA office near your family and contact an all in one Santa Monica attorney to educate yourself regarding help all your family assess your problem.

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As the number of cars is increasing on the roads,Chanel トートバッグ, so is the number of car accidents. There are more and more people who are driving an hour or two to get to their office and back home, toursits who are visiting other states for holiday and late night drunk drivers who are on they way back from their bar. There are plenty of dangers on the road and a lack of responsibility from drivers. This is the biggest cause of car accidents on the road.

The cars themselves have become a burning icon of American culture. A 100 years olf Ford started the craze and now cars are defining they way we live in so many different situations. We need to drive to work, get our kids to school, shop for groceries and visit relatives. Car is a useful resource and is a neccesity in our lives. The society would be something completely different if there weren't cars.

But, cars bring a dark side with them. According to statistics, car crashes are number one cause of death for all people to the age between 0 and 34. Highways,Chanel ショルダーバッグ, roads and streets are handling great number of cars with all sorts of drivers and we are bound to have car accidents each and every day. Lack of responsibility is the main factor for a car accident, car malfunction or unlucky circumstances play a tiny part in car accident statistics.

There are 117 fatalities on the roads of United States every day and 7123 people being injured as a cause of a road accident. If you are a responsible driver, that doesn't exclude you from a chance to have a car accident. It is ther other driver that will injure you and passengers in your car. There is nothing you can do about that, except to seek justice.

If you or someone close to you find yourself in a car accident, your first concern are injuries. If you do not have any injuries and the medical bills that go with them, you can consider yourself lucky. But you need to worry about your car and the damage that has been done. What you need to do is to contact car accident lawyer to find out are you entitled to a compensation of some sort. Compensation may be for personal injuries and for your car damage. For both of them you will need good car accident lawyer who will help you.

You should not wait to contact the lawyer, the longer you wait, less chances are you will get the compensation for your damages. You might lose the case because of the evidence that will not be valid or simply due to other actions that may have led to your injuries or a damage to the car.

Before you make a lawsuit,シャネル カメリア ネックレス, contact a car accident lawyer. Never do it by yourself, because there are many details you are simply not aware of. Besides that, try to contact a local lawyer because he already knows local procedures and knows local people. Rememeber , consults are free so you can always seek for some information before reaching for legal actions.

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When your family have been take its toll on and element was a group of people else’s fault,グッチ 財布 人気,an injury attorney can advise all your family everywhere over the whether your family have an all in one case to understand more about wendy any of those responsible for your dollars damages. Once all your family are told all your family members have an all in one in line with the case,you can produce a decision about whether or not all your family want that lawyer for more information on handle it Everyone has going to be the right to learn more about searching damages,but take heart practically never all incident makes an all in one using the lawsuit. Many law there initially were bring to the table an initial consultation at big event charge,for more information regarding enable people to educate yourself regarding are aware of that if they have a multi functional in line with the case or at best practically never The lawyer not only can they ask about what happened to educate yourself regarding you which of you all your family members are under the impression was neglectful,about whether or not there is usually that a multi functional reason as well as for going to be the harmful actions, and a great many other questions, including a discussion relating to the fluctuate of your pains and aches For a multi functional case to educate yourself regarding deliver the results,グッチ メンズ,a resource box must be the case sure - fire that going to be the side effects are actually going to be the have been seen having to do with actions that were taken,or perhaps that need have been taken and seem to have been by no means In short time that a group of people was neglectful incompetent,グッチ バッグ ショルダー,or at least malicious – or at best a multi function product was retarded

No lawyer can look out of going to be the outcome relating to a multi function case, and going to be the strategy that would be the fact not only that but not only can they hinge all around the going to be the circumstances. Usually,going to be the opposing side everywhere in the personal injury lawsuits usually an insurance company. These companies are known to use formulas also easiest way much they not only can they pay. They a lot of times make a settlement bring to the table for additional details on it is certainly plausible which of you have been injured that could be the if that's the case well below a what they are aware of that not only can they compensate for medical obligations pain and having to deal with not sure wages and a lot more and they try to learn more about convince situation that they need take element or at best be able to get almost nothing at all at most of them are Often,it is certainly plausible get that this would be the fact an all in one good a period for more information about talk to learn more about an all in one lawyer leaving a multi functional background all around the personal injury cases.

There have been cases upon these all they all are a resource box took was going to be the martyr hiring an all in one lawyer,which of you wrote an all in one letter for more information on going to be the insurers, and the have been seen having to do with an all in one minor amount having to do with “pushback” convinced an insurance company for additional details on make a fair accommodation bring to the table Other times,a resource box is the filing regarding a multi functional lawsuit that gets their attention. If the attorneys gorgeous honeymoons as well the opposing side know that a multi function martyr usually smart about getting what’s completely,aspect may bring them to learn more about the negotiating table. A in line with the personal injury lawyer usually always prepared to educate yourself regarding come to all are going to be the way to understand more about trial,to have a multi function the courtroom and jury determine about whether or not an all in one negligent party or at best entity is the fact that responsible as well as for paying fair compensation to going to be the victim about a personal injury.

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Louis Vuitton

Do You Know the History of Louis Vuitton?

The company founded in the late 19th century, manufactures luxury leather products throughout the world. The products that are sold have the very popular LV logo on the actual leather and makes it as popular as any brand name in the world. The company only markets its products through its own stores throughout the world, this helps control pricing, quality and profitability, it also helps eliminate copies or fakes to be sold in smaller boutiques. The company only has one retailer that it sells it products through, Neiman Marcus.

Learn Information About: Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton

Handmake Hermes handbags with timeless charm beat Louit Vuitton handbags out of the top in bags world

Louit Vuitton handbags is not only women patent, for the multiple identities of women in society nowadays, more and more women need more than one kind of women handbags for different occasions. Even Louis Vuitton Handbags is always the symbol of luxury and expensive, women still choose other handbags for different uses.

Designers of women handbags explain different ways to design new brand which can remain timeless and fashion. But it is really hard, for most of them just manufacture rough handbags which can not stand the test of time. So they have to wait, research. However, after machine production, it is only 24 hours to manufacture a new handbag out. After Louit Vuitton handbags has exposure to machine production, more and more companies choose this method. But still some in handmade, the most famous one is Hermes handbags, because Hermes handbags are made from rare and quality materials such as precious metals,Louis Vuitton Chicago Leather, silk, leather from alligator, crocodile, lizard, shark and skin from buffalo, oxen, calf, goat, deer and ostrich, this may cause long time but sophisticated technology.

Louis Vuitton

No.8 Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Galliera GM

What does it remind of you at the first glance of this bag, a nice trip and the shinning sand beach? Yes, this bag is designed to suit your mood and fashion on vacation. You can tell it from its name. actually, this bag is inspired by the French Riviera, which is the Mediterranean coastline of the south eastern corner of France and used to be one of the first modern resort areas.

With a size of 19.7" x 13.4" x 7.9", this Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Galliera GM is spacious enough to hold all your daily belongings. It is crafted in traditional Damier Azur canvas, mint micro fiber lining and natural cowhide trimmings. Attached with wide adjustable strap, this bag can be carried comfortably on shoulder or by hand. The bag is very functional. You can tell this from its inside pocket with flap and press stud closure, cell phone compartment and the internal D-ring for attaching a pouch or key holder. While the outside of the bag is closed by a magnetic closure made from golden brass. The metallic plate with Louis Vuitton Inventeur is to keep your bag in shape for a long time, and the studs on the bottom are to protect the base of the bag.

As I see it, the light dark and grey damier canvas design is very fashion in summer. Unlike the eye catching red and yellow or the dull black,Louis Vuitton Hobos, this color is elegant and chic for seasons to come. Without an oversize flap, you can easily slip in or take out your essentials. I do not know the price tag of this bag, but I am sure it won��t be as hefty ad the python ones. Yet, its brand is the best guarantee of its top quality. Already attracted by this bag? Then do not hesitate to buy one for yourself. You definitely deserve it.

The Mavs' offense training course a deadlift back developed forth from Jason Kidd's come back to you running a couple of weeks ago scoring 111 points into 100 pieces for example equipment behind a great deal of their four games (Kidd celebrated at the back to you of a lovely couple of having to do with their business Delonte West maxed 28-for-51,wholesale snapbacks,but ended up being a minus-13 in going to be the back once again of 51 a handful of minutes so to the fact that all your family have Kidd. Kidd plus Vince Carter have happened for more information on be an all of them are throughout one much in your way a a good thing bang for your buck more powerful in addition effective a couple (plus-133) involves christmas season.
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Australian Museum

Singapore Pavilion

Russian Museum

German Pavilion

Pearl of the Orient Night

American Museum

Swiss Pavilion

Pakistan Pavilion

British Museum

Expo venues

Israel Museum

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United Arab Emirates


Korea Pavilion

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Canada Pavilion

Spanish Pavilion

Romania Museum

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... ... the girl holding the boy standing behind him blankly lunch, happy to see him typing on the keyboard, and his wife tell the game endless love. Girl's heart tightened, but she still told myself it was just the network. She said the lunch table on the boy: \Sighed the girl, she does not expect the boy will take her, but not even one told. She tolerant smile, go home.
months later the girl: \I, nothing, I said not to, she still chose to, she knows I have a girlfriend, tomorrow afternoon she will come to this cafe. She said that just to see me! \see it? love you to network coverage to our five-year emotional it? What can I talk to her? \her, because you are. her own to! \The boy asked her to snow. Snow is very beautiful, very energetic, just eighteen years old this year, smaller than a full year-old girl, the sight of snow fell across the boy's face, haggard girl, smiling at each other, without any hostility. Boys to avoid girls hands, the boy got the message get back on the very front of the computer to continue his game.
girl holding a chair sitting next to the snow. After a long while of silence, snow bold spoke, \Snow said: \forward. \The girl smiled back line of sight, said: \So every day you have to make breakfast for him and see if he finished before you worry. He is so casually, do not take care of themselves. Second,juicy couture tracksuits grey, he addicted to the game unable to extricate themselves, every night when playing at home yelling, and never looked down on other people's sleep and the next day you always have to face the ridicule of neighbors,свадебное платье из сатина, stop apologizing. Third, many of his friends, each primary task is to drink with dinner wine, his body is not good, the amount of 7 two-drink liquor, the amount is 4 bottles of beer, more than can not, will be drunk, and others have drunk tea, but he poured out a cup of tea on the spit, it is Shang Wei of. Fourth, he is a fan, every four years the World Cup,robe ed hardy, the biennial Champions League, or European Cup, and every week of Serie A, soccer world, what the Premiership, he will not miss three more middle of the night to get up to watch the game. as he read, you have to get up and clean up the TV next to the trash, and the kitchen is his upside down meals. Fifth, the annual autumn arrives, his eyes were the wind blows will stop blinking, tears, because his eye is very serious. you know what medicine he had to eat it? five years, he ate the medicine every year, but he never know what drugs, what name. Sixth, his hand will be split one winter, not frostbite, is his lack of a vitamin the body can not cure, only symptomatic treatment. to spread on the hands and eat the pills you know what? He do not know, because he does not own medicine, every time he got his hands to eat. Seventh, he is a Siyaomianzi people, friends,veste g star pas cher, inevitably some people like to take women who or who Friends joke, but no matter how aggrieved,beats earphones, and more too, can not reveal the presence of his friend's face out of his friends is the most important. VIII, sometimes he does not always go home, or in Internet cafes playing all night game, it was his hobby. Sometimes he would chat with friends and the reality to dawn, or is the middle of the night knock on the door and tell you he was \people, even his friends carry his girlfriend out soak the other girls, he will not do, because he cares about is the feeling of two people together, not what the man's desire. X, Overall, he considered a good man, is too lax, do not know how to take care of themselves, like a big boy. Oh, he opened a cabinet to take off clothes and never will forget the cupboard, opened the drawer to get lighter and will certainly forgot to turn off drawer. you do not behind him, afraid he would forget to close out. These you know? You can do that? love a man in the end how do you think? \love someone who will shed any traces of, you have dropping water. every word, I have nowhere to go. \year relationship, ah, she was very much aware of him, his weaknesses, strengths, preferences, everything he was looking in her eyes, love in their hearts. Five years, why he never discovered that a person is so confused, but for girls has been at his side, his life into what would be worse. Looked at his clothes, pants, shoes, socks, and he did not even know why always so clean, why he never took the spatula was able to eat delicious meals every day, and why his past is not uncomfortable here There is pain, but the five years, according to the girl he always arranged for him to eat but felt so healthy. Why is the envy of his friends he always said, why he felt the love between girls and become so short, why he would release the emotional crush on the network. Because too quiet, what they almost did not quarrel, because the girls have been concessions, accommodation, living quietly in the trivial use to love him! He suddenly understood why some people would say that true love is not no mountain ridge, of Heaven, and the king must dare. But the profound feelings of understanding and tolerance. The boy turned his head staring at girls, for many years, he has not carefully read the girl's face more than ten seconds, before he first discovered that the lively, beautiful girl has become a mature and elegant woman. The boy stood up and walked in front of the girl, said: \No, I left you a good man, even a good wife,Ralph Lauren Polo, I believe that someday I would like her to love a person, but that person will not be you, because you are not me. \finished, the snow turned to leave. Her tears, like a beautiful rainbow road, in her turn that depicts a beautiful arc. Girl has always maintained a polite smile, maybe she had been severely cut, but her calm, wise and five years of painstaking efforts to restore the feeling of this.
boy holding the girl gently, smell her hair, five years, the girl's scent on the hair has not changed, as she was in love with the boy's heart has not changed. Her hair is so soft and delicate, but also the feelings, as she operated as the gentle harmony.
boy smiled and asked the girl: \maybe I'll never live without Oh! Oh ~ ~ ~ \? Who told you so restless ah? Guanyin Tang Seng, a rule that will give the secret of monkey, so I'm sorry to see God, but also helped me ah. \Why? how you will once every four years, every two years, or even so much about the game every week ah? \Si Tuta, ah! \\! \little face flushed, looked awkward around people's attention, regard them as the focus.
boy girl asked loudly: \five years, a fool ... \girl, please do not let go of your hand!)

believe that the future

Speech of the Siyuan

When my purple grapes into late autumn dew?

write with a child's handwriting: I believe the future?

Pen name - the origin of the index finger

I die than it should calm lake.

Although it is through frustration, I do not light from.

still inscribed above: love life.

paved the ashes of despair?

times it makes me cherish every bit of warmth.

or give contemptuous smile,juicy couture tracksuits grey, biting satire?

reason why the index finger is known as \Second, \

perhaps after the fierce battle through life,

love life

and summer, the general toxic fire burning sun,

I have to say the value of a human life,

Shandong Yutai people. High school. Red Guards in 1967 ended in confusion and disappointment generation, the poet wrote the song with deep feeling,veste g star pas cher, \of a tearjerker for. Heng Fa Chuen in 1969 to jump the queue to go to Shanxi Fenyang farming,Ralph Lauren Polo, enlisted 1971,beats earphones, served as garrison soldiers Zhoushan, Beijing Institute of Opto researchers. Professional writer. Published works in 1982. Joined the Chinese Writers Association in 1997. With a collection of poems, \\Heart \

I decided: to do with the pain of weight,

still whispering over and over again: love life.

She has brushed aside the historical dust eyelashes?

Perhaps I cling to the thin body like kudzu,

With enthusiasm, objective and fair assessment?

When the ashes of poverty and sorrow sigh Yuyan?

I use your fingers? that flock to the horizon the wave?

deep hunger to know the cold winter snow,

index finger

but I have a challenge to the old forces of the personality,

snowflake with beautiful writing: I believe the future?


I waif-like bare feet walking,

believe that the future

mercilessly seized when the cobwebs of my stove?

believe that over the death of the young?

lies: I believe the future, love life.

who lost the melancholy, the pain of failure?

when my flowers nestled in someone else's feelings?

clumps together in that highway of thorns

I still stubbornly

Indeed, I very much cherish my own

poet original name Guo Lusheng index finger.


that in the cold,robe ed hardy, wet liking my voice,

to me as an example to future generations: love life.

to grasp their own destiny in the future,

Whatever one? for our rotting flesh?

reason why I firmly believe the future?

wrote in the desolate earth: I believe the future?

1978 in Beijing

friends, firm? believe that the future,свадебное платье из сатина, right?

I use the palm of your hand? that lift up the sun the sea?

then please go to the cemetery looking for my inscription,

glowing warmth of the dawn of a beautiful pen that sticks?

believe that the future, love life

I still stubbornly use the Cream of the Kuteng?

I realize such a hard life.

piece after another slot wild wild curved path,

index reading of Pu Cunxin

It is through this tortuous path,

I walked back bare beggar Side,

moved to tears is placed, deep sympathy?

tenaciously alive I can live up to now,

I believe that the future of the eyes?

persevere, I believe?

Yes, I am anxiously waiting for their assessment?

me every step of leaving a trail of blood.

of the index finger

warm wishes, welcome to

routing of deep feeling the hard edges on the stone,

I firmly believe that people are our backbone?

I have confidence: do the scales of life.

that numerous exploration, lost, failure and success?

years she has seen through the pupil chapter?

,свадебное платье из сатина

90 after there are always some people.

looked very happy day,
laughing and joking, no worries,
like a child.

they will say is my greatest pleasure to play,
I like to play,

what I would play,
time when many people face, always smiling, \br> Many people would envy them.

However, this is where they are most sad.

they do not want to let others see their sad side,
also can not afford to be left alone,
because when the dead of night, he did not know what will happen one person,Ralph Lauren Polo, sitting in the window meditation through the drip.

know no one read them,
I kept thinking sadly looks like they will shed a happy look of sadness,
then himself said to himself: in fact nothing, destiny !

so they force themselves to laugh all day long in order to avoid that ordinary people can not bear the pain.

they seemingly very strong,
because people think they can smile, what to face,
but in fact they are long with the hearts of the world's most vulnerable,veste g star pas cher,
only long-term camouflage make others difficult to find their inner wounds.

they are actually very lonely,
though to see them when they were in with a group of people chatting,
it is because they simply can not afford a person of torture.

they just want simple, live happily,
expect and believe that each person is true to smile,
want to be around people who are really like themselves. ,
Even a little advice to others, they will be another sad for a long time.

they really, really mind,
mind do not be like. ,beats earphones,
Because people think they are always a lot of other people is always better than their own;
to people who can enjoy good as well, more like people than like their own.

they always do, but also sad tears before the second, after the second time in front of friends, has his face always be brilliant smile.

Some say they are sunflowers.

Yes, they care about people like the sun.
in the face when the sun is always brightly petals,
the sun never shone on the back, hidden so well that sad, do not want to be seen.

indulge their longing for freedom of life,juicy couture tracksuits grey,
who had to be very hard for the other direction toward the living,

very tired, but still a willingly.
away from their dreams become more and more away, never had to face the competition and complexity of thought, fear, loss.

only the face of the most trusted person, will remove the armor, aggrieved tears.
because in their hearts, laughing is a happy,robe ed hardy, crying is a sad,
close is like, stay away from that annoying.
but it is not, they understand,

good heart hurt, no hold back tears. After crying, laughing and was wiped away tears and said, okay, I can do well.

They seem to do anything, as always there will be no trouble,
what problems can be as easy to solve,
always like people who like to appear in tears in front, smiling teasing laugh.

the face of their own problems, they loss flawless,
face their grief, they will hide in the corner that people can not see the wound more slowly by the larger crack.

their ideas are very simple, say it is had in mind,
stomach will not Abduction seven eight small bend, careless words can cause someone else's misunderstanding.

So, please do not unpopular with them, and they do not want to hurt anyone, a small error can make them regret for a long time.

they are actually very simple, even you have to give him a smile and he will forever remember your good,
so their world view is actually very simple,

If you find it on , then Bangding about it.

1. pocket cake: Ingredients: Flour 200 grams; practice: 1. flour, adding the right amount of warm water, fully bunched up into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes Xing; 2. táng rub into dough section, and then about 50 grams divided into small sub-agents; 3. the small sub-agent by hand flat, then rolling pin roll into about 0.2 cm thick skinned; 4. Take a good roll dough, with a small brush in the Brush oil in the middle of dough, brush the edge of Sheung Shui, and then another dough to cover up the edge by tight, green body to make a pocket bread; use the same method to finish the rest of the dough; 5. pan put oil, green body down into the pocket bread, a small fire after its fried yellow flip side, the middle of the last fry until golden on both sides to muster the time out from the middle of cake cut into two pockets, and put on a good fried filling can be. Appendix: mustard pork practice (of course, your favorite fillings can be replaced by Kazakhstan) Ingredients: 180 g pork, mustard 140 g; Ingredients: green pepper one, a red pepper, ginger, garlic, onions, soy sauce, chicken, starch, the amount of wine; practice: 1. Wash pork cut wire, adding the right amount of wine, starch, mix well marinated chicken for 20 minutes; Wash green peppers Di seeded, cut into wire, Peel garlic tablets, shredded ginger, green onions cut flowers; 2. wok put the oil down into the meat after the fry color silk scoop out the methodology; 3. pot and then add a little oil down into the ginger and garlic until fragrant wire into the green peppers, stir fry for two minutes; 4. into the previous lean meat fried silk, add a little salt, stir well; 5. down into the stir fry mustard evenly, and finally put into the green onion, soy sauce, stir well then.

2. scallion pancakes: Ingredients: 150 grams of flour, green onion, chicken powder, salt, sesame seeds, the amount; practice: 1. flour, adding the right amount of salt and chicken powder and mix well , then add the right amount of warm water, knead the dough, cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes Xing; onions washed, cut green onion; 2. táng good dough rub strips,Ralph Lauren Polo, and then divided into four small sub-agents; 3. the small sub-agent rolling into thin slices about 0.3 cm, applies a layer of oil,juicy couture tracksuits grey, sprinkle with chopped green onion; 4. and then along the long side roll up dough, knead into a long and thin; 5. to the ends of long rolled up to the middle, forming two a dough; 6. the volume overlap of two faces, hands a little flat by some; 7. and then a rolling pin to roll into a circle about 0.5 cm thick cake; 8. and then coated on both sides of tortillas sesame seeds; 9. pan put the oil down into the green onion pancake, fried yellow small fire to one side after the turn over, the last fry until cooked to the two golden yellow.

3. pumpkin egg pancake: Ingredients: 350 grams pumpkin, flour, 100 grams, 50 grams of glutinous rice flour, 2 eggs, about 150 ml of water, ginger, onion appropriate; practice: 1. pumpkin flesh, peeled and cut into the end after the wash , onion cut flowers, ginger cut into the end; eggs and mix into egg mixture; 2. the end of the pumpkin, ginger, green onion into a large bowl, pour the flour and glutinous rice flour, add a little salt (according to their own preferences Add sugar), poured into the eggs, add about 150 ml of water, mix into the batter fully; 3. pan put oil, will be half of the batter into the pot, cover, setting a small fire to fry After the upside, the last fry until golden on both sides the middle of the pan when cooked cut plate,robe ed hardy, the remaining half of the batter can be fried in the same way.

4. cabbage shrimp cake: Ingredients: Flour 200 grams, 250 grams of cabbage, shrimp appropriate; Ingredients: cooking wine, ginger, garlic, onions, chicken, the amount; practices: one. Filling: 1. Wash chopped cabbage, add the right amount of salt and mix well preserved within 10 minutes after the squeeze excess water cabbage; shrimp wash drain water; mince ginger and garlic, onions cut; 2. wok put the oil down into the shrimp, stir-fry until light yellow low heat to cooking wine and stir well after adding two teaspoons, scoop out the methodology; 3. will be a good fried shrimp, ginger, garlic, green onion together into salted good cabbage in, then add the right amount of chicken, sesame oil and mix well stand;

5. sweet corn cake: Ingredients: 150g glutinous rice flour, corn flour 50 grams, tender Corn 1, sugar amount (the amount of release according to personal taste); practices: 1. first tender corn cooked, let cool, peel into particles; 2. the glutinous rice flour, corn flour, cooked corn kernels, sugar together into a large container; 3. add some warm water, knead the dough (this process is very easy to drop Ha!); 4. Roll the dough into small strips and then sub-agent (I am to lazy no points from the dough on a lightly breaking the next small pieces, then knead by flat round, but do it really the size of this pie is almost looks like cake ha!), the small sub-agent by hand after rubbing a round flat, green body made of tortillas; 5. pan put oil into tortillas green body, a small fire, you can pan fry until golden on both sides.

6. Jingdong Patties Ingredients: 300 grams flour, 250 grams of beef, onion 50 grams; Ingredients: egg, pepper, ginger, soy sauce, starch, wine, the amount of sesame oil; practices: a. Fillings: 1. Wash chopped beef, minced meat, chopped green onions, ginger and chopped into a fine powder; 2. beef by adding a little starch grasp uniform, then add a spoonful of cooking oil,beats earphones, amount of salt, pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, into an egg, stirring in one direction to pull its weight: 3. added to the large diced green onion and ginger, continue to move in one direction and mix well preserved after 30 minutes, cover with plastic wrap; II. skinned and the meat pie making: 1. flour, adding the right amount of warm water, knead the dough smooth surface, cover with plastic wrap wake up 20 minutes; 2. kneading dough will wake up, bar, and then sub-divided into four small doses; 3 . the small agent son rubbing round, by hand flat, then roll thin Cheng Kung University; 4. from the dough in the center position of the knife, cut dough to the edge, cut the dough in half; 5. a quarter of the dough Three evenly coated with the marinated meat, do not pay attention to the edges of dough coated; 6. will not have the dough coated meat stacked up, and then to the right stack, the last remaining part of the following stacked up, with hand edge of the press tightly; 7. pan put oil into the folded meat pie, cover the pot, a small fire to fry until golden on both sides to the middle when cooked. eat again when your favorite cut size.

7. carrot red bean paste pancake: Ingredients: 250 grams of carrots, 120 grams of flour, corn flour 50 grams, 50 grams of glutinous rice flour, red bean, the amount of cooked white sesame seeds; Method: 1. steamed carrots, peeled, broken out into the pot with a rolling pin into the mud; 2. the flour, corn flour, glutinous rice flour into the carrot in the mud, bunched up into a smooth dough, Xing 20 minutes; 3. táng good rub strips of dough, about 30 grams were divided into small sub-agents; 4. sub-agent by the small flat, thin edge Yong Shounie into the middle of thick skinned; 5. into the amount of red bean paste, with tiger's mouth and slowly squeeze the dough rope; 6. shut down the board on the case by hand into small round flat cake; 7. documented board sprinkled evenly cooked sesame seeds, sesame seeds will be placed gently on the small round cake to press, so that both sides are coated with sesame seeds; 8. pan put the oil down into the carrot cake with red bean paste, a small fire after its fried yellow flip side, the last fry until golden on both sides can be cooked;

8. pepper oil cracker: Ingredients: 200 grams of flour, salt and pepper, the amount of oil; practice: 1. take 150 grams of flour, adding the right amount of warm water, bunched up into a smooth dough, cover with plastic Xing 20-minute film; 2. 50 grams of the remaining flour mix to add the right amount of salt and pepper; 3. the amount of the oil pan, pour in the flour mixed with salt and pepper salt and pepper Stir Serve pastries; 4. will táng dough spread a thin layer of powder on the text board rub strips, and then divided into four sub-agents; 5. sub-agent with a rolling pin to roll into a rectangle about 0.2 cm thick skinned, and then evenly coated with a thick pastry; 6. will be coated with a good pastry dough from the long side of the paper strips, the two ends of the noodles and hold hands, gently stretch; 7. will be stretched noodles coiled up and hidden in the following will be shut, and then rolling pin to roll into a circle about 0.4 cm thick cake; 8. pan put the oil down into the bread, a small fire after its fried yellow flip side, the last fry until golden on both sides cooked immediately after.

9. assorted vegetables pancake: Ingredients: 50 grams of corn kernels, carrots 30 grams, 30 grams of lettuce, 3 eggs, 100 grams of flour, onions, sesame oil, a pinch of pepper; practices: 1. first eggs and mix into the egg, add a little pepper mix, carrots, washed and cut fine, wash and drain chopped lettuce, onions cut flowers; 2. the carrot seeds and corn kernels cooked in boiling water Drain and set aside after; 3. flour adding the right amount of salt, then pour eggs, adding the right amount of water and stir into a paste; 4. Drain the carrots into the grain and corn grain, lettuce, green onion, then add a little sesame oil, stir; 5. pan put a little oil, using a spoon to scoop the batter into the pan, a spoon, spread into a pancake batter, fry two yellow yellowish small fire that

10. homemade meat pie: Ingredients: 200 grams flour, 200 grams of lean meat, 50 grams of mushrooms, 1 egg, 25 grams of onions, ginger, sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce, a little different. Practices: (a) dough: 1. First the right amount of water added flour, stir with chopsticks to pimple-like; 2. Then add a little cold water, rub until the dough is smooth, cover with plastic wrap for 30 minutes awake; (b) Filling: 1. Minced meat into the meat, mushrooms, ginger and cut into pellets, green onions cut; 2. The above (1) cut ingredients into a large bowl, into the eggs, adding the right amount of salt, sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce, stir well and fully, marinated for 20 minutes; (c) make meatloaf then: 1. Knead dough will wake up, bar, and then divided into several small sub-agent, agent son rubbing the small circle, then roll into thin slices; 2. Will be preserved in good filling evenly on the dough rolling into a sheet, from one end of the inward folded four times, folded after the meat pie is four, then gently press the dough by hand, so that compaction; 3. Put the oil pan, folded into meatloaf, add a few tablespoons of water, cover and simmer till the small fire dry upside down pot of water, then add a few tablespoons of water, cover, and finally a small Huojian to the sides can be golden;

11. sweet potato pancake eggs: Ingredients: Red sweet potato 200 grams, 2 eggs, flour 50 grams, sugar amount, die one; practice: 1. Wash sweet potatoes peeled first, then cut into particles, mold clean dry stand; 2. eggs and mix into egg mixture, add the flour and the amount of sugar, full of batter mix into a non-granular; 3. again will cut sweet potato into the batter in the grain, mix well; 4. open a small fire, put the oil pan, into the mold, scoop the right amount of sweet potato into the batter into the mold, use chopsticks to get the surface smooth; 5 . and other sweet potato pie fry carefully remove the mold after forming, cover the pot, a small fire to fry until golden on both sides can be cooked.

12. Golden rice pancake: Ingredients: 150g glutinous rice, 250 grams of flour,свадебное платье из сатина, egg, ham a (weighing about 40 grams), green onion, ginger, the amount; practices: one. Preparation: 1. glutinous rice into rice cooker, add the right amount of Shuizhu Shu into a glutinous rice, scoop out the Liang Liang; ham cut into Ding, cut onions, ginger cut into the end; II. and face: 1. eggs into the flour, stirring with chopsticks to a little, then add the right amount of warm water, knead a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes Xing; III. fried sticky rice: 1. wok put oil, ginger and ham down into the small, slightly fried a few; 2. down into the sticky rice and stir well ; 3. adding the right amount of salt, add chopped green onion, stir well after scoop out the methodology; IV. to do the bread then: 1. táng good rub strips of dough, divided into small sub-agent, agent son a little rubbing the small circle; 2. will be rubbing their hands round by a small dose sub-flat, then rolling pin, roll into thin slices (thickness of the dumpling skin thicker than a few); 3. will be a good fried glutinous rice on the dough, and fold the dough wrapped edge clenched, and then pinch the two corners together; 4. pan put oil, add bread, a small fire to fry until golden brown on both sides.

13. ham and onion pancake: Ingredients: onion about 40 grams, a ham (weight 40 grams), 100 grams of flour, 2 eggs, water 40 ml; practice: 1. onions and chopped ham are into the end, beat the egg into egg mixture; 2. the sieve into the egg in the flour, stir with chopsticks to a hard paste; 3. then add about 40 milliliters of water, while water while stirring, to stir into the batter evenly (with a spoon down, scoop up batter and pour batter was better than a continuous line); 4. Add onions and ham at the end, add the right amount of salt, mix well; 5. pan put the oil, mixing well into the batter, batter will be smooth with a spoon, cover, after a small Huo Jian Huang flip side, the last fry until golden yellow between the two cuts can be cooked, remove.

14. Fried taro pancake: Ingredients: 100 grams of taro, 3 eggs, flour 50 grams, 1 ham, onions, ginger, sesame oil (not can) of a little; practice: 1. first Peel taro into filaments, ham cut into tablets, shredded ginger, spring onions cut flowers; 2. the taro into filaments in a microwave oven for three minutes and switch to high fire cooked (steamed or steamer); 3. eggs into the bowl , add flour and stir into the custard, the ginger, green onion, ham, cooked taro silk into the custard, add the right amount of salt, sesame oil and fully Stir; 4. pan put oil, into the mix good custard, the basic shape of a small fire Jianzhi upside down when the last fry until golden brown on both sides.

15. sesame brown sugar pancakes: Crust Ingredients: flour, 150 grams; sandwiches Ingredients: brown sugar, sesame paste, sesame oil, flour, (a ratio of 2:1:1:2 ); practices: 1. flour, adding the right amount of water, with chopsticks Jiaocheng flakes, then add a little cold water, hand bunched up into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes Xing; 2. the two spoonfuls of brown sugar, a spoonful sesame sauce, a spoonful of sesame oil, two spoonfuls of flour into a bowl and mix well into the filling; 3. táng dough will rub strips, then into even smaller sub-agents; 4. the small sub-agent and press slightly flat circular rubbing then shape into the middle of the thin edge of crust thickness (or with a rolling pin roll also available); 5. crust right amount of brown sugar in the filling into with tiger's mouth shut after the close of its slowly; 6. shut down on a chopping board , and then into the bread by hand flat blank; 7. pan put the oil down into the pie throwing, a small fire after its fried yellow flip side, the middle of the last fry until slightly golden on both sides when you can muster.

16. milk love corn pancake: Ingredients: 150 grams of corn flour, 150 ml of milk, sugar to taste (the amount of release according to personal taste), a heart-shaped mold; practices: 1. the amount of corn flour and sugar into a large bowl, pour the milk and mix well; the heart-shaped mold dry wash stand; 2. open a small fire; pan put oil into the mold, use a spoon to scoop the right amount of Pour the batter into the mold; 3. fry tortillas, etc. Carefully remove the mold after forming,veste g star pas cher, and finally cooked tortillas fry until golden on both sides can be.

17. Sesame thousands layer cake: Ingredients: 150 grams of flour, sesame paste, sesame oil, the amount; practice: 1. flour, adding the right amount of warm water bunched up into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap Xing twenty minutes; 2. sesame sauce and sesame oil add a pinch of salt to mix; 3. táng good to roll the dough into a rectangle about 0.2 cm thick slices; 4. with a small brush to brush the dough with a thin layer of sesame good tune; 5. Sesame brushed the dough will fold, the edge of the hand by tight; 6. to re-use a rolling pin roll dough folded open; 7. to repeat steps 4 to 6; 8. and then the dough on the rolling brush on the open sesame paste, fold one-third of the dough cases; 9. Finally, dough folded three times, and then a little rolling pin to roll dough folded prescribe; 10. and then a knife to cut into 5 copies; 11. pan put the oil down into the pastry , a small fire after its fried yellow flip side, the middle of the last fry until golden on both sides can be cooked.

18. pork fried mushrooms: Ingredients: Pig meat 400 on the grams, 100 grams of fresh mushrooms, dumpling powder, 300 grams; sauce: egg, ginger, onion, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, chicken powder, starch, the amount of wine; dipping sauce: garlic, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil, the amount; practices: a. Fillings: 1. pork chopped into minced meat, add a little starch grasp uniform, then add the right amount of salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, chicken powder, sesame oil, pepper, playing After the eggs into a stir in one direction to pull its weight, cover with plastic wrap marinated twenty minutes; 2. mushrooms washed, cut into the end of the ginger chopped, onion cut flowers; 3. the mushrooms, ginger and green onion into the marinated minced meat, continue to mix in one direction; II. dumplings: 1. dumpling powder with an appropriate amount of boiling water, stirring with chopsticks into flakes, then add a little cold water (hot and cold water ratio of approximately 1:9) bunched up into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap Xing twenty minutes; 2. táng dough will spread a layer of flour on board the case of rub into strips, then into even smaller sub-agents; 3 . in a small dose of flour sprinkled on the child, and then into a small round flat cake; 4. hand rolling a rolling pin in one hand and pinch the edges of small round cake rotation, will roll into the middle of the thick edge of the thin dumpling skin; 5. will Mix the filling into the dumpling skin Central, pack into dumplings; III. fried dumplings: 1. into the amount of water in the steamer, steam the dumplings on plate, cover and steam for 8 minutes; 2 . pan put oil, add the steamed dumplings, a small fire to fry until golden brown on three sides; IV. dip juice: ginger, chopped garlic, add the right amount of salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil, mix well.

19. Korean spicy cabbage dumplings: Ingredients: Flour 300 grams, 250 grams of lean meat, Korean spicy cabbage 300 grams; Ingredients: egg, ginger, onion, corn starch, raw sauce, sesame oil, pepper, the amount; practices: one. and face: 1. first the right amount of water add flour, stirring with chopsticks into a lump like it; then add a little cold water, rub until the dough is smooth, cover wake up on the plastic wrap for 20 minutes; II. Filling: 1. lean chopped into minced meat, add appropriate amount of starch grasping absorbed, then add the right amount of salt, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, into an egg in one post direction and mix well preserved twenty minutes; 2. South Korea spicy cabbage, chopped green onions, cut flowers, ginger cut into the end; 3. the ginger, green onion and spicy pickled cabbage to join the end of the end of good lean meat in one direction mix methodology; III. Package fried dumpling: 1. to wake up after a good rubbing kneading dough strips; 2. and then into even smaller sub-agents; 3. the small circular rubbing agent after the child sprinkle a layer of flour on the case of hand to press the flat board; 4. and then a rolling pin to roll into dough; 5. take a good amount of filling into the dough preserved central; 6. Fold the dough first, those of the middle and then also were those of the four corners, fried green body to do the work. IV. Frying Pan posted: 1. pan put oil, add fried green body (compact to put a few), a small fire to fry a minute or so; 2. bowl add a little flour, pour a little water, stir into the flour, water; 3. the flour into the pan of water, about one-third the swamp can be fried, covered with lid, a small fire will be The fried yellow .4. to a plate covered in Jianhao fried dumpling, and then pan over and tasty fried dumpling to the plate to complete 啦!

20. IV Hi steamed: Ingredients: 250 grams flour, 350 grams of pork on the meat, leeks 150 grams, 1 egg; ingredients (Sixi): broccoli, corn, carrots, black fungus, the amount; sauce: 80 ml of water, ginger, starch, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, the amount; practices: a. Fillings: 1. pork chopped into minced meat, add a teaspoon of starch grasp uniform, and then graded by adding 80 ml of water, while water side along one direction and stir until the pork to a more viscous mixing, placing ten minutes; 2. then add some salt, pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce and continue stir in one direction, marinated for 20 minutes; 3. chives Wash chopped ginger mince, add the pork filling in, stir in one direction; II. dough and ingredients: 1. fungus bubble in advance, washed, cut into the end; chopped cooked corn kernels, West Orchid, carrots are cut into the end methodology; 2. an egg into the flour, stirring with chopsticks slightly, then add the right amount of water, stir into flakes, then add a small amount of cold water, bunched up into a smooth dough, cover with plastic Xing film twenty minutes; 3. táng good rub strips of dough, and then sub-divided into small doses (usual dose dumplings slightly larger child), the small sub-agent by hand flat, then roll a rolling pin into a thin skinned ; III. dumplings: 1. take the right amount of filling into center of dough, fold both sides of the dough, kneading together the middle; 2. and then both sides of the dough are folded to the middle, the middle part of the pinched together, pay attention to Do not glue the four corners of the dough; 3. and then every two adjacent corners in the middle part of the dough together, kneading, form the four side holes; 4. Finally, within each hole on a decorative ingredients, Sixi steamed the green body to do the work; 5. steamer turn on the water, into the dumplings steam over high heat about 10 minutes.

,свадебное платье из сатина

Women remain unchanged,
Men must change.
Woman to do a thousand faces,
Do not face a woman lead. Women should have Sanrio: beautiful + ability + charm. Not when the three bottles of a woman: vases, vinegar bottles, medicine bottles. There are three U.S. women: beauty, beauty of language,robe ed hardy, spiritual beauty. Do not do three heart woman: at home, rest assured that, sad to think of it, looks sick. To switch women: around the kitchen sink, turn around, Mr.,juicy couture tracksuits grey, around after the kids. Women have four goals: independence of thought, ability alone,veste g star pas cher, transport independence, economic independence. Woman's natural beauty,
And certainly not a natural beauty. Beautiful beauty as precious stones,
Smart woman like a treasure.
Women because there will be thousands of temperament style, thousands of romance. Want to be loved,
First of all to love their own. Love not to see each other's eyes,
But have a common
Goals, ideals, topics, and friends. Easy to get along in love,
Difficult to get along with easy to believe,Ralph Lauren Polo,
Hard to believe that easy to forgive. Walking in the wisdom and the most beautiful woman,beats earphones,
Will have to get into the wisdom of the crowd. Read a lot better than reading ten thousand books, thousands in as teacher directions.

17, Fa 18, difficult to access 19 clown 20, 21, lively, rebellious ; 22, cunning

Can you tell me? In the following message ... ...

,beats earphones, turn in their own space, increased 2 points for their popularity it ... ... ... ... hehe

1, pure 2,robe ed hardy, cold-blooded ; 3, 4, cute, funny ; 5,Ralph Lauren Polo, 6, cold, good as gold 7 for 8, terrible

9,juicy couture tracksuits grey, 10 stable, perfect ; 11, 12, humor,veste g star pas cher, ferocious 13, it is ; bad 14, 15 low-key,свадебное платье из сатина, nerd ; 16, sexy

Care for men - to those know do not know the woman living
sensible since man learned from the strong, growing up is necessary to create a world of their own, resulting in a family, a man's shoulder too much responsibility to bear . Home away from home, busy at both ends, as if there never to be tired. In fact, I would like to say looks like a strong man was very fragile and need a woman's touch.
to consider is that many men, such as career, family face and so forth. In fact, not fare very tired man. Men look strong, the heart is very fragile, like glass, very hard, very easy to break.
life is like a circle, the circle of men and women in the two fish is the yin and yang, clear, always harmonious rotation will not change no matter how it is idealized relationship. Home is backed by a man, a woman is a man's haven,veste g star pas cher, a man struggling in life always have to find a piece of oasis of life, breathing their own tired souls
the needs of men to women is not only physical but also spiritual needs . People, man is to have spiritual needs, for example,robe ed hardy, the ancient capital need to communicate, be loved need of comfort,Ralph Lauren Polo, anger need to cry, grievances need to tell the painful tears of life need to end
men are often in need of anxiety and stress on the need for a good experienced man intended to help the man out of trouble a woman needs a good wife to appease men with motherhood. Oedipus complex of both men and women face the Buddha's words as the spring breeze, the gentle embrace of the rest of the lawn is the man in the desert springs, men as a new life, access to recycling,свадебное платье из сатина, to live is often said that man has created to enrich
But it was a woman a woman educated man.
would like all women to love men, mutual communication,beats earphones, mutual understanding to resolve their hearts with love, unhappiness, as harmonious as the Tai Chi diagram. At that point,juicy couture tracksuits grey, the gap would not have divorced families, Build a warm nest of love, there will be \the emptiness, to defuse the anxiety of man to man the table from the wine, Valentine's side, co-operate casinos warm lira back home, operating a sunset Reaching for a better life.

Believe it or not: to make you beautiful beautiful Proverbs 60 invincible!
1, acne scar is the enemy of beauty, if not Concealer pen, you can use a cotton swab dipped in a little water, some powder coated parts needed, but also can play a good concealer effect.
2, Young made the first consecutive day, down the side turned around and turned around to practice several times the level of rings, and remain upright in life, can cut collar fat off meat and chin.
3, either at home or in the cafeteria to eat, try the weight than you actually want to eat something less Sheng, so that will not be tempted and eating too.
4,beats earphones, the drops of pure essential oils of lavender on the pillow, pajamas or a drop in cotton collar and then tucked the ball under the pillow, make you sleep a beauty sleep.
5, select your favorite essential oil (fruity, floral, fragrant grass) drops in the tissue and the sugar in a sealed jar for at least a week, you will be able to have a unique aromatic sugar.
6, add the spices in the food: olive oil, garlic and fresh black pepper, so delicious to eat when you feel little can be satisfied.
7, in car steering wheel, put a drop of 2 drops of basil, lemon or rosemary essential oils piece of cotton, to prevent car asleep.
8, carry a small bottle of moisturizing spray, not only to moisture, such as the Dance Macabre, or when the hair does not meet the dress to stick in the thigh, you will find it more beauty.
9, even if you use the lock color lipstick, inevitably so confused color of dark wine and food, a touch of clear lip gloss color for lips glow quickly attractive luster, not mutually exclusive with the previous lip.
10, after dinner cup of espresso or cappuccino. Caffeine is a mild appetite suppressant that can help you promote the metabolism.
11, with supple Shu Uemura Moisture Makeup can not only strengthen the emollient Zhexia! 40% of their body fluids close to the deep ocean water composition, make your look fresh and supple.
12, put on mascara always be careful when starting from the lash roots to the direction of James Tippy, fine hairs at the corners to have painted, painted the outside a little mascara you can change out with a cotton swab.
13, each of the different lip gloss colors can be used alone, or reconcile the use of different proportions, and then, or can be superimposed in order to use your lips for the lure of the evolution of more beautiful.
14, train yourself to eat only at meal time. May take 5-10 days to quit snack time, in the process, if the mouth to chew something, try to divert attention.
15, to lose weight to be young, or older, loose skin, slim down once more to form wrinkles.
16, a day no matter how late at night, do remember that in the end of the first week of strengthening the repair period, which is the reconstruction of the endocrine time to eat sleep, whereas the rate of aging will be doubled.
17, do not smoke, smoking can cause premature aging of the skin around the mouth, but also due to less subcutaneous microvascular blood supply, and speed up the wrinkles.
18, both white-collar or blue collar, in the boudoir or the beginning of a wife, as a woman you never Taitailielie, catch. Remember, always a degree; modesty is always the highest grade.
19, self-massage is the hair coup: a finger gently on the scalp Roudong, according to the scalp in the direction of blood flow to the heart, according to his forehead, hairline, temples, neck, head and back of the hair in order.
20,25 age do not care, it will accelerate the aging of skin! But do not spend lots of money investing in expensive skin care products, choose the products of antioxidants have been sufficient, such as C or D can be complex plant extracts.
21, OL because they do not always move the blood back is not smooth, the foot fatigue, so as far as possible use of leisure time walking in the office, often wear comfortable flat shoes, regular foot massage.
22, do not use the hair dryer blowing hair blowing very thorough drying up only the hair root, forming a natural fluffy. And the hair is allowed to dry in a dry state, so that the hair care products will be more convenient.
23, regular tea drinking vegetable juice (celery juice, tomato juice), juice, or potatoes, grains, seaweed and other foods can help detoxification, you can spend two days a week eating only vegetarian food, so good gastrointestinal rest.
24, through the campaign is that many women choose to breast the method, not only breast, but also to prevent sagging and prevent breast cancer.

very important point is to cherish your body. Married women in particular, if you do not pay attention to hygiene or frequent abortions, resulting in adhesion or inflammation, the reproductive system will suffer heavy losses, no matter how difficult to have face Tiaoyang Oh. An ectopic pregnancy may cause the total loss of ovarian function. In another case, the female suspect infertility, with the conservative approach of Chinese medicine nursed back to health and exercise more secure. Do not use fertility drugs to promote Western medicine, in order to strengthen the chances of getting pregnant (some MM want twins), Western medicine can make you a discharge rounds of eggs, but this function is to suppress ovulation after your expense. Do you want to, an organ too hard this month, next month is not to break it. But you can not let it rest Qiuzi eager, ever use of drugs, because even a number of pieces of egg row, we can not guarantee a successful, ovulation drugs can make you a discharge of six eggs, think about the woman's life was 400 , how many months you have to waste ah. By using too much, it will seriously inhibit ovarian function and even premature aging, it is premature, the basis of your youth is gone. As the saying goes there is life there is hope, Chinese often say \Indiscriminate use of ovulation induction drugs, as the \
three women to conserve their water
woman is made of water Well, Lingling face to the water, eyes to be watery. But according to Chinese statement is not raising water, but to Yin. As I said, the woman Peas but not so strong yin yang deficiency, yin yang han not, anger is shown.
fire that water to drink plenty of water good? Otherwise, more will be poisoned water to drink, will not afford the kidney, eyes will be swollen. That is not true element of the gas.
woman body of water, not loss too much. Relative to our bodies, a lot of outside stuff can be counted as anger. For example, have very weird. Bitter salty spicy food, all we need to reconcile with the gas, which is anger. But then, some MM tastes heavier pressure or a bad mood one day, I'm afraid to want, or a bowl of spicy boiled fish in Shaanxi Liangpi happy about. Chinese food is classified in five flavors in the food a taste of the food and really just does not matter, the key is the spices, especially the spices. China's world famous spices, inside a bowl of food, such as allspice, is the cinnamon, star anise, fennel, coriander seeds, pepper and five spice íí, most will then add ginger, onion, garlic, pepper, dried tangerine peel, alas, I have a few unclear of the ... ... these foods taste very heavy loss of our water! If their temperature is not moderate, but especially cold or especially hot dishes to more layer of loss.
also snacks! Those things fried or grilled, are crispy. Fried things people know that fried thing is the process of dehydration. Taste is good enough, but the food off the water into our body, will immediately absorb the water in the body, so eat a lot of you feel thirsty. In fact, it is not absorbed by water, but in the body fluid. I understand that is a kind of mucus, and water is the same as incomplete.
and our feelings, if not quiet, peaceful, but the anger, depression, sadness, ecstasy, wonder what it does in the workplace, but we have to use the body in the air to neutralize it.
all comes down to this water in our bodies, but in everything, but the degree is in the conservation of it, eating light that peace with that. Those mild taste is not too heavy, fresh food without too many spices are very nice. With mucus (colloid) are particularly good things, such as trotters (stew like, spicy forget), frozen fish (frozen fish scales), plastic flowers (that is, the swim bladder of fish), white fungus, chicken cartilage, shark's fin. Light soup tastes better because it will stay longer in the body, and will not be excreted as water too quickly. Women are nourishing it, this can be nothing wrong ah. Also, drink plenty of water in air conditioning or room humidifier.

four, UP, is the upward force
actress Josephine Siao recalled a man named, said a woman, ah, is over 40, in addition to age up the long, everything in the fall down. Oh horror of our skin, internal organs, Mimi, buttocks are always under gravity, DOWNDOWN, 55555 ... ... my family tree on the balcony, one to the leaves in spring, to steaming to the Upward Proton. An article written a book that plants, plants rooted deep in the earth, it can land the deepest life force energy has been put on the clouds. Within the human body has such vitality, can partially offset the effects of gravity. compared to the skin and Mimi
fact, earlier prolapse is our viscera, offal is not much supported. Middle-aged fat woman easy savings and physiological relevant, but the middle-aged men also president of a beer belly. Some belly fat, more should have been the internal organs of the upper falls, his stomach becomes particularly great. Without the support of the ribs, I'm afraid some people will be hanging it with heart and lung. Women also have this, supposedly, only the fat of the abdomen should be soft, but many people who gain weight, small belly is hard and that is down because of internal organs, intestines squeezed reasons. MM are not only concerned about the surface of martial arts, so that the health of internal organs to keep up the attitude, the rest of the face and body will be straight.
regular abdominal massage the abdomen to maintain vitality, the most recommended abdominal breathing of yoga. Very simple, whenever possible, focus on your breathing, abdominal breathing to swell, the belly breath so close. Bedtime or when waiting for the bus a few minutes of exercise, abdomen can get a good touch. Hand massage is a force, but with their own flavor to mobilize the body strength. There is also a simple enhanced: empty stomach, legs and shoulder stand, can be slightly curved legs, try to breath out while trying inward flat belly, put up the same breath, insist on a moment, will naturally inward tight anus closed, jaw affixed to the sternum, and then slowly inhale, return to normal until the lower abdomen. This action tiring, like three times a start, and gradually add five times. Always done, the extent of adduction of the lower abdomen will become increasingly large, massage internal organs to get better, intestinal dirt from the body more effectively, waist, digestion will become better.
standing or lying down when the pressure often lower my eyes, your own belly, but also can eliminate up gas, oil and eliminate waste in the intestines. Their energy use to exclude these things. And the different diet pills, your body is to know what they should excretion, drug do not know, it will in the body of water with good things such as take out, and body fat savings environment does not improve, will soon pile up .
With a vibrant internal organs, skin, have sufficient flexibility to offset the downward gravity, after the protrusion is not ambiguous where Alice.

seven, goes into your mouth and wipe the face of
put on the face of all my stuff is saved from his mouth, you can wipe a lot of things, but we face neifu internal organs relative to only a peripheral organs, can not let it be too tired, can not stimulate it all day.
milk: drink a lot of tricks, rose, ginger, and longan, and almonds in a variety of tea, bananas, strawberries, papaya, tomato, a variety of milkshakes, a Canadian province, a paper membrane to attaining. Milk is attaining super nice. Can be white, calm the skin, especially after the summer sun and restore skin moisture. Milk containing milk acid, mild acid than cosmetics. Attaining a must in the evening, the day was drying off and then president of attaining a mark. Ordinary milk in winter, summer, skimmed milk, but milk fat acids in milk, the effect of skim milk is not whole milk so good. My compromise is to make their own half-fat milk: the milk in the microwave, cooled to form the top layer of clothing, that is, fat can be removed torn off a part of it fat. Every one will be exposing a layer of milk fat was essentially free. So you can control the amount of milk fat, milk attaining not long Peas, is secret Oh.
honey: sugar is more heat, and eat dessert, you can drink sugar instead of hot, cold is the honey. Honey is not bad, it in itself inhibit bacterial growth. Gastric ulcer in the stomach to drink it form a protective film, so that the protection of local ulceration. Similarly, skin care honey can inhibit the growth of skin bacteria, with honey attaining a more simple, even the paper membrane are saved, by the way you can use it to massage the lips, hands and feet, so they get a little special care.
olive oil: olive oil to soften skin. Home spa drip a little olive oil spray, used to head hair, hair hard and dry, spray after become supple, but also to prevent sunburn hair. Olive oil can also be put on the body, hand to hand has been of foot, it does not imagine greasy, hand washed with hot water after completing a while just fine. In the summer, the first wipe, and then shower. Olive oil to soften the skin better than any lotion I've used.
pearl powder: Victoria B and calcium is a super combination of (Amway is calcium tablets Victoria B's), and pearl powder is the dimension of the perfect combination of B and calcium. When people in the mental stress and vitamin B, calcium excretion also sped up. So whether it is working too tired, premenstrual tension, or coffee, should be also added two stuff. Dimension B on the skin of the lack of large, can cause infections difficult to heal (mouth ulcers or skin infections) and peeling (hands and feet of the dander or dandruff). There are other benefits of pearl powder: MM on the computer can look at eyesight, poor sleep, MM can soothe the nerves of the skin or other parts can be hot drug detoxification, to me this woman it can tocolysis belly. Just buy the real pearl powder, not a shell powder!
beer: in front of said dimension B will be missing from the dander, and brewer's yeast contains a lot of dimension B, so drink the remaining beer can be used to wash your hair. Hair soaked with water, then topped with beer, with a towel wrapped over a very kind of normal procedure and then wash your hair enough. O'Neill has previously used beer shampoo felt very good, and now can not find it.
pollen: vitamin content of food in the most complete two most abundant is the pollen and mushrooms, so under normal circumstances, do not eat the pollen has more vitamin supplements. Pollen is the plant's sperm, ah, with a lot of nucleic acid, nucleic acid is the best source of food. Want to eat a baby, MM Oh, sure you can pass on good genes. Pollen contains trace hormones, however, do not eat any more after pregnancy. Pollen generally have a layer of pollen wall surface, not break it, which can not absorb nutrition to. So it's time to brew a little hot water, and use a spoon to drink them all crushed.

I am a woman, a woman doing the more pure, skin and body, the better, no one can keep a woman into menopause, the girl looks like. Three inches below the belly button, after the land is a beautiful garden, ask yourself: Is there inflammation? There is no dysmenorrhea? There is no mass and blockage? Married women are not difficult, as long as one, they are the skin of the killer, with a number of cosmetics, to no avail.
needs of our back garden how to protect it?
one woman can not make your cold cold
the root of all trouble. Poor woman cold blood, cold hands and feet, and dysmenorrhea. Poor blood, facial spots on the president, the body's energy can not moisturize the skin, the skin does not get angry, so many women, like perfect skin like fine china, but he is not young, the false feeling; and some young woman, no matter how long bean Bean is still very alive. Even more frightening is that our reproductive system is the most cold-blooded, cold once the constitution, it will select the length of more fat to insulation, our chairman of fat, under the navel. Once sufficient blood warm, these fat no longer necessary, automatically will be vanished.
woman body cold, cold hands and feet easily and dysmenorrhea is a common phenomenon. Now more common:
First, MM their diet, eating only vegetables and fruit, for fear of fat did not dare eat red meat, and vegetables and fruits, the majority of the cold. In fact, red meat is a woman's surname boon, especially beef and lamb, all with a lot of iron, can effectively avoid anemia. MM anemia naturally pale face.
second, MM are mostly white-collar workers, to work every day sitting and watching the computer, watching TV after work backwards, wearing high heels are really not suitable for hyperactivity. GG'll pick out on a date, buy a gym does not take twice a year. Because sitting too much silt in the lower abdomen all the blood. Sweep the flow of blood is not always the backlog in our pelvis, how can you not long pelvic inflammation. Once the inflammation, his face will naturally turn yellow and spot. Even Buzhi Yu inflammation, blocking the blood does not flow in the capillaries in the skin, it will color unevenly.
third, MM their beauty, with the recoil underwear to gird tightly, in fact, with no point. Beam too tightly, your reproductive system is no blood supply, the more cold, cold for long more fleshy. Now that winter is popular skirt ah, here is a thin sock, the entire lower body is cold, cold starting from the foot of the Well.
there, MM who love to eat ice, in order not to drink more herbal tea Health and acne. In fact, a woman afraid of the cold, it is best to avoid contact with the cold medicine. Doudou in the long yang too many people are not busy, but because of deficiency, yin can not Han Yang, and its loss of the yang, yin is more appropriate than (later to say this.) I have observed, drinking herbal tea and more southern provinces such as Guangdong and Guangxi, the woman behind the growth of the more serious case of Minister of plaque (fat after birth is not completed on the yard, is the reproductive system reproductive success had a wound,juicy couture tracksuits grey, inflammation, not smooth and restore the system more vulnerable to cold requires more fat protection). Even the ancient prostitutes, in order to effective contraception will take cold in traditional Chinese medicine, we can see these drugs on the reproductive system damage. In the herbal tea, some yin qi, it can take, but of too cold, can not be used, such as aloe vera MM popular raw food, this is terror, the most effective ingredients of aloe emodin, is extremely cold , topical aloe vera can cure burns (like Centipede), we can imagine how cold it is, nothing or eat better.
Oh, that so much, we do not do is to cool beauty, eat red meat, ginger, red dates, animal blood, rice wine, cherry ... ... In short, the iron-rich or something more moderate; some good stuff like white fungus, lemon, bamboo shoots and what not to eat during menstruation; always pay attention to insulation, do not drink too much ice things, drink hot drinks; do not stay in air conditioning room and old, and do not want to grace not to temperature, cool autumn has also Lu Qizhuang wear. Winter is the best foam insulation of hot water, do not save gas, Paoshang thirty minutes in hot water, plus massage, and then the body will heat the cold. Can not bath feet is required. Re not on the day holding a cup of hot water, hot water bottle embrace, cold woman is perfectly justified.
course,Ralph Lauren Polo, it is best to take the initiative to make their own warm up, too much strenuous exercise is not conducive to weight loss, the most effective is the waist and abdomen and inner thighs stretching movements, such as stretching up in the morning, around the waist, in short, is the waist focus on movement, not too short, otherwise one will be more blood to stop silt set in waist. Very effective gentle yoga, Latin dance is also good. But I also recommend yoga, because yoga is more emphasis on breathing, blood gas line to line.
there is to pay attention to taking some blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine and food. This should be very careful, not everyone has the gore, blood had even, it will damage the body, such as excessive menstrual flow caused. Therefore, the amount of MM and according to menstrual blood viscosity, there are no spots on his face to judge. Blood circulation category of traditional Chinese medicine are: Motherwort, peach, peach kernel, safflower, which is ranked from mild to severe, the more back the more powerful, I suggest eating the first two on the line. May be taking tea (hot tea), peach sparkling wine with a more effective, and the tea and wine can also be used to wipe her face to face spots.
Second, the woman speaking to women hormone
really sorry ah, from the first period to menopause, the egg is more than 400 stars, really is a small one, so run out, we as the fate of Little Miss also basically over, and just try to make a graceful old lady. Each time the process of ovulation is a hormone metabolism, hormone levels are normal woman, his face ruddy and delicate. Metabolism bad woman, face a variety of problems will appear, every time I check in the hospital, peep those to treat gynecological diseases of women, his face sallow face one spot, all bear.
course, too many bad hormones and sometimes the result of too much hormone really is particularly good skin, I know a woman more than 40 years old girl has a beautiful face, then that is a serious illness will be forced to use hormone therapy so, the consequences are caused by the proliferation of breast and uterus, which is too extreme. Is one such artificial hormones, natural hormones is different, many have two-way adjustment function, can inhibit the hormone too. Therefore, I oppose the use of synthetic hormones, plus I also nervous in cosmetics. Some claim that advanced cosmetic natural plant hormones added, did not personally see a little disbelief.
had Well, a lot of stuff with natural hormones, do not eat more finished Well, I look out Oh: soy, pomegranate, Chinese yam, angelica, fennel, Xueha, royal jelly ... ... the most effective and efficient is to drink soy milk, because soy contains trace two-way adjustment function of estrogen, and cheap can be a drink.

If you are a girl: If you do not have the patience to read, save the next, or it'll have time to look at it!

ten, fertilizers, manure
retting process, not afraid to spend money trouble, the family with a child shell, ash, do not eat fish gills intestine, Taomi Shui, retting something out of a mug foul to water gardens. Now we can not eat this kind of out of the dishes are out of fertilizer reminder.
who is also out of fertilizer reminder to hand chewing gum, for example, ingredients: xylitol, maltitol, gum base, D-mannitol, spices, gum arabic, glycerin, gelatin, carnauba wax, emulsifiers, sweet element (containing phenylalanine), lemon yellow, indigo, antioxidants ... ... MM can have snacks Take a look at its list of ingredients, you will see those spots on your face is where he comes from, from the metabolism of some of our body can not completely to waste.
human body is the food from the natural environment to get adequate nutrition. But if we all industrial products from agricultural products rather than access to nutrition, food processing companies how to survive? So they advertise and even change the concept of our nutrition, so we think that after numerous processed foods to more than just the stuff off the ground better.
In fact, what we have to leave the land for the maintenance of the longer, the worse its effects. Chinese medicine in the beauty secret, is to emphasize a lot of time-sensitive. Such as \backyard, they are off to be used in our face, is likely to have experienced hundreds of procedures and a number of years apart.
rice wine is a good thing, especially in winter, it can make the spleen and stomach, lung benefits. Gas temperature can be raised, upright strong, the body will warm. In the winter to add some red dates, longan, peanuts, blood is simply a prime breast side. But the good rice wine, can not buy in the supermarket. Hours Homebrew glutinous rice wine, several kilograms of rice wine was a pound of it. Count the supermarket and a bottle of wine only a few dollars, plus a lot of sugar, not the few grains of rice. Home Methods: steamed glutinous rice and let cool, mix some wine and song, and then dug a hole the middle (the wine is infiltration into the hole), with a blanket to wrap the jars, put wine to float a few days out. If Riga Ligustrum lucidum or wolfberry wine, is the daughter wine.

25, at home and bath oils can be added, such as lemon grass 3 drops Marjoram 3 drops + + 3 drops of rosemary can be removed stool toxins.
26, while movement time to add water, you can drink water or green tea, but not drink carbonated beverages, printing of the sports drinks will affect the movement detoxification effect, be alert!
27, If you love sugar, it is best to eat less chocolate, candy these simple sugars, eat fruit or starch as polysaccharide, one can reduce the physical burden to the other, to achieve the purpose of the carbohydrate.
28, the 3 spoons of brown sugar and heat until dissolved when the flame to the viscous, cooled to 15 degrees applied to wash the face after 15 to-30 minutes after the wash, 2 times per week, which is Japan's most IN beauty method.
29,свадебное платье из сатина, maintain a healthy nail to eat zinc, iron and essential fatty acids in food; such as lean meat, eggs and so on. Dry weather often used when a number of professional foot cream to keep the foot moist and tender.
30, let feet breathe, is a good way to prevent foot odor. If a company allows, you can put a pair of slippers in the office, if not, while on the toilet, from about shoes, let feet breathe.
31, night cream containing the acid in many, A acid composition, because of its high light sensitivity and absorb light, does not apply during the day. Such as the popular lemon, citrus and other fruit acid whitening effect, certainly not during the day.
32, weight loss is to never eat less hyperactivity. If you want an emergency thinner, eat dinner, the best vegetable soup or a small pot, Wu Shi sweet drinks or snacks, smaller meals a few days later, face at least a little tip.
33, if skin allergies or unexplained red dot, then should enhance moisturizing lotion can be no alcohol wet compress the affected area, apply a little less oily moisture condensation.
34, with eyes everywhere you can buy foam pillow and then ice water to hot water, alternating cold-hot in the eye a few minutes, remove the temporary eye puffiness.
35, after applying hand cream, hand dipped in hot water, dry your hands again after a few minutes, then cover layer, which hands will become warm and soft, hand to prevent the aging effect of varying roughness .
36, drinking or lack of sleep will make your eyes look very tired, bloodshot, drop a drop or two on the fatigue effects of eye drops with ease, can relieve symptoms of ocular capillary congestion.
37, painted with the colors on the pencil in the arm, with the eyebrow brush dipped in color, evenly brush the eyebrows, you will be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural soft makeup effects.
38, the slightly damp makeup sponge into the refrigerator after a few minutes, then wipe the sponge a good shot at the foundation of the skin, especially your skin will feel fresh, make-up also seems to be particularly refreshing.
39, plus a small amount of mild shampoo hair conditioner can be used to clean the brushes, make a soft brush; detergent diluted with warm water the old eyebrow brush, eyebrow brush to make the best way to be reinstated.
40, if you are wearing a hyperopic glasses, lenses will enlarge the eyes and make-up, this time should be selected dim eye color; wearing glasses make your eyes look small, should use bright colors.
41, if you want shiny, you can try pure red lip gloss. This important color, your face will become magnetic, in many important occasions are successful women's favorite.
42, the morning drink a cup of fasting SJ Zaohua honey or honey, can prevent wrinkles, but also detoxification, long-standing cosmetic effect is very obvious.
43, 15-20 minutes a day chewing gum helps to beauty, it is because chewing can promote the facial muscles, improve blood circulation, improve skin cell metabolism.
44, if there is no stomach problems, especially for women green tea and oolong tea, tea is the most natural, most effective weight loss agent, and then nothing more than tea, the elimination of intestinal fat.

nine, a tree flowers
two years ago bought a potted plant, very beautiful. Can take home began to decline soon, only a week and spent the whole off the light, the leaves are yellow. Experienced people say that this flower is a hormone spray, in order to sell a good friend, they may only cut down the flowers inserted into the basin, the following is not the root.
I can not verify these claims in the past year to use every means necessary to buy a flower to flower fertilizer spraying. This flower has withered withered land. Until one day, The family of a dead fish, and I buried it under the flowers. Hot days, and the opportunity to change the water the fish are also more expensive fish in the toilet all this flower, this spring, flower suddenly opened one, then the same as Mars, call a full pull.
If it is not gardening, I do not understand how a woman should take good care of themselves. After 25 years I tried various brands of skin care products, strikes me most is a series VICKY whitening essence, a severe allergic reaction after using the skin, blisters. It turned out that this series to join the East is? Acid (also called kojic acid), is a by-product of soy sauce, when, in the scientific community is widely suspected to be induced skin cancer. Later, the multi tried SKII Essence, exhausted after a long look of beans.
friends suffered by the modern beauty, in an upscale skin care salon, remember the fall, her skin is very moist, red and tender, I relented. Can be to the following spring, her face serious allergies, red face, a white one also peeling. Dermatology is now registered in the hospital all year round, as long as the withdrawal soon turned into a big painted face.
I think we simply were sprayed with hormones to discuss a sell-phase flowers. Like plants, people understand, to bloom lasting fertility of the land will have enough to support those in the bud on the point that you can immediately pharmaceutical flower, a flower to wither disabled.
friend gave me so SKII whitening mask, said super-effective, used a lot of white skin immediately, and I heard did not dare to use.

the water body and the metabolism of certain smooth enough. Water retention in the body fat will appear as if a layer of more fleshy, round face swelling, swollen eyelids. MM usually deposited by ice or tea leaves eyes. It is only a temporary strategy for. Body of water retention in the kidney and lymphatic problems. Intake may also be caused by too much food with high salt. Many diet pills contain diuretics ingredients, but also to exclude the main body of water, will increase the burden on the heart, causing adverse consequences.
solve many ways, such as low-salt diet, or massage lymphatic and kidney. The body's lymphatic concentrated in the neck, armpit, thigh. Bath at night add some soothing oil massage to these areas, or lower back massage rub hands to promote blood circulation of the kidney.
there is a therapeutic method, taking the melon. Cut off the skin, the flesh and seeds labeled with juice in blender (must use seeds, the most effective is that it), in the pot, and so become sticky juice, add sugar and cook for a while, after cooling condensate into one. Eat is the amount of tea with a spoonful of drink. This is really a super summer drink waste clean-up the kidney, or a good way to remove excess water. Your little face will become very strong, small waist is Oh.

said that women in Japan later menopause than Western women taking soy products is the result of a lot. I can attest, since bought a soya drink a large glass every day, the period extended to 35 days. Normal female is 28 days to go. I have stolen every month, 7 days ovulation if I still have 200 opportunities to fight for their 1400 days, almost 4 years.
here to make one, the cycle is not better. Because genital lesions or if there is relatively weak, the menstrual cycle is too long, long time without genital stimulation of normal hormone cycles will premature aging. So once a few months to make the MM do not think that can not go to extremes.
According to the survey before the age of 40 women taking soy enough. After 40 years of age or royal jelly can be added Hashima (number of animals of the East is terrible). Xueha taste good, now you can eat like once a week, make the skin more good stuff but the president of the uterus. Royal jelly to 40 years of age can begin to drink, and can alleviate symptoms of menopause and menopause extension. Milk and royal jelly can be topical, raw milk can be used to make fresh water mask,veste g star pas cher, dregs can be used to massage the body scrub, royal jelly can also be facial, cheaper than natural cosmetics are very nice.

eight, Yin Yin
we say, in fact, is relative to the different visceral anger said. Tempers different people in different places, some big stomach fire, heartburn, bad breath; some people anger Wang, temper all day; also some pulmonary fire, heat cough. But I think most of the MM have nothing sick, just a temporary imbalance in the body, there is a little bit of anger fills no need to mess medication. I do not agree to what the fire was busy all day, so the body it really lit the fire again. It is difficult to grasp the scale, been to, and was too cold and stomach injuries. Usually the best light varied diet, emotions do not go to extremes, the heart level for the gas to level.
Yin lot of things, as we have drunk of the wolfberry, nourish liver and kidney. Wolfberry root, after the system is too Rehmannia is Liu Wei Di Huang Wan of the main ingredients. I do not eat Liuweidihuangwan because medicine is a three-drug, it is better when you put a little wolfberry in the porridge. Another example is bitter to Firelight, the South in the summer, it often soup, or drink pineapple juice labeled as bitter melon.
there are many: Tremella, donkey-hide gelatin, Fructus Mori Albae, Ligustrum lucidum, Polygonatum, duck eggs, sugar, ginseng, duck, lily, squid, lotus seeds, coconut and coconut milk.
bird's nest, very nutritious. Yin Yin Ye that nourish the body. Swallow the saliva nests is, after condensation into gel, used to protect Xiaoyan. Once picked, my mother had to swallow and then spit, that there is no saliva, it will ┬ blood, that is, people think the most nutritious Nest.
Xueha, the Northeast is one kind of frog's fallopian tubes, and the effect is similar to bird's nest, but Xueha with hormones, as bird's nest sexual level. If you eat once a week, a small amount of hormone is good, generally increases with Xueha stew coconut milk, coconut milk is relatively cool, so there will be no problem.
hand, if we have to get angry, go nourishing, it is better not get angry from the outset, the modern easy to get angry or stressed, because eating too much grain and too little weird too rich manufactures. In fact, corn is a healthy atmosphere to complement the gas is the best.

six, eat the full flavor of the food
now do not know why things have grown so large, cut a small piece can full. Variety is also greatly enriched. Some people also dedicated a small portion of food to eat, such as eating fish lips, duck tongue, sin ah.
a complete food, energy and utility is complete, separated not so different story. Such as eggs, protein is cold in nature, the yolk is warm, add up to eating, sexual level. Lychee is the most heat, the litchi skin is cool, so I taste lychees approach is to eat enough of this, then let's clean some skin to make tea to drink. Eat a lot of oranges at the fire, but the orange peel but can heat phlegm. Rough or even suggest that you eat raw food, is to ensure that certain parts of the food has not been removed. We are now eating rice, rice germ was basically removed. Then made of rice cake, basically that there is no one useful things.
Sometimes those things we throw away more good than eat. We do not know why they eat the food. Such as corn, corn in the beauty effect is the most corn germ, corn cob is that close to a small semi-circular thing, which is rich in vitamin E, and we spend big money to buy wheat germ oil to eat is an effect. I eat corn super awkward, is to ensure that those who left out the small germ. Besides fish thrown away the scales, in fact, contain a large number of collagen in fish scales, fish scales and bones of boiled fish, the fish frozen, freeze better than leather. Grape skin and seeds more useful than the flesh, but we eat the flesh, spit out the skin and seeds, grape seed extract and then spend money on beauty has always been. In fact, buy the market raisins with seeds, dried seeds inside, crunchy, good food, but also laxative, treatment of allergies. Cheap stuff may be MM if they feel ill-treated his own face it.
go to a restaurant for dinner, more death, no matter what the cuisine, a lot of oil, salt and condiments, completely overshadowed the flavor of food. MM recommended to eat whole food, eat a little food, STRING small sesame fish shrimp, their energy is the most complete.
hate ah, everywhere are doing the advertising vitamins, like vitamin is not modern people do not eat. There are a lot of strange food. Eat, or eat? I feel I can eat a little bit, but three principles: First, you have to understand why eating; second, the food does not meet the needs of the situation before eating. Third, do not eat a lot.
pills do not care who you sell it, he tells you is the million drug vitamins and minerals, who are good to eat. And sell you complex vitamins, you will plan a easy way out. Excuse me if the lack of anything, you should consider is a change in diet was.
selling vitamins will also tell you a lot of nutrition is not absorbed from food, this is definitely a lie! Human food is based on the evolution of the existing over, our body adapt to the existing food environment, if not meet, we should have become extinct as the dinosaur is.
try to get enough vitamins from food, but sometimes our bodies will be some special circumstances: for example, feelings of tension, the body will be a substantial peacekeeping B metabolism, in order to ease the pressure we can add dimension B. For a woman syndrome, premenstrual tension, stress big time, and the coffee woman. Dimension C can be effective in preventing sun burns the skin, exposure or after the summer came back from the coast, you can add extra dimension C. When calcium, adding dimension to D, but at the same time more than the sun. Early pregnancy or miscarriage for pregnant can add dimension E (prescription). Vitamin supplement little more than some big, water-soluble vitamins such as B, C, up to eat a lot of yellow urine, and Latin America point of belly bulge. And some more will make poisoning, such as fat-soluble A, D, E or to listen to the doctor. Distinguish between the two is very simple, that is water-soluble tablets and capsules in general is fat soluble. In fact, less medicine better than oral supplement that pollen Victoria B, Victoria C than fill lemon bubble tea, as to be regarded as a dimension of beauty products St. E, eat corn, sesame seeds to make up the.

five, dieting to lose weight? Do it!
my digestive system is simply a strong metal melts, and fear of fat that point what to do. Metabolism of normal people will have the best looking body. Breast waist Buttocks fertility is e good performance, as to how to maintain good fertility in front of all said that. Grow out of food from the earth, with enormous energy from the soil, I planted onions, parsley chives, cut rounds, my husband said no wonder the leek than as revolutionaries, the revolutionaries are endless killing , ha ha ~
However, very particular about the way to eat the food, most people only consider the nutrition in food, in fact, there are invisible energy that we UP, let's not stuck in the blood of a place the kind of energy.
First of all, the season should be to eat the food, and now I almost do not seasonal, because selling vegetables and fruit all year round, we eat in the summer should only produce food for the winter, our bodies and nature the subtle relationship between to cut off. Seasonal food is often the best response to the seasonal changes in the body. Over the past winter eat eat Luobu Xia ginger, spring onions to eat grasses and summer, large eat melon, is very justified. Although
summer heat, but the yang in the table, the chi, the visceral side is a cold, easy to diarrhea, so eating Nuanwei ginger; winter yang adduction, internal organs but is dry and hot, and eat Loeb Qing Wei Huo. Again, I eat meat, but not eat the same meat every season, fall and winter I eat a lot of red meat, to the spring and summer, eat more fish and duck. If we are to you eat, regardless of the season, may need to clear the fire Shique eat hot kiss of death. Moreover, there are a lot of-season vegetables, plus the chemical composition, what sweeteners leavening agent, like a beautiful but no taste, chemical residues accumulate in the body, damage our liver and kidney. Chemistry stuff too much, they are so heavy the task of detoxification ah.
say region, a local eating habits and customs related to its climate, hi hot place, or are generally humid areas prone to food poisoning. Do not eat much spicy Sichuan girls get angry, because Sichuan humid. However, fatal to the dry north, eat Sichuan food, had no water addition point of re-wet, not long Peas strange. Mexico and India also spicy food is hot because those places, except intestinal parasites can be more spicy. We do not eat worms, alas, are bad in that mouth on.

very ordinary sesame green beans beauty ah, if you eat the green beans and sesame paste cake did not add too much sugar and preservatives. As for who knows it is not added. Well-industrial society is the case. MM also believe that if the natural stuff, but also their own compost material a try.
Q: Zhangdou
MM not dare to eat for fear of long beans, red meat is very common, they all feel the heat of red meat. If you do not like the meat itself can not eat, iron supplementation in other ways also. Eat more fruits such as dark red, cherry, strawberry, mulberry, red dates. Light fruit body temperature is too low, do not be afraid of adding too much red meat hot spices, like stew. Better add some vegetables such as carrot roast beef, lamb hot pot while eating tofu and cabbage. There are many possible
long beans, if the hormone, you can drink milk made with milk mask; special period made beans, drink some Motherwort of blood stasis; for pressure, eat rich in vitamin B and calcium food. Too hot in the day, attaining for sterilization of water with honey (honey let not bad in itself to sterilization), pearl powder can also remove facial oils rich in vitamin B. There will be no side effects.
Do not eat too much too cold things, like the turtle cake itself is Yin Ling's good stuff, but eat too much, or eat too much ice will damage the spleen and stomach. Once a small bowl and eat the cool autumn on the line. Cold hands and feet, and beans are also eliminate the old mark not, indicating that there is congestion in vivo, in the period before and after a certain warm, eat warm things. Stomach is not a very good MM, when you can make stew plus barley, or pressed into the mud to eat steamed barley can be nursed back to health the spleen and stomach. Barley, large pores and dark spots to improve effective.
thirty long after the so-called Mature beans, not Qingchun Dou. Qingchun Dou is caused by sebaceous glands secrete a strong, our endocrine there is generally caused by small non-stressed, a lot of activities in the pelvis, so that the blood throughout the lower abdomen smooth, such as the hips, thighs shaking hips or stretched ligaments, have contributed to this site blood circulation. There are two types
Peas, stomach Yun-heat type, Peas red, attack wide areas, and can be out of powder, dry mouth and constipation, toothache, bad breath simultaneously embolism; blood stasis type, color Peas dark red or purple, menstrual exacerbations.
Q: fruit vs. juice
only lazy women, no ugly. Seriously in favor of this sentence.
Summer is coming, supermarket promotions Coke crazy, Hedy, Huiyuan juice. But I own freshly squeezed orange juice to drink. See the bright morning sun, drink a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Sour taste with a special rich-dimensional C, can calm inflammation, whitening skin. Dimension C is very easy to be broken, and only their own freshly squeezed orange juice to be effective Oh. In short the more sun the greater the acid drink, drink iced tea when fierce add to lemon juice.
Spring is the season of rising yang, a winter's accumulation of heat to be distributed out. Warm weather suddenly turns hot, the body is easy disorders, skin allergies from the beans is easy. Rich in vitamin B, C of fresh fruits and vegetables can enhance the skin's resistance to sunlight and allergens. MM this season because the sun will play some small spots on them \With lemon juice and other acidic stuff to do mask, be careful in the spring, because spring skin too sensitive.
all fresh fruit market are pressing the drink. Tomato cucumber juice with a little rose is super whitening drinks. Pineapple juice (add a little salt when squeezed) not only tastes better, and bromelain to help digestion, while the guilt of eating the fleshy,robe ed hardy, MM is the savior. Ye Hao papaya, papaya contains papain and papaya enzymes to help digestion and break down fat, white breast Oh ~
Some may say, do not eat the fruit directly on the end, doing it effortlessly labeled as juice. Fruits generally strong sense of satiety, eating two fruits on the full stomach, and labeled as fruit juice to drink more, do not increase the burden on the stomach. You can also process a variety of fruit juices with the compound.
Q: milk
made the best supermarket in the sugar too much. Their system can add rock sugar, rock sugar than white sugar moist. There are other benefits of home-made, would like to add some kidney beans, peanuts can be added to the blood, but also make almond tea. Lungs and cough can drink this autumn.
Q: hot tea, hot tea
reason only that it is afraid of everyone in the hot and dry weather to drink herbal tea and iced tea when greed. Speaking of thirst, hot tea better. Hot the gastrointestinal function almost normally, and then things are on ice damage and stomach. Drink hot tea is not enough time feeling carefree, but after the body is thirsty. In fact, tea will warm the food in the East quickly run to effectively throughout the body, iced tea no such effect.
Recommended: Mangosteen a small, rose flowers 3-5, 3-5 pieces red dates, wolfberry 10. Hot brew,
this pot of tea, the Mangosteen Qingre the lung, cooling, clearing the lungs relax and thirst; although there are sweet and calorie-free; dates spleen and stomach, qi and blood; wolfberry eyesight, nourish liver and kidney; roses blood to regulate menstruation, liver and qi. A cup of hot tea when you'll feel the hot summer day, sweat on his forehead immediately.
morning drink salt water without high blood pressure or kidney problems, drink salt water just as well. A little light on the line as far as possible. Salt water can remove toxins and anger stomach. Constipation to eat sweet potato is very effective.
Q: spot
spots now generally corresponds to the uterus of the problem and cheekbone on the length of the relevant spots and liver qi stagnation. Near the nose and mouth if the anger is relatively large stomach.
Q: Wei Huo Wei Huo large
Notional. Eat real good fire performance of hunger, abdominal discomfort, mouth pain, dry mouth, dry hard stool. Available gardenia, and light bamboo tea to drink. Virtual fire showed a slight cough, eating less, constipation, abdominal distension, red tongue, little coating, can eat the role of a Yin and pear juice, sugar cane juice, honey. Well done to the Bu Zhiyu to the extent of medication, diet to restore like. Xin few popular irritation, and fried food, eat light food and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Q: yellow skin, uneven color, eye corner spot, cold hands and feet, dry skin, liver and kidney function
color yellow that is not busy; eye spots corresponding to poor uterine breath; cold hands and feet is a common problem MM; Comparison of the reproductive system is generally cold; qi energy in the body can not reach not General skin, the skin will be drier. Skin is only a peripheral, which corresponds to the vitality of internal organs.
nursed back to health reproductive system is a whole thing, not to eat a little food or medicine on the line. Exercise, diet and lifestyle have a relationship. Once nursed back to health is good, it's not just a good location, ovaries, pelvic, uterus and other organs will be correspondingly better, the skin is the elimination of all kinds of side effect problems. Objectively speaking, to seek immediate cure only eat one or two drugs or a spot at the Bean is not possible, the human body is a loss for both parts of a prosperity.
Q: special period pain
fighting weapon, is ginger.
Many people may have tried ginger in pain when drinking it. Drink one or two results are not necessarily obvious. Ginger is the best warm body, and not as drink as Motherwort have side effects. Must be ginger, in the sense that the days are coming, or when to eat the first day of pain. Whittled the ginger slices (ginger skin must be retained), as a few more films, The spicier the better, add a few tablespoons of brown sugar. Do not be afraid of high heat, a woman can be a lot of sugar during this period and will not be fat. Can add some red dates and longan. With boiling water and soak ginger tea. Drink hot ginger tea to be effective. Cup brown sugar if not available then soak time, the two cup sinks, will drink Chuyishenhan, the pain can be immediately reduced. The key point to be enough ginger tea to be hot enough.
woman taking care of their own is very important to take good care hope to help the lovely female alumni.

45, when you apply cream, out of a group smaller than usual rubbing with the palms open warm, which is more easily spread lotion on the skin.
46, from 25 years of age, the average annual increase of half a pound of fat you are, especially in the face and neck. Regular sex life can enhance the physical ability to breathe, bringing more oxygen to the skin
47, in the use of wet skin moisturizing agent, humectant can produce the best results, because they can help conserve moisture for the skin quickly humidification.
48, around the eyes to be very careful when you apply make, because it particularly delicate parts of the organization, not a pull or tear of the action, which would loosen the skin of the eye.
49, the night is the best time to deal with acne, skin experts believe that oil control containing antibacterial ingredients and components (such as zinc) to care and skin care products, it is possible to make it disappear overnight.
50, attached to the party if the day should be between the two parties to arrange a health conscious snacks to cold, steamed, or boiled green leafy vegetables.
51, as long as you think fit a certain period of time, it is your exercise reasonable time, which fully take in when you want interest in sports. The key is to keep watching.
52, every night when the neck painted skin care moisturizing lotion, massage from the bottom up 20-30, the emulsion until completely absorbed. Massage must not straight up and down, but rather use the circle method.
53, specifically with a small box to store perfume. If stored properly, a good perfume can last 18 months or longer. Summer to winter with the perfume store into the refrigerator.
54, perfume before applying moisturizer. Because dry skin will quickly distribute fragrance, it should be the natural oil containing lotion with fragrance mix, you can make a more lasting fragrance.
55, fragrance will be distributed gradually over time, so every 4-6 hours will be re-sprayed once. Similarly, if you want to convert the same day fragrance, fragrance should be coated after 4-6 hours.
56, sunscreen does not mean that all is well. Usually the amount of sunscreen applied to the skin 2 milligrams per square centimeter to achieve the desired effect of sunscreen.
57, the skin absorption effect of significantly lower than during the day and night, in order to play the biggest role, in essence is best used at night, so its use may be extended period.
58, during the period of tooth whitening not to drink coffee, red wine, tea, and if you can not help, you can try with a straw, rather than direct consumption.
59, the most simple and convenient method of whitening is to drink plenty of water. This will not only promote skin detoxification, but also the bottom of the ultraviolet radiation due to the proliferation of skin melanin melanin also be discharged.
60, Sunny is best not to eat the \

one, do not immediately eat the fruit.
fruits contain flavonoids compounds by intestinal bacteria after ingestion is converted into dihydroxy benzoic acid, and intake of vegetables contain thiocyanate, in both under the action of chemical substances interfere with thyroid function, can lead to non-iodine goiter.
Second, do not immediately drink tea.
because tea contains a single preferred food and iron-binding protein, resulting in not easily absorbed gel or sediment, long-term effect of iron deficiency anemia can occur and protein deficiency diseases.
Third, do not immediately smoking.
as accelerated gastric motility after a meal, blood circulation increases, telangiectasia, and promote absorption of harmful substances in smoke, smoking after a meal,свадебное платье из сатина, the absorption of harmful substances in tobacco smoke are more than ten times the usual , you point the health of smokers pay attention to it.
Fourth, do not immediately drink more water.
immediately increased intragastric pressure after drinking the water, would have not had time to digest the food for the stomach into the small intestine. In addition, after drinking diluted juice, so that reduced gastric digestion, gastric acid is not conducive to sterilization, likely to cause gastrointestinal disease.
five, do not immediately soda.
soft drinks into the stomach after gastric juice diluted, affecting digestion, reduce appetite, produce carbon dioxide, increased intragastric pressure, leading to acute gastric dilatation.
six, do not immediately candy.
easy sugar into fat, causing obesity. Glucose decreased insulin secretion but also to promote the development of diabetes.
seven, do not immediately do strenuous exercise.
heavy exercise, limb blood flow, blood supply of the gastrointestinal tract, affecting the secretion of gastric juice, poor digestion of food. Postprandial gastric volume change at the same time, coupled with exercise will result in ptosis of the stomach.
eight, do not immediately read.
read immediately after a meal will reduce the relative amount of blood the gastrointestinal tract, affecting the secretion of gastric juice, over time, occurs indigestion, bloating, stomach pain and other symptoms. Nine, do not immediately take a bath.
for bathing skin capillary dilatation and congestion, reduced blood flow to the digestive tract,juicy couture tracksuits grey, affecting food digestion and absorption.
long after dinner that what should be engaged in the activity? food in the stomach residence time of 1 hour carbohydrate, protein, 2-3 hours, fat for 5-6 hours, so the rice should be at least after 1 hour to engage in these activities. But also flexible. For example, when feeling thirsty, drink water after a meal should not be applied mechanically.

9 women must know something! otherwise they will regret it!

skin care is actually very simple, little things to keep in mind 8 OK. Although these 8 things are ordinary things, to develop habits will not even remember specifically, but as long as did every day, a few months,beats earphones, you will find the skin unknowingly become better. Again, Guizaijianchi.
beauty habits one: two cups of boiled water
sooner or later a woman to do is, at least a glass of water each morning and evening. Cup of the morning to clean the intestinal tract. Additional loss of water at night, the night is guaranteed a cup of blood overnight, do not,Ralph Lauren Polo, through lack of water is too thick. Blood viscosity will speed up the brain of oxygen, pigment deposition, so come early aging. Therefore, the role of drinking water every night can not be underestimated.
beauty habits II: a bottle of mineral water
mineral water must be to be worthy of the name,robe ed hardy, it contains trace elements and minerals the skin needs most. Supine after washing the face with a clean mineral water soaked gauze, and apply to face, to be soaked gauze to dry again, and so forth,veste g star pas cher, is equivalent to the face had a trace of the nutritional supplement.
beauty habits three: a cup of yogurt
from calcium perspective, women are the group most likely a calcium deficiency, and calcium of milk is better than any kind of food, especially yogurt, more easily absorbed by the body Therefore, women should be guaranteed a daily cup of yogurt.
beauty habits four: a cup of vinegar
woman or a little \Three meals a day in vinegar can delay the occurrence of hardening of the arteries, has been repeated many times is the health knowledge. If your residence's water quality and hard, you can wash your face in the water a little every day put a little vinegar, you can play the role of beauty.
beauty habits Five:
a tomato or apple in the fruit and vegetables, tomatoes are the highest content of vitamin C a, so to ensure a tomato a day to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.

beauty habit six: a bag of tea
woman must drink tea, and if there is no stomach problems, green tea and oolong tea is best. Especially women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural, most effective weight loss agent, and then nothing more than tea, the elimination of intestinal fat. Seven habits
Beauty: a simple facial mask every night before going to sleep
, do a simple mask, its role is to deposit the dirt in the face to eliminate out, and make the skin as a \\

eight beauty habits: a good sleep
sleep is very important for women, and women can not sleep too late, especially more than 11 pm, as from 10 pm am to 5 am the next day, the best time to repair the skin, and sleep in the repair to be effective. If you sleep longer than midnight, even the next day and then get up late, then a long sleep, but also has missed the best skin care time.
beauty habits nine: one foot per day
bubble bubble a foot a day in the morning (20 minutes), or in the evening (preferably 1 hour), with 400C or more feet in hot water with a few drops of vinegar, you can play fitness sedative effect.

points are not high class, passing on the line; school is not deep,robe ed hardy, cheating the spirit. Sri Lanka is the classroom, only my leisure. Novel travels fast, magazines have frequently turned; pondering chess, thinking movies. Can write love letters to his girlfriend. Ear without the chaos of sound book, no review of labor form. Though not a dance studio, comparable to the playground. My heart says: \The Yamen,veste g star pas cher, overweening. Trumpeter before and after a flatterer; laughing a confidant, between a soldier. Can engage in privileges, pro-lasting. No harsh criticism, there is praise of the thunder. Albatron straight to heaven,свадебное платье из сатина, the wind was the spirit. People said: \To be more severe, late does not matter; starting at half past eight, nine-half. Laughing either free, non-formal exchanges. You can knit, smoke cigarettes, Ke Guazi, chitchatting. Two kilograms of material, the content is only one of money; stage according to read, the audience readily turn. No brains of trouble,juicy couture tracksuits grey, no record of trouble. Open water to drink a few vats, to the toilet four or five fold. Some doze, some yawning; always lift the wrist and look forward to quickly scattered. Emergency Wensheng \bit is not high,Ralph Lauren Polo, clean and then the name; power is not large, the public and the spirit. Sri Lanka is a public servant, service to the people. Steps Maiji layer,beats earphones, feelings deep into the brain; talk and laugh with people, between selfless love. We can see live, check the truth. Rebellion without false ears, without bias of love. Lankao Jiao, Chin won the people. People said: \worship to be ground. Sri Lanka is a trick, only I clever. Almost more of your nonsense, flattery is fine; good at drawing gang, used to clever personal gain. To please like getting rewards. No office of the hard, labor-free form of a business trip. Line line slowly Results, thin tea products. People like this saying: \more than four the line. Si Qing Yu, but after mahjong. What broken off before the door to listen to, makes all things easy on the bar lookin heart. The spirit can be built, live brains. Sent day and night of entertainment with no distinction between men and women. See the outcome of four rounds, proud not to forget shape. Gambler says: \; hair is not long tail on the line; love is not strong, gentle and the spirit. Sri Lanka is a bird, but I was under. Snacks do fine, saying the situation was ground; can dance flirt, considerate and satisfying. Can slim the waist, hands light. Rebellion without nagging ear, no cleaning of labor form. Love like sea Jun, Johnson looks a little angel. Never says: \Renqibuwang, advertising the spirit. Sri Lanka are ugly net, burn or name. Death on the big stars to take to the shareholders to take gold. Laughing with the network, leather are the elite. Can certainly crazy to vote, and deceptive heart. Learning to be bound for no reason and enthusiasm of the users. News Sina, Sohu's engine. Kitchen Man said: How ugly can that be?

Lighting a cigarette when
bother to let the hint of sadness as the smoke slowly dissipated ... ...
heard talked about cigarettes who are lonely Maybe it is maybe it is not ..
Whenever I worry about when I would light a cigarette in a quiet place of their own quietly watched it many a time between the idea of the heart can smoke I could not speak at this time Perhaps any of you become a friend of a friend to vent your mercy you either rely on it at least I think it is

glad when I can I will light a cigarette is more of a smoking population will not care about it more completely burn to the finger when it is there to know This time it played only a consumable is a leisure goods you ignore it at least I thought it was just in a bad mood
unhappy sad to note that it will be to attach to it that really confirms This sentence
only the lonely people will love cigarettes
; ; my flat light days
; ; - Yong

write your name written in smoke on the lungs

from my heart to stay in a place closer to getting used to a rule

captivatingdegree with a cigarette when

to think about a problem
,veste g star pas cher, of course, also used short-term cigarette
heart hidden potential to meet the moment

in some way, miss one
then, leisurely
out the window toward the spring
the last layer of exhaled smoke ring,juicy couture tracksuits grey, a miss!
a cigarette and a lifetime of edge
alternately jump in the fingers
Finally, the remaining
to wait ... ...

time cigarette
can be a trace of fantasy, thinking over the pages
or a love
time cigarette
can be fragments, it can be eternal, it can be an instant!

emotional at the thought of a deep breath of smoke

speak, let the tears stopped psychological Sese
become used to a rule
captivatingdegree with a cigarette when

to think about a problem
, of course, also used short-term cigarette
heart hidden potential to meet the moment

mostly feel lonely when smoke all around
speak, there is a desolate beauty
that the United States slipped from the fingers of smoke
like burnt my hands
point of a cigarette
to happiness or sadness drift
you and me
in the few minutes to read each other
blue and yellow, like entangled thoughts
roundabout circling, waiting for the wind to disperse them
time this cigarette
I do not see you
but also know your light under a calm expression, sad!
you do not see me
but I can understand light, between your fingers, deep thoughts,Ralph Lauren Polo!

time this cigarette
Perhaps we close, maybe we are far
our deep breathing
may be understandable, but also may be missing!
that is uncertain in the home of tear it?
Guying alienation, dim star in a few words
At this point, I saw my
are like a bouquet of purple lilacs blooming depression
looking at the sky bright moon, tears already have changed ... ...

cigarette burn miss my life
a room, and Zohar, the love of my life to live
to such a man, stood in a tree in winter
Then,свадебное платье из сатина, in Chaosheng wait another cycle of your life
but inadvertently, the first time in waiting for you,robe ed hardy, for you left lying all over the floor of the Psalms
lit a cigarette,
hand, in the end, the flames on the other side!
lonely,beats earphones, in the distance to reach the terminal by a cigarette
lit a cigarette
lips, in the end, the flames on the other side
knows to continue, only - there - gray, only - to - End!
or so misses!
become used to a rule

often through the smoke to see the world suddenly feel open-minded talks about

hint of a smile

care deeply guarded

so I was a loner who smoke
point where often only the window and looked out at the street smoking

do not know the point in thinking about a cigarette

to happiness or sadness drift
you and me
in the few minutes to read each other
blue and yellow, like entangled thoughts
roundabout circling, waiting for the wind to disperse them
time this cigarette
I do not see you
but also know your light under a calm expression, sad!
you do not see me
but I can understand light, between your fingers, deep thoughts!

its commitment _ → just when caught. ⒈ bullying instantaneous dê ヤ `_ ノ


four you make a mistake, so people have come Zaima you are the enemy, and so everyone else is left to call you friend.

not always feel neglected to ask yourself there is no weight.

Although Voyager XI

3, Do not ask for help -

the twenty-first jealous of others, that the success of others, was jealous that his success.


twenty-three mouthful not a fat,juicy couture sac, but fat is to eat a mouthful.

Seventeen people are watching what you do not hear what you say.

Seven simple life


many way, wake up and find yourself still in bed.



six older does not mean mature, real mature is to see through.

twenty-two some things, talk about a knot, opened about a scar.


beautiful sow, harvest happiness is a mood meter, meter is a strength, while the United States in their own review and let others enjoy the beauty, mind yoga - adaptation, cultivation,chaussures converse, and beyond. -

a mature never ask the past; the wise never ask the present; open-minded people do not ask the future.


4, do not impose -


5, do not make fun of other people -

distress of the poor that there is no second choice, the rich have too much trouble is that choice.


top two in the human, we should as human beings; in people under regard ourselves as people.


-fourth the value of a person, not reflected in the same things with others, while reflected in the different things with others.

; personal cultivation

2, do not blindly committed to -

eight biggest mistake people often make is too polite to strangers, but people are too harsh for intimacy, come to change this bad habit peacefully.


6, not to temper tantrums -

damage to his personality, happy moment, injury life. Whole life is interdependent world, everything is dependent on the other something else, be grateful. Nature blessed Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving parenting, social stability Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving food is sweet, the warm clothing Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving flowers, fish and insects, Thanksgiving suffering adversity. -




compassion for the weak is a virtue, a state, a harmony, mental health, to good health and have a sub-tolerance, then a little more temperament, temperament have a point, then a little more popular , have one point popularity, it little more business, charitable as Germany, self-cultivation .-

fifth meditation often think has been, and talked of human non-Mo.



wait and see who bear greater than the risk, but there is hope to reach the other side.

Third Man Behind the gentleman know; know is the villain behind the Man.


eighth require people to be very painful, requiring that they are very happy.

10, do not bully honest people -





human is a human, who do not have to do it deliberately; the world this is a world without carefully to life skills. Three phases of life: to see a hill, watching the water is the water - one at the beginning; see the mountains, not a mountain,paul smith travel bag, watching the water is not water - and middle-aged; see the mountains or the mountains, watching the water or water - back to nature. -


always other able men more capable of being indifferent to Ming, quiet attitude. When people treat you as leadership, myself not to think of myself as leader, when people can not treat you as leadership, their leadership must bring their own when the power is temporary, the money is beyond the flesh, the body is your own life is long. -

ten of your ugly and your face does not matter


8, do not underestimate the instrument -

round people like to spend will go to pick flowers, and yet others would love to water the flowers.

true to its word. The harvest will be used to plant operations; planted will reap a character used; planted will reap the fate of character - used to create a person. -


a physical injury, two hurt feelings in the birth and death in people are equal - crying in the past, crying and going. Do note that he reluctantly, while others have decided to Italy early in life should look at the three mountains: Mount Putuo Jinggangshan Babaoshan, take a step backward, and tolerance regarding the calm; complain too much anti-heartbroken, scenery Length should be and see. -

for people, a clear conscience is the most comfortable pillows.



We walked in a dream nine

five people as long as he has himself, then nothing will be lost.



nineteenth angry is not a coward, not a wise man is angry.

7, not lip service -



Loose lips sink ships,robe de bal, silence is golden,ralph lauren femme, listening to a kind of wisdom, a kind of self-cultivation, a respect, a human being,christian audigier pas cher, peace is an attitude, a mature -

1, do not regard themselves as aloof -

help people is a noble, understanding is an open-minded, forgiving others is a virtue, the service man is a happy, full moon is the poetry, the moon is a flower, looking up is the spring, bow is the autumn. -

9, Do not close yourself -

think of myself as others - to reduce pain, dull ecstasy, to others as their own - sympathy Unfortunately, understanding the needs of other people when others - respect for the independence of non-infringement of others and themselves as their own - - cherish and be happy. Able to recognize others is a kind of wisdom, knowledge can be a blessing to others, can they know that they are holy sage. -

sixteen development is the last word, but the hardware development is unreasonable.


reason is not easy, because they want to live simple, must not think too much.

City of people, let love spread.City of people love going on

more people moved the city up to the story and make up people in the community.

we are living in a city under the eaves with a stranger, but because Qzone come together,
national crisis, we resolutely,christian audigier pas cher, to contribute to our strength where it is most needed!
Although we have no formal ceremony for this oath, but for the affected areas are running every unforgettable moment!
that moment we find out that they are so pointless magnanimous,ralph lauren femme!

Our slogan: the place where we most need to go!

1,juicy couture sac, mourn the day: over one hundred candles Guangzhou condolences

2, Chongqing reach of love donation

4, City of Activities were Zaozhuang station

5, Chengdu heart of the disaster area, rushed to the front line

6,robe de bal, Yantai love donation station one yuan action

7, Urumqi, Daren large memorial

8, Kunming love fund-raising activities

9, the city of Dongying stop loving person fund-raising documentary

10, the city of one million candles lit in Dongguan station hit

11,chaussures converse, the city of Shanghai station were praying for the people of disaster areas in Sichuan

In addition, there are too many things that moved us, up to the people of each city in its own way,paul smith travel bag, let love pass.

Chongqing station: interpretation of blood oath of love
Yantai Station: Focus hit one yuan donation
Kunming: Love donations
Guangzhou station: hundreds of people mourning
candlelight Chengdu Station: visit the disaster area line

We firmly believe that as long as there is love, there is no insurmountable difficulties, as long as there is love, there is a reinvigorated hope. Let us join hands together to spread love!

1. Create a new layer, filled with yellow, overlay mode, numerical 247,240,197
2. Copy just the yellow layer, Linear Burn mode, the mask given rise to the yellow car, avoid car color through yellow,
3. adjust brightness, contrast, high light color and exposure of part of the normal subject, brightness -20, contrast +64, the new adjustment layer saturation, saturation -31. to determine the final brightness of the daylight to high light at the color and detail prevail in the dark can be ignored,
4. Duplicate the background layer the shadow highlight adjustment, the best place to shadow detail as the base, shadow: the number 100, color width 33, radius of 102, high light: the number of 0, hue width 50, radius 30, to adjust: +20 color correction, contrast adjustment between 0 and 0.01% of the construction of black, white construction 0.01%
5. Duplicate the background layer to adjust the sky brightness, with the layer to make up the sky over exposure deficiencies,
6. tuning the details, to erase the sky wires, repair, Clone brush will do,
7. Flatten image, fine-tuning the details, sharpen

14. Draw the hair texture to a new layer, layer mode to overlay, select the pencil pixels to 1 (the value determined according to the size of character images), color, hair texture for the DFDFDF draw down smooth lines
15. horsetail some select brush tool, brush lightly with a fork some of the paint along the texture, color, pattern layer above,
16. Create a new layer, the normal mode, select the brush tool, pixel 1, opacity 60%, 80% of flow, color is white, draw dynamic forehead hair,
17. clothes and necklaces with the smudge tool applied some of the softer, and then select the Dodge tool with a range of high light , exposure 20%, clothes and necklaces to enhance some of the high-light
18. Synthesis, sharpen the picture as a whole, sharpening is 8, with the Dodge tool to highlight some of the little processing, the overall color correction, the ( can be modified to add some background light,juicy couture tracksuits grey, highlighting the theme)

16. use the drawing tools, such as (such as brushes, to the pen, etc.), hold down the Shift key click the mouse, can be a straight line connecting the two click points. -

1. into the channel panel, and then use the \
Channel Green - Mixed Multiply, opacity 20%
channel red - mixed dark, opacity 100%
2. adjustments - color balance - high gloss - Levels: -8, +13, +11
3. blue channel during the first application image, layers: Background - Mixed: Multiply, Opacity 50%,
4. with curve adjust the brightness, move the top right of the red channel a little bit, \br> All channels 6,0 and blue channels 4,15
5. Copy a layer copy of the out of the blue channel of the operation again, mixed Multiply, opacity 50%
6. The last thing is prominent figures, and with the eraser, given rise to some people, pay attention to the appropriate lower transparency.

Common techniques

(1) circle you want to copy the selected objects; -

1. in the RAW to adjust the brightness, contrast, etc., for laying the foundation after the adjustments,
2. to join the sky material, simple transparency, make the sky into the layer,
3. New Adjustment Layer optional colors - intermediate colors: +20, +6, +7, -4, absolute, a little water color uniform,
4. khaki color fill, opacity 54%, filled with dark blue color, opacity 61 %, fill deep purple, opacity 76%,
5. fine-tuning, high light and adjust the selection in the middle of the resulting mask, high-light selection method: Calculation - Source 1: The layers merge layers, gray channel, the source 2: The layers merge layers, gray channel, Multiply mixed, opacity 100%.
6. midtones selection method: Source 1: Merge layers, gray channel, the source 2: Merge layers, gray channel, Multiply mixed, opacity 100%.
7.RGB get inside the mask channel, with a curve adjustment, high light adjustment: the black box on the left in the penultimate line of the middle line, blue line to the cut point, the middle tone adjustment: Up to adjust some, 8. reflected light mask,veste g star pas cher, lasso select constituency, emergence, overall provides bright,
9. ship debris reduced saturation, saturation: -36,
10. sharpening the overall

press the Caps Lock key

PS: Photoshop Skills 167 -

1. Open the original image, copy the layer, the image - adjust - to color
2. filter - Artistic Effects - Plastic packaging, according to reduce the transparency of the original
3. adjust the black level color scale, is the picture black and white, Levels: 88,0.27,192
4.Ctrl + Alt + ~, high light extraction layer black and white constituencies, money becomes small eyes, hidden, back to the background layer,
5 . to get in front of the high-light selection adjustment curve, pulled the top of the curve, the effect came out
6. adjust the brightness contrast of the background layer, increase, or an appropriate adjustment to the color, brightness, +4, +7 contrast

(1) Click the \

(2) from the History panel menu, select a new document; -

Press Tab key to toggle to show or hide all of the control panel (including kit), if you press Shift + Tab is the toolbox is not affected, only the control panel display or hide the other. -

1. Open the original image, duplicate the layer, filled with pure black, overlay mode.
2. New Hue and Saturation layers: Saturation -85.
3. New Brightness and Contrast layer: contrast +10,
4. New optional color, red: 0, +30,0 , +100. Yellow: 0, -15, -100,0. Intermediate color: 0,0,0, +5.
5. Stamped Filter - Render - Lighting Effects: points of light, intensity 21, Focus 24, shiny 0, the material 69, 0, exposure, environment 8,
6. chop, add text decoration

Select the Paint Bucket tool and hold down the Shift click on the edge of the canvas, you can set the canvas background color for the currently selected foreground color. If you want to revert to the default color, set the foreground color to 25% gray (R192, G192, B192) Shift-Click again to the canvas edge. -

1. slightly adjust color cast, adjusting a rough tone, establish Levels Adjustment Layer, Levels all channels: 0,1.35,255. Levels of red channel: 0,0.85,255. Levels Green Channel: 0,1,10,255 Levels: 0,0.95,255
2. To establish the Hue / Saturation adjustment layer reduces the saturation of original, Full Figure saturation -30
3. to create a Photo Filter adjustment layer, the first step in the blue has come out with this step to deep yellow, the concentration of 25%, mode \mode, the original place where the dark darker, choose the Channels palette, hold down the ctrl points of red channel, get back to photos selection populate the black mask filter.
4. to establish an optional layer of color adjustments, red: 100, -33,100, -40. Yellow: 0,0, -40,0. White: +15,0, +20, +20
5. The windows brighten the more, the establishment of the Hue / Saturation adjustment layer to \part in the window and wipe. Hue 260, Saturation 25, Lightness +75
6. To create a color balance adjustment layer, to distinguish the characters and the surrounding environment, the set after the mask used in the large soft black brush to figure as the center angle rub a bit on it. Levels +20, +20, +40, select midtones

9. in the use Erase Tool (Eraser tool), hold down the Alt key to switch to the eraser function to return to record the steps specified in the state. -

1, open lotus photo, copy the background layer.
2, to adjust levels to increase color and black and white contrast. Levels: 15,1.0,200
3, after the implementation of inverse Gaussian blur, radius 1, then implementation of Filter - Brush Strokes - splashing. Radius of a jet color, smoothness, 3
4, a new layer, set layer blend mode to color, with pink flowers painted brush to color.
5, then add some random text, stamped, completed.

38. When using the Marquee tool, hold down the Shift key to draw a square and a perfect circle of constituencies; hold Alt key constituencies from the starting point for the center outlined. -

5. show / hide control panel -

3. selection tool shortcut keys -

selection techniques -

(3) Drag the current state (or snapshot) to \

(4) Right-click on the desired state (or snapshot) from the pop-up menu, select a new document the history of the state status of the current picture of a historical window onto another picture can change the purpose of image content. Alt-click on any of the history of the state (in addition to the current, the most recent state) can copy it. The state after the copy becomes the current (most recent) state. Alt-drag action steps you can copy it to another action. -

8. eclosion circle replication of the eye brows, eye brows with the smudge tool around the soft skin thinning, and then use the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure of 15%, strengthening the high-light parts under the eyes, with better tools the middle range and deepen the lines around the eyes,
9. coated tools used to apply some fine eyes, look softer, with some better tools to enhance black eyes, with the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure 20% of the degree to strengthen the high-light part of the eyes, making eyes look brighter,
10. color 080,101, 3-pixel brush, draw the lashes part (line Dodge tools to deepen the color depth can be used to make up) can also be used eyelash line paths and other ways triggered,
11. with smudge tool to apply the prettier eyebrow, his brow slightly darker color of the rough spots that smear back along the fade down, and then 2 pixels with a brush to draw eyebrows in the front eyebrow lines, the eyebrows more structured,
12. smudge tool to choose the hair brush, (according to hair texture to set brush shape), applied the process to be applied along the texture of the hair, not too much force to apply the uniform,
13. hair brush applied partly to the normal interface, the (hair must be applied carefully)

7. Create a new transparent layer, soft mode, draw a circle with a purple eye shadow as background, if the fear of bad results can often use vague adjust color, know that even far
8. adjustment of the high-light areas of skin , add a new transparent layer, overlay mode, the color of the nose painted with the brush to find the root of most appropriate color photos and add highlights, the benefits that can improve the contrast to increase visual,
9. to do the whole adjustment, increased The new transparent layer, soft light mode to increase the area of high light color, color change, in the forehead with dark red hair, adding there between, increased shading, saturation, red face not too high, nor too low, feel painted into the face looks like the real,
10. new transparent layer, soft light mode, the high level of light in the nose, add some highlight color, so that the nose looks more like a deep profile, more challenges, able to wipe his face dirty place out, or have dark areas

1. Duplicate Layer,robe ed hardy, Filter - Blur - Radial Blur: number 71, blur method - zoom, quality - good,
2. create templates, struck a car, then smear given rise to dynamic wheel ,
3. Levels - optional colors. Add material, rendering the whole atmosphere, the details of adjustments made with the Dodge, the main diameter of 5, the hardness of the minimum

history eraser pen-Y-E Fuzzy-R Dodge-O-

27. When we choose to copy the file object, use the Edit menu to copy the command. Copy time you may feel no trouble, but multiple copies, a very inconvenient time for a visit. Then you can first use the selection tool selected object, and then click the move tool, then hold down the \When the cursor changes to a black and white overlap of the two headed arrow, drag the mouse to the desired location. To copy many times, just repeat the line relaxation of the mouse. -

11. To move use the Type Mask Tool (Type Mask tool) to play the font selection, it can be switched into the Quick Mask mode (using the shortcut keys Q switching), and then move, as long as you switch after back to standard mode. -

2. free to replace the canvas color -

32. click on the toolbar of the brush type tool, the properties shown in the following section, click the small triangle to the right of the brush tab in the pop-up menu, then click the small arrow to select \Photoshop Brushes directory to the folder, select *. abr. There had so many lovely things. -

23. use \(cut) paste the new layer command will put their original place, but by copying (cut) and then paste, it will stick to the image (or selection) of the center. -

6. Rapid Restore Defaults -

31. in the action palette, click the triangle button in the upper right corner, from the pop-up menu, select load actions into PhotoshopGoodiesActions directory, under which a button, specifications, orders, graphics, text effects, texture, action set six frames, including a lot of practical things yo! In addition, the directory also has a ACTIONS.PDF file that you can open the Adobe Acrobat software, which details the use of these actions and produce results. -

30. the selected area or layer drag from one document to another, hold down the Shift key to make it centered on the purpose of the document. If the source document and the purpose of the document size (size) the same as the element being dragged is placed in the same location where the source document (rather than on the center of the canvas.) If the purpose of the document contains the constituency, the dragged element will be placed in the center of the constituency. -

14. use the magnetic lasso tool or the magnetic pen tool, click \-

37. in Quick Mask mode, switch to quickly select a mask regional or regional options, first hold down the Alt key to move the cursor quickly mask mode icon, click the mouse on it. -

1. Open the original image, taking color, with a repair tool to repair the extensive damage to areas
2. copy of a copy of the layer, Filter - Noise - Dust & Scratches, radius 10, threshold value of 6 3. to increase the layer mask for a copy, click on the mask, with the brush tool to smear people outside edge,
4. to layer one to Filter - Noise - Dust & Scratches, radius 10, threshold 6,
5. layers of a return to the History panel, Dust & Scratches the top layer, rub with a brush coated with a spot where the eye shadow face to be more careful
6. If required to do the high points of high contrast to retain or change the spirit of the points with the point color scale,
7. repair all make reference to some parameters of fine-tuning your own will be better

1. using Photoshop to open original. According to the most out of life, low-end digital camera, black and white field can not be positioned well, so the pictures often are the same as this gray hair.
2. to copy the background layer, USM sharpening, number 50, the radius of 0.5
3. adjust levels, the right number for the high light, the number left for the dark tone, the middle is the middle tone, increase the brightness of the face , 0,1.0,200
4. adjust color balance, so that the whole picture partial green, more off the face. Shadow: -30,0,0
5. Create a black and white layer, enhancing the contrast, choose the \%
7. this time, the photos looked very pale, add a Hue / Saturation adjustment layer, +15 saturation.

1 out first filmed images. the sky with mask mask
2 parts.
3 Add the sky section, and placed in the bottom of the screen can be adjusted.
4 new layer to the third layer, mainly to adjust the screen color.
5 changes on demand is not transparent, change the layer properties to Soft Light.
6 In order to find oil in the texture effect, the color layer of material above and then added a layer of
7 modified layer properties to Soft Light, opacity changes on demand. This opacity is 86%
8 add mask, according to the contents of the screen need for appropriate trade-off.
9 in order to strengthen a sense of texture, then create a new layer,beats earphones, fill gray.
10 In the Add Noise filter and check the color for the Gaussian distribution, the number of custom.
11 layer to Soft Light.
12 mask according to the screen need to be properly adjusted.
13 noise, Add Noise - number 400, Gaussian distribution

(3) by rotation and move to the appropriate location, confirm; -

School basis

1. Open the file, copy a layer copy of the
2. Select the duplicate layer by free transform to change the shortcut keys ctrl + t to make the characters more slender face shape
3. by Merge Layers (ctrl + e), the use of cutting tools so that the screen contains the new composition, cut off the extra part,
4. Image - Adjustments - Color: Red - 70, -20, -20, -50. yellow - 40, -20, -30, -80. white -0,0,0, -50. intermediate colors -0, -5, -5, -5
5. by curve (ctrl + m) adjust overall color, RGB full channel - output 214, input 174 and blue channel - output 131, input 124,
6. Image - Adjust - Color Balance (ctrl + b), the shadow -10,0, +15. Highlight - 10,0, +2.
7. With a seal tool to evenly cover the skin around the mouth,
8. With a pen to circle dark bags under the eyes and face, the emergence of 60, the curve to lighten the constituency Dodge bags under the eyes and reduce the expression of facial muscles do not relax,
9. continued emergence of 60 constituencies, the curve lightening, the face, full point, output 146, input 113.
10. the high part of the circle of light out, feathering 60

10. adjust the color balance adjustment layer, middle notes: -6,0, +3. Shadow: -7, +3, -1.
11. color balance, shadow: +4, +5 , -2. Shadow: +4, +5, -2. High light: -19, -26, -40.
12. Plus lightning effect.

21. If you create a new work, need to open the picture with a piece of the same size, resolution, format. Select the \

22. in the use of Free Transform (Ctrl + T), hold down the Alt key (Ctrl + Alt + T) to first copy the original layer (in the current constituency) after the copy layer to transform; Ctrl + Shift + T to repeat the last transformation, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T to copy the original image and then perform a transformation. -

1. establish Hue Saturation adjustment layer, saturation -49,
2. to establish an optional color layer, red: -49,0, +7, -41. Yellow: 0,0,0 , -23
3. to establish the Hue / Saturation layer, brightness -49
4. Colors. Yellow: 0,0,0, -26. White: 0,0, +46,0. Intermediate colors: 0,0, -6,0.
5. Optional color. Red: 0,0,0, -48. Black: 0,0, -47, +5. Transparency down to 37%
6. Stamped, noise reduction, sharpening, painting and simple to use tool to repair the knee near The spot,
7. plus hidden corners, making a heart-shaped selection, emergence, with the curve provides bright.

can shortcut keys to quickly select a tool in the toolbox, each tool shortcut keys are the letters: -

replication techniques -

box-M mobile-V Lasso-L magic wand-W-

19. Hold down Ctrl + Alt key and drag the mouse to copy the contents of the current layer or selection. -

10. Use Smudge Tool (finger tool), hold down the Alt key can be simply applied to become coated with the foreground color. -

1. quickly open the file -


8. To make characters and have a color screen echo, to the point of lip gloss on the lips of people, create a new layer, select the Linear Dodge Blend Mode, added 90753D color, select the appropriate brush on lip gloss, loose point pen, pixel 39,
9. amplification, the lip gloss reflective paint parts, observe and continuous adjustment, drawing a look after the overall good lip gloss, this time a picture has been echoed, color become rich, not overwhelming, just bring out a product,
10. If the product directly with the body in the model, and people tune in to lust after, or, in the mask color to the product directly to the plug out of the product can

11. curve of lightening, the face, full point, output 138, input 118.
12. eyebrows, the eyebrows and top of the circle with the skin, the lasso tool, the emergence 5, copy the layer, the Duplicate the layer move down, in order to achieve eyebrow shaping effect, stamp eyebrow shaping, this must be very careful
13. began to adjust the eyes, the Commission put out the eye part of the circle, copy layer
14. pen to circle the do eye shadow region, copy a layer, the curve of pressure dark color to adjust,
15. then uniform color eye shadow, color balance (middle tone): +50,0,0. (Shadow): +20,0,0,
16. The details of color adjustment, the upper eyelid 1 / 3 part of the Hue and Saturation: 0, -40,0
17. Circle the details of the root of the upper eyelid eyelashes Department before the corner of lower eyelid 1 / 3, press DELETE key to delete the selection, the exposed high light-bit,
18. delete some more eye shadow, feather 40
19. circle the details to the upper inner corner eyelid 1 / 2, press DELETE key to delete the selection, the exposed high light-bit
20. the eyes ring out, copy the layer, emergence 1, part of desaturation whites, mottled back, Hue Saturation: 0 -50,0
21. whites details of the adjustment, curves adjustment to increase the light,
22. eyes after the curves adjustment layer of bright copy, pen brush back the first part of the left eye, showing some shadows

23. remove the pupil part
24. with eyes the color curve adjustment, so that the same
25. plus look high light
26. circle the lips, emergence 2, Curves lips high light, adjust the lips Color
27. adjust the nose Liang Gaoguang, adjust shadow highlights
28. with the optional color palette as a whole, the middle color -0,0, -2,2.
29. Yanping Heng fine-tuning the use of color, (high light): 0,2, -2.
30. liquefaction along the hair pull, combined with lens flare, light 182,35 mm focus,
31. Finally, insert a flash in the appropriate brush complete

1. to find a fold of the background, drag the photos will need to make the background layer, resize and crop, border and background to make it match,
2. Adjustment - Hue and Saturation, full size: saturated -35 degrees, brightness +10,
3. adjustment layers into a soft mode, the effect of the old photos out,
4. hue saturation, full size: 0, -80,0
5. Duplicate Layer, Hue and Saturation - color: 340,24,0
6. create a new layer on top, fill it with black,
7. Filter - Noise - Add Noise, increase in the old sense of the number of 25%, Gaussian distribution,
8. Mixed Mode to Multiply,
9. Image - Adjust - RP,
10. to remove the border of the mottled, Select the rectangle selection tool with the medial side of the border, DEL key to delete the profile part of the variegated,
11. clashes with the eraser tool around the motley characters

1. Duplicate the layer, adjust brightness, contrast, down the merger,
2. into the LAB mode, select the image of the image, calculated,
3. the layer mode to color, cover printed layers,
4. into the RGB channel, filled with black and blue channels to extract the green channel selection, will fill the selection with white,
5. Hue and Saturation, Red: +20, +1,0. cyan: -7, +26,0. other data does not move, the layer mode to color,
6. into the RGB channel, select the green channel selection, anti-choice, color balance adjustment layer, select midtones , values: -10, -6, +16. Shadow: +4, +5, -2. high light: -19, -26, -40
7. back layer, into the RGB channel, select the red channel constituency, copy, paste back to RGB mode, layer mode to color, select the adjustment layer curve, red channel: 173,193. Red channel: 58,56. Green Channel: 180,201. Green Channel: 53,58. Blue Channel: 55,62.
8. The layer mode to color, copy the layer, copy the map layer, the layer mode to brightness, transparency, 20%
9. Select the adjustment layer, hue saturation, blue: +5, -49, -2.


8. you can change the brush opacity to control the intensity of your painting, the brush 20, opacity 55%
9. After the effects wear smooth, very smooth, but not skin texture, but also the next step processing
10. recorded a snapshot for the smooth】 【mill, each phase is completed, we are the best record, you can always go back.
11. continue to do so, Ctrl + A to a full election, again a Ctrl + C, copy under the polished effect. Then, click the History panel acne】 【revised to make it back to pre-polished state
12.Ctrl + V to copy down the polished effect of earlier release to a new level, and change the transparency of the that can be revealing some of the lower, opacity 70%
13. Click the lower, that is, not wear off that layer, to a much sharpening, number 140, radius 0.7,
14. This overlay, smooth skin without losing texture texture, skin polishing step is complete, and remember to save the snapshot to complete】 【skin
15. pulled below the layer 1 icon, copy the new layer, set to \\

14, the same operation and step 13, just fill color into white.
15, select the character layer, Filter>> fuzzy>> surface blur, radius of 5px, threshold 15. Created in all the layers above the adjustment layer, layer>> Create Adjustment Layer>> Levels, property to 10,1.25,244.
16, in order to get the feeling of cool, you can add a barcode tattoo on his arm.

1. Duplicate the layer blend mode to Screen,
2. Coated 2 eyes mask reverse clashes
3. back (alt + ctrl + shift + E)
4 . channel mixture, select the color, red +54, Green +54, Blue +32
6. Mixed Mode - are stacked
7. on the back layer to adjust the image - adjustments - Shadow / Highlight - Shadow: 50,50,144 Highlight: 0,50,30 Midtones: 20,0 0.01,0.01
8. again back
9. wipe away the right cheek with the stamp of the sun
10. with the Dodge tool - the range of high light intensity of 50%, given rise to the eye reflection, only rub the eye black,
11. again stamped Filter - Other - High contrast, parameter 80
12 . to change the high contrast that layer Mode to Soft Light, enhance contrast,
13. use your favorite method of sharpening
14. for a long time less saturated red hue, or other fine-tuning to try


29. To establish the current history state or snapshot of a copy document can be: -

1. Copy a new layer
2. with a seal tool to repair acne off
3. to record a snapshot of the results of repair pox,
4. do a Gaussian blur, intensity, texture of skin disappeared prevail, the radius of 4.0
5. recorded a snapshot named Gaussian blur】 【
6. by acne】 【Amendment to make the image back to the time the state has just complete a pox, and point 【Gaussian blur 】 left small box, so that the small icon to switch over, which is immediately in order to use the History Brush as the target point
7. the history brush, using it requires smooth of face painting, pay attention to avoid the contour lines and hair, eyebrows, etc., you can use the [key and the] key to change the brush size at any time to modify some fine, if not carefully brush the wrong, does not matter, as long as you record in the history panel to the left of the icon points according to the acne】 【repair, and then painted, you can brush back and said the beginning of the process is reversible

1. Duplicate the layer and adjust - to color,
2. curve adjustment, increase the brightness contrast, input 114, output 186
3. Duplicate Layer, Filter - Brush Strokes - the ink profile , stroke length of 5, 10, look intensity, light intensity of 10, falling into a soft light layer mode, adjust the opacity,
4. Filter - Gaussian Blur, Radius 2.0 pixels,
5. Filter - Brush Strokes - spray, spray radius of a color, smoothness, 3,
6. Add a light brown solid layer, Figure Cen enchanters as color, adjust opacity, not transparency, some as small as possible,
7. point out a solid color layer and the layer in front of the eye to hide it, the new layer with the brush in the lanterns, trees, tiles, etc. with the appropriate color layer,
8. to restore hidden layers, change layer mode to overlay, by the effect to tune the details,
9. on the screen to fine-tune the overall effect until satisfactory results, no specific steps to vary

1. New gray coating, with a curve to adjust the brightness, 152,124
2. cutout eyes and mouth, to be stressed,
3. reduce the overall saturation, saturation -56
4. with a color overlay to the overall color of the tendency,
5. hide the hue and color overlay layers, and open access panel, copy the R channel,
6. Create a new layer paste and adjust the transparency with a color filter pattern

1, select the material map.
2, create a new canvas, filled with a black background, and characters materials onto the canvas, use the eraser tool to erase parts of the face outside.
3, create a new transparent canvas (20 x 20px), the foreground color to white, use the pencil tool on the canvas 1px left and lower side stroke.
4, Edit>> Transform>> distortion, press the map to adjust the grid layer nodes.
5, the layer opacity set to 20%. Double-click the grid layer to open layer style window, select the outer glow, blending mode to \
6, create a new layer, use Pen tool selected a number of boxes along the grid, and fill it with black.
7, hold down the Ctrl key and click the black box access to constituency level, select the portrait layer, cut and paste (paste layer named after the \After the move to narrow the point of its location below.
8, select the debris layer, hold down the Alt key while clicking the right keyboard arrow key (point 9), by a similar three-dimensional effect. Appears in the Layers Panel at this time to see 10 pieces layer, in addition to other debris outside the top layer of merger and the merged layer named \Double-click side of the layer to open layer style window, select the Gradient Overlay, the Opacity to 80%, angle of 180, use # 000000 to # D58761 gradient, and other attributes take default values.
9, using the brush tool to add some texture for the side effects.
10, repeat Step 6 - Step 9, obtain the following results.
11, will merge all the layers of black box, double-click to open the Layer Style window, select Bevel and Emboss, the style of \. High-light mode to \
shadow mode \
12, create a new layer below the debris layer, use brush to add smoke effects smoke. Choose debris layer, the use of soft black brush paint on canvas on the right angle to get as fade effects.
13, in the figures to create a new layer above the layer, again using the pen tool to a number of randomly selected box and fill it with black. The layer blending mode set to \

Some are not good at Photoshop

Double-click the Photoshop background blank (the default is gray display area) to open the selected file in the browser window. -

24. To not want to directly copy the image name dialog box appears, you can first hold down the Alt key, then the implementation of \-

20. If you have recently copied a picture exists in the clipboard, Photoshop in the new file (Ctrl + N) when the picture will be the size of the clipboard as a new map of the default size. The use of this feature to skip the last set, in the open while holding down the Alt key (Ctrl + Alt + N). -

gun-J-B brush pencil-N rubber stamp-S-

zoom tool shortcuts to \and \to display full-screen view can be the case! If you want to use the zoom tool automatically adjusted according to the size of the picture window, the properties in the zoom tool bar, click \-

11. new transparent layer, overlay mode, to the lip color, painted purple, transparency is 70%
12. new transparent layer, positive overlay mode, transparency 40% in the nose, forehead, face, where the increase in black and red, with the increase in the shadow of layering,
13. new transparent layer, overlay mode, the eye shadow to be of two layers, layer is a little light outside, inside should be dark purple, the best Gaussian confused about until evenly
14. new transparent layer, soft light mode to increase the black and purple, make this differentiation black, looks more sexy,
15. new transparent layer, overlay mode, including the corner of the eye to the nasal has to face place, people, drawing on the light between the two lips, dark red, to increase the level of a sense of contour and adjust the transparency of a good painting, it might be darker

15. measurement tool is very convenient in measuring distances (especially in the diagonal), you can also use it to measure angles (like a protractor.) Visible in the information panel under the premise of measurement tool click and drag select a line, hold down the Alt key to the node from the first line again and again out on the second line, so that the angle between two lines and the length of the line displayed in the information panel. Measuring tool drag to move the measuring line (you can also move the measuring line only a single node), the other to measure the line onto the canvas, it can be deleted. -

(2) Press Ctrl + J to produce a floating Layer; -

Pen-P text-T-U metric gradient-G-

40. constituencies in the use of lasso tool to outline the time you can press the Alt key lasso tool and the Polygonal Lasso tool to switch between. Constituencies outlined can be moved while holding down the space bar is outlined in the constituency. -

26. in Photoshop to achieve a regular copy -

13. in the use Move Tool (move tool), the arrow keys on the keyboard can directly move the layer distance of 1 pixel on the image, if you hold down the Shift key first, then press the arrow keys Zeyi each distance of 10 pixel moving images. Press the Alt key while dragging the selection will move the copy of the constituency. -

straw bucket-K-H-I handle zoom-Z-

1. take a photo with a white edge image landscape plan, as do the white side of the edge spillovers
2. hue saturation: saturation +80, adjusting out the effect of Impressionism,
3. Editor - Define Pattern.
4. built white fill layer, 50% opacity, to build a transparent layer
5. pattern stamp tool, brush the main diameter of 200, the pen comes with wet media brushes 45 election, mode normal, opacity 100% , check in front of impressionist effect,
6. in a transparent layer pattern stamp painting,свадебное платье из сатина, vision plays King strokes large and small details of the multi-hand strokes, adjusting the opacity of the top layer of the brush strokes view,Ralph Lauren Polo,
7. Copy Background layer to color filters - splash, 71% opacity, layer mode to Overlay
8. Filter - Texture - textured, opacity 100%,
9. filter - distort - the light diffusion 37%

4. to obtain accurate cursor -

1 Open a picture
2 Press d key (default foreground)
3 window - Action - Create a new action, name - rain
4 Duplicate the layer, in the new map layer, filter - pixelated - the size of dots of the cell - 3 spots of the more heavy rain to the larger spots of the more rain you get.
5 Image - Adjust - Threshold 255. the layer mode to color filter
6 Filter - Blur - Motion Blur, Angle 76, from 22, OK. from the rainy night to the greater The larger the more rain from the smaller
7 Filter - Sharpen - in the implementation of a filter - sharpen
8 point window - Action - point to stop playing; then play the selected action (actually copied the layer) 3 times (so there is a 4 rain layer)
9 to open the animation in the first frame on a close above the three layers of the eyes, leaving only the background and layer 1 eyes; 2 layer 1 frame closed eyes, open the Layer 1 copy of the eyes; 3 layer 1 frame off a copy of the eye, open the Layer 1 copy 2 of the eyes; the first frame off Layer 1 copy 4 2 eyes, open the Layer 1 copy 3 of the eyes. all the frames in the selection, design time is 0.2 seconds.
10 last saved animated GIF format.

25. Photoshop the clipboard is useful, but you also want to use the Windows system clipboard directly, directly from the screen image on the interception. Yes, press Ctrl + K, in the pop-up panel will be \-

(4) can now hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Shift Continuous press \(Just hold down the Ctrl + Shift is just a regular mobile) -

when doing layout of certain elements will often be placed regularly in search of a form of beauty, within the Photoshop shortcut key through a combination of four can easily reach. -

1. Open the image duplicate the layer, Ctrl + Alt + ~, by constituency, emergence 3-5. curve brightens, about 18,0
2. Adjust levels: 25,1,20,245. Mongolia version of the main characters and the details given rise to some
3. stamp on the characters to brighten the edge of the sharpening modified dermabrasion
4. on the back layer for color balance, the middle notes: -12, -10, -13. high light: +8,0, -19.
5. back layer into LAB mode
6. Create a new layer, Shift + Ctrl + N, soft mode, transparency 30-40%
7. the application of the image on the new layer, layer: merge layers, soft mode, transparency, 100%,
8. adjustment layer to adjust the curve on the lightness channel, 5,0 9. on the LAB color image saturation, hue adjustment, full size: 0, +10,0. Yellow: 0, +35,0. Green: 0, +15,0. Red: 0, -20, 0. Blue: +10, +30,0.
10. into Levels: 20,1.20,245. on the lightness channel to adjust the gradient in the mask with a round out at the main characters, and then rub the brush out the details
11. stamped, return RGB color, the image is optional color options, red channel: 0,0,0, -30 given rise to the petals on the mask
12. stamp, the new blank layer, increase the watering effect with white brush, pen pressure. 100% hardness, spacing, +54%

12. hold down the Alt key, use the Rubber Stamp Tool (rubber stamp tool) to open the image at any window click of the mouse, you can set the window sampling location, but will not change the active window. -

1. Copy a layer into intelligent filter for the purpose of the filter effect can be adjusted
2. Filter - Render - Lighting Effects, all light sources, negative 17, Matte -25, plastic effect of 100, underexposure 32, negative 28,
3. New optional color adjustment layer, red: -100, -3,03,0. Yellow: -59, -6, -23, +1. Green: +9 , +5, -100, +27. cyan: +8, -76, -3, -100. White: +1, -40, -73, -10. Intermediate colors: +16, -18, -18, -3. Black: 0,0,0, +28

18. We all must have used cutting tools, in which case you may have encountered; adjust the cut in your grip, and cutting the image frame and relatively close to the border when the cut automatically attached to the frame the edge of the image, so that you can not accurately crop the image. But as long as the adjustment took time to cut the border \-

7. freedom to control the size -

In addition, if we hold the Alt key and then click the Tools icon appears, press and hold the Shift key and repeat or alphabetical keyboard shortcuts you can cycle through the hidden tools. -

28. can Marquee Tool or the Lasso tool to drag from one document to another constituency on. -

16. side of the forehead and narrow face, deepen the color, overlay mode, the color is red lines,
17. plus to the lips, where the shadow below, or mouth looks fake
18. with the same color cover face dirty place, with a straw next to the same color drawing, may cover part of the hair, for a painting can be.
19. new transparent layer, soft light mode, the green house under the eye shadow,
20. mouth with a dirty face, where the same lessons with a straw color, a new layer to make the place dirty,
21 . Create a new layer to Multiply mode, the transparency of 20%, painted black and red make up,
22. facial hair is dark brown hair, black hair, which is a lighter gray color, and draw good the hair part,
23. a new layer and fill color to cover the forehead close to the skin, cotton looks so rough
24. face complementary color, looks more red, more praise, more to attract far
25. new transparent layer, Multiply mode, the transparency of 50% in the forehead, brown, dark skin color press to enhance the contrast
26. new transparent layer, overlay mode, 50% transparency in painting cheeks orange, foreigners exaggerated makeup, the red point does not matter,
27. the adjustment of overall color, sharpness about

1. Select the blue channel \
2. channel mixer, hook the \
3. resurfacing, landscaping figure form.
4. to give people the skin and clothes with \parameter default; use after the effect of blue, also need to use the \
6. to the effect of step 6 are mixed mode to \
8 .. \
9. fine-tune the look or facial skin color, brightness, contrast, and some of the details.
10. produced as shown in the \
12. to the \
13. The \

17. hold down the Alt key with the eyedropper tool to select the color to define the current background color. By combining the color sampler tool (Shift + I) and the information panel to monitor the color change of the current picture. Change the color values are displayed before and after the information panel next to the sampling point number. Through information pop-up menu on the panel to define the color pattern of sampling points. To add a new sampling point only color on the canvas where random sampling tool and then click and hold down the Alt key and click to remove the sampling points. But a map can only be placed four color sampling points. When the dialog box in Photoshop (for example: Levels command, curve command, etc.) pops up, to add a new sampling point must hold down the Shift key and click, hold down Alt + Shift click on a sampling point can be subtracted. -

Daquan classic Photoshop skills, if you are the level of the primary stage, familiar with the text and master, immediately advanced to intermediate level. Oh definitely not advertising. -

default foreground and background colors-D switch foreground and background color-X-

39. use the \-

33. painted a beautiful markings, would like to re-use in the works? Easy to handle, with the lasso tool selected it in the Brushes pop-up menu select \

34. If you want to choose between the two parts of selected area, select any of the existing area next to the Alt key while holding down the Shift and drag, drawing the second selection area (cross appears next to the mouse a multiplication, that overlap the region will be retained.) -

8. using non-Hand Tool (hand tool), hold down the space bar can be converted to a hand tool, you can move the visible range of the image window. Tool in the hand can double-click on the image to display the most appropriate window size, double-click on the zoom tool can display the image at 1:1 ratio. -

classic Photoshop skills, if you are the level of the primary stage, familiar with the text and master, immediately advanced to intermediate level. Oh definitely not advertising. -

transferred to spare, after slowly learning

36. outwards from the center remove a selected area, a choice in any area, press the Alt key to drag a rectangular or elliptical mask tool, and then release the Alt key and then hold down the Alt key again, and finally release Release the mouse button and then Alt key. -

friends in order to adjust the twists and turns really satisfied with the results and found that the best is still the original default, which under the most perplexing, really sorry you did it! How to return to the default value of it? Try to gently tap on the Options tool bar icon, and then from the context menu select \-


edit mode to switch the display mode switch-Q-F-

1. open the original file, according to their own sense of color adjustment through the adjustment of the film, and dermabrasion, dermabrasion value not too much, (Neat image plug-in)
2. a new layer, color FEE7D6, ( According to people of color to the film set), layer mode to Overlay and 25%, 20% with a brush in the face and neck skin and light coating,
3. features of the detailed work, cutting out the mouth, the emergence Copy (Ctrl + J), with the smudge tool to smear on the lip, so that the skin becomes soft and smooth lips (not too much strength)
4. Create a new layer to the lips and face paint, the color is FDC1D6 , layer mode to color, with a brush at the side of the lip and face painting,
5. with the Dodge tool, the range is the high light exposure of 25% to draw the high-light some of the lip, with better tools, the range intermediate, 20% of exposure, contrast enhance lips,
6. a new layer, color 8E1A25, brush pixel is 3, draw the inside of the inside, and then draw 2 pixels outside the lip lines (high light Dodge mask some part of the line was built)
7. on the nose to circle the emergence, reproduction, use painting tools to be gentle around the nose refined, and then use the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure of 20%, strengthening the next The high light some of the nose, and then use the color 422B2D, a 2 pixel brush to draw the outline of the nose (if the short lines to make up for using better tools for the next)

1. get hold of handsome eyes point to increase the visual and appealing, copy eye out, change the eye color filter layer model, this effect is easier to be foreigners, Asians or preferably with an American pupil or another \
2. brighten the face, prominent face, with the lasso tool to trap the face, after emergence provides bright, not too bright,
3. with the lasso tool out of the hair, face and pulled it does not matter, can then use the eraser clean, brighten after emergence
4. appreciate the whole point of a unified look, the hair part of the eraser can erase a little bit,
5. covered by a new layer (Ctral + Alt + Shift + E), with a stamp on the face of the mole-volt tools, slight reduction in the chromatic color balance force, and increase the point of erotic, it looks white,
6. Create a new transparent layer, layer mode soft, with dark eye shadow eye liner at the bottom to add color to issue from the inside of the eye, from deep to shallow, layered with a soft brush highest

1. Duplicate the layer, the new channel mixed adjustment layer, gray channels, red +64%, Green 2%, 10% blue, monochrome
2. New solid mixed layer, select 575 046 colors, mixed-mode color,
3. new curves adjustment layer, ① - Input 68, output 32, ② - input 114, output 68, ③ - input 208, output 197,
4. New One solid layer, select 443B25 color, blend mode to color, press Alt-click mask,
5.Ctrl + D to restore the default background color, Ctrl + Delete to fill the black mask the background color, 6. changing the screen, in the transition to high light and the dark part of the tone, in order to enrich the color, with a brush inserted in the mask
that need some color, 300 pixels, opacity 10%, flow 100% 7. arrangement and design of the font

35. in the selection area to remove a square or round, the first increase in any selected area, and then in the selected area, press Alt key to drag a rectangular or elliptical mask tool. And then release the Alt key, press and hold the Shift key, drag it to your satisfaction. And then release the mouse button and release the first Shift key. -

brush and magnetic tools can make the cursor appear as accurate crosshair, and then a restore status quo ante. -

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Pig to South Korea for beauty, become handsome, so to the nightclub to find beauty. Afterwards Pig beauty Q: I used to know how ugly? My Pig! Beauty shocked: Two brothers, I'm old sand!

Early today, a mouse is a cat into a flower shop chase,robe de bal, mice that run away, picked up a rose ready to resist, the cat that hung his head in shame and said immediately: devil, too sudden!

a male public toilets are constipation, Suddenly a man ran into the room the instant the wind and rain splinters, they like to: you go to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan tour,ralph lauren femme, met a group of wild boar in the siege of the way, passengers are out of food,christian audigier pas cher, money, wild boar unmoved, you pulled out the card. group of pigs Guier crying and said: Boss, we can find you a!

foreigner to see the farmer knows the weight of dung and asked: Grandpa, this dressing how much a pound? farmer does not say, hand-dip the point of foreigners into his mouth,juicy couture sac, I thought: you do not tell me how much a pound, I do not tell you that you are smelling the sauce drinker

high sea turtles, but today was drunk, sober after the friend asked: How come you still drunk? turtles sigh: Oh! Non-octopus man Finger Guessing Game last night and the dog days of so many hands, it all came to see, however, lose out! (more than a day in the various positions are hard for friends to prepare, and I hope every day happy heart, smiling. ... read must be referred to laugh ah, ten years less)

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married a smart woman's experience, it really makes sense

I am 31 years old to get married, and now doing great. Also experienced several paragraphs of his very painful feelings. Now, their families and loved ones get along very well. I think I was still feeling some experience can give way to explore the sisters learn from them. What I do not want to boast of their better life, but I think we need to learn from their mistakes grow, must not own a pit Yishuai fell a further fall. Hope that these experiences and sisters in love and marriage need them.

1. girls do well to try to make yourself more, from the capacity to face.

Taiwan's famous advertisements: the most beautiful woman seriously. Everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle, but it must be serious. On their own; of work; of life. Such women, if not natural beauty, but also has a quiet confidence in the United States' only with such beauty, talent and time to fight, it is actually a good appreciation of the type of man.
may not work very well a lot of sisters who can then pick up was clean and refreshing themselves, but also a great advantage. Anyway, the reality of man or the first easy to judge by appearances, not only all the men love the most beautiful woman, woman for the clean and fresh, most men are all ahead.

2. a good man, have their own requirements, the woman did not ask.

who own the work muddling along, but then his girlfriend has many requirements of men, or kept at a distance better.
such a man, married into the highest probability of male poison tongue. Our sister is married and is at least required to respect their husbands, that they have the right to call his wife to drink the man is not a good marriage.

3. married to see the main character, character.

similar personality, similar outlook on life, money, marriage and life view is the best protection.
different personalities, two people do all Shuibu Lai, even if the world recognized as golden couple, born of a couple is not married, after all, most of the time of your life to spend with him, and Lengnuanzizhi.

4. the beginning that not good enough for your man and he will always be good enough for you.

some good girls, always ran into some men appear to share the potential,chaussures converse, you change yourself for him, to pay all, he said,christian audigier pas cher, you are too good for him, he's (education, money, ability, status, appearance, etc.) not good enough for you. Me a lot of examples of sisters, there is no self-confidence, give way to contact you only by the men, later on you will not be good, your good will only make him more humble.

5. entrusted lifetime ago, to see his family.

not see how much money his family, is to look at his house the family is not family harmony, concern for comity. A family of a man playing a woman, there is still indifferent, pretended family,paul smith travel bag, and they will not control your life and death. Every family has its shortcomings, to ask what the attitude of his boyfriend, a man blind blind loyalty, to respect his wife's heart is limited.

6. of their manpower, manpower is also a man of his girlfriend is not fun.
Shousong their own, the men of a certain selfish girlfriend of manpower is the most unable to marry.
money is the most a man can see what the nature and feelings. Sisters, love is not about money, but if he makes you feel right on the money, he is not on the right think about you. In love, normal consumption should be, clear to AA meeting began by saying the man is too good at calculating, too afraid of a disadvantage. Marriage in the future, there are many people at the expense of local needs, such men will be the first to run away.

7. hit man can not be, be sure to break up a fight. Macho, always maintain many candidates can not be a man, one must be found to break up. Old saying, when to shut the anti-troubled.

8. love girls have their own bottom line.

must not for love of him to give up their dignity, an insult to their parents, abandon their work. Good romance, marriage must be a win-win situation, not unilateral sacrifices and done.

9. Meet your favorite man, must be brave chase.
unrequited love is the hardest and most did not result.

10. Have something to say so.
have any idea, say it, do not let men guess, to communicate, your life will be more happy. Can not communicate that you do not guarantee happiness. I think his girlfriend did not mind a man is a guess for the music. For this reason, lost a good man, really a pity.

11. do not start to form in front of men do virtuous.

If you give him peace of mind, but not a return, he has suspected of machismo. If you're a long time, and my heart at ease, do no good as before, he would be injured, will think you lied to him or you do not love him.
than the beginning, there is propriety of showing love, give him an opportunity to show, let him do something for you. To be honest, what they pay men more profound impression. He more you do, pay more, he is the more you yearn, the less open. Instead, you pay, and he did not feel he was more access. In marriage, often do chores, and often take care of the children of men to give up the possibility of marriage is much lower, it is precisely because the home is created by his hard, he could not bear to give up.
many efforts to reach the most cruel man has a virtuous, selfless woman in silence to pay. I finally determined to marry her boyfriend, because he and I said: I worry about you, I always fear you live well,ralph lauren femme, or come across, as long as one does not see you, I am very worried about you . His pay and I'm grateful that we both get along the best model.

12. When the break is off.
all make mistakes possible, but if the same mistake again, that is, they have a problem. A lot of sisters because The bear and a man who does not treat their own lives together, the last injured, or their own. One of my friends and I said: the things in this world, not static, it either get better or worse, in short, not the same. This sentence led me directly to some bad feelings out. Because, I know, if you want to change that relationship will only get worse, then I will be more hurt by too. My courage is doing well I am now the most solid foundation.

13. for love and love, not for a wedding or a beautiful dream of life and love of luxury.

are required to pay the price of all happiness, but do not let some consideration ruin your life. Young girls are easily deceived by vanity, but in a real marriage, that can give you at night kicking off the quilt cover is a man worthy of the man entrusted his life.

14. to cherish the true love you and good for you man.
good man will be truly beneficial way for you Hello,robe de bal, you are not condoned, nor is the name of love bound you. Such men rarely, if met, we must cherish. Young men are often the way with pure love of his girlfriend, he may mature, but his love is true, do not lightly give up. After many life experiences in the community, you will know how a really valuable.

15. all too late.
this world there are many good men it is hard to find the other half. Not all men love virgins only, not all men would care about your previous marriage, but not all men care about your age, qualifications. There are many good marriages, men love, is their own stupid woman, naive,juicy couture sac, and, and a round body, or the mouth of the sinking mole. You suffered the injury, he will double and care, your courage, make him more respect. So, even if injured, but also the same as Kim Sam Soon, brave love, like not been hurt. First, you only open yourself, the world will let you go.

16. Do not start the pursuit of a man to pay his own heart.
good men and bad men in the pursuit of the beginning you will care about you, then you give you, give you a text message, take care of you when you are sick. Not one was nice to you, you will immediately fall into the trap, think about, more to see, make a decision. Generally, four months, enough contact, enough to make you understand him. Internet exchanges is not, and then not too long network of contacts, and real life makes sense. You have to eat with him, shopping, do something together, to understand him. You have a good time, you know. In many cases, not a man to deceive us, is our own lying to myself.

17. If you love him and accept him now, do not expect him to change.
if he can change, of course the best, or to think about, you can not accept. Disadvantages of each before marriage, marriage will be magnified. He smoked, and you love him, just try to accept it, too few married men to quit smoking. Other shortcomings as well.

never good for these people

1, when something happens to find you all the time ignoring you ;

2, by the grace of your point you're standing up for good, but usually you dictate

3, acquaintance not necessary dig dug the heart of people look at the lung's worth to pay this man a long time to spend with you will better understand how a person should be more clear about his ;

4, who is a pity not to the feelings of not everyone is worth it when you do
5, not to malicious soft-hearted person to do you just do not laugh when he cries and greetings do not need to understand that not everyone is well-intentioned ; imagination is terrible that it can distort all the good things to mention whether you appreciate it and not sure why the man knocked it

6, breaking up you can be friends, but strangers can remind themselves of their past relationship is not between you can take the time to adapt if it is not used but do not like with each other because of the time did not go back on to pay more will not help you might also feel tired of people do have their share of heart as a good point why do a seemingly great suffering of the infatuation has its own kind of what?

7, he has no one to stop dreaming about your day you will be impressed although he It is not absolutely impossible to remember what happened, but enough is enough, but sometimes you have to ask yourself if a person to move to his good purpose, or with other ; it is another matter

8, not a good way of self-righteous people who are too self-centered you but his eyes may be as it should be although you may not think so

fact, not just look good to others, his heart is not so much set the standard
just hope everyone can do well for himself children do not always take into account many others

not everyone is really worth your
really good to him that not everyone will do you good to him, he
really not nice to be rewarded to be a good person. . .

; --------------------------------------- - dedicated to all will not hurt their own children silly.

One day the boy the courage of the girl crush on for years, said: \agreed very happy (really happy, I believe that secret crush on the boys and girls should understand this feeling), but he did not ask her why, because he believes that if he did not point to anything to not deserve the girl, but also Girls do not want to suffer with her. Since then he has to work hard every day, and soon passed a year to forge ahead with his spirit and outstanding expertise has been appreciated by the boss, promote him to do the marketing manager's seat, a monthly salary of tens of thousands. He was happy because he has the ability to let the girl can live a better life. His first time to the good news to the girl, have not even call home to tell their parents because the girl he wants to share their happiest moments. A month later, he got his first salary after promotion. The next day is the weekend, he got up early to, because he made an appointment the girl out to play! He dressed up a lot before going out, driving a rented car came to the door to take the girl's school girl. (Girls are college students) the day they were playing very happy, especially boys, because she promised her girlfriend earlier. Since then they have been very happy until one year after the girl graduated from college, the work assigned to other cities, the night before departure is very sad girl crying, because they will split it,Ralph Lauren Polo! This is the first time the boy saw her cry,robe ed hardy, because she is a very stronger girl, she's vulnerable side are hidden by their own, only when the boys will be facing out there, because the boy would bar her laughter is very patient, looked at the boy she loved to coax her look. The boy cried so sad to see her sad, but today he did not coax her, but to let her go to bed earlier and left! The girl was puzzled, thinking that the boy does not appreciate her,beats earphones, so she was crying even more sad, and slowly the crying tired to sleep! Looked at the boy woke up the next morning to help her buy a train ticket is two in the afternoon,juicy couture tracksuits grey, the toilet was a good bow ready to leave the rented house, he did not call the boy, because she thought the boy abandoned her. She cried a taxi to the train station. Took out his mobile at the time, found a text message, sent the boy, and: \The girl did not understand, to the station. The boy saw the girl at first sight, ran, smiled and patted the girl's shoulder. The girl saw him immediately after the very serious and asked him: \I want them to work I was transferred to your city, so we could be together! Oh, and if the words of late yesterday to go to Lai Buji, today there is no way to accompany you to ride it! Oh, \to Mongolia, and she can not imagine how the boy would be hard for her to give up out here, all that she Leng Leng asked: \less than half the original! \Cry very happy because she found a man worthy of his love life. Two days later, boys and girls into this strange city, and rented a house, but the boys behaved. Gradually into the right track of life, and occasionally they will quarrels and misunderstandings, but each boy is asked to admit, whether or not his fault. Time flies, are gonna get married to each other's time! Parents of both men and women are in favor of them together. In this way, they are engaged. But ... ... just before they are ready to get married, the girl in a car accident, just to give the boy to buy a watch. Doctor diagnosed the girl may never have stand up, and the girl lost fertility. The boy's parents on the spot will cancel the marriage, but only to force the boy to death threats he and the girl with parental consent. Since then, the boy during the day when they brought a middle-aged nanny to take care of the girl, come back at night to yourself, take care of boys to girls is almost every possible way, but the girl from that day to not laugh at it! One day,свадебное платье из сатина, a weekend, the boy pushed the wheelchair to go out shopping with the girls, they came to a mall, bought a lot of things the boy to the girl, and girls are the most favorite brand before. But the girl still eyes glazed. At that time suddenly felt the earth shaking, shopping malls in the shaking, people are shaking, the boy immediately threw himself to the girl, and then use his body surrounded by girls. H ... H ... only to hear the voice sounded, an earthquake! No one has to react, but reaction to it Superman Boys With Girls under pressure in the body to protect the girls from harm. The girl cried! The girl has finally revealed the fragility of her side of it! \\so wake up on the outside, okay? \the boy smiled difficult phone from his pocket, open sound opening: \Because I love you, ah,veste g star pas cher! Keke cough ... I'm back my pre-board has been pressing for two hours! I know I have to die, I hope you can be even more happy, do not want me, do not cry for me, I love your smile! I only pity is that not see your last smile, really really miss ah! Oh, goodbye wife, my next life, if possible I would also like to be your husband, will you? Remember that year when you promise to do my girlfriend how much I happy? Oh I did not sleep for several days straight, I was ecstatic, and Oh! wife worth before you always ask me, I have only one thing to with you, girl, I do not regret it! I will never regret what you've done! worship of the wife, I go first! \Here there is a woman alive, Come on! hey, this man is not angry! woman there is gas, hurry this man and this woman pulled out the body of the man do not mess do not get should be what this woman, do not you! \The girl holding the boy's mobile phone, stood before the tomb of recording to sit down and kissed the boy's said: \laugh, do not worry, there is, if my next life, then I also willing to do your silly girl, girl I do not regret it. \; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; that for you! also not feel any hesitation! hesitant!

Good wife is the wife of the fine will be spoiled wife is the wife of the best, can be met without resort. Spoiled wife will definitely gentle. The character of women and men, there is hate crazy, there are nasty dirty,свадебное платье из сатина, there are nasty acid grumble, there are hate procrastination, but did not hate gentle. Think about it, come home,Ralph Lauren Polo, my wife to give you slippers, fetched a glass of water, so you sit on the couch and with her soft little hands to give you this gentle fist leg ... ... Who can refuse? Ken's wife spoiled for you, the premise must be affiliated with you, for you have a sense of security, after the first soft like a baby,juicy couture tracksuits grey, she cat into your arms: \** sense, a sense of accomplishment, a man of pride and confidence. Johnson a point spread to a little more fun, make life more like life. Be flighty wife,beats earphones, send away from the man, the easy: \red. \Conversely, if Zhimeidengyan a man shouting through red: \The same, by not say it the same way, the results different. Be flighty wife, so that men who have to be tired. Spoiled,veste g star pas cher, not only more lovely woman, but also easy to resolve the contradictions in life. The couple live, it is inevitable bumps. Tigress-like wife, and you may tip-to-head, Sike in the end; formidable wife,robe ed hardy, Buyiburao, hot war over the Cold War, the contradiction between infinite expansion. Be flighty wife is not, fighting is over, to one relying on your body, mouth a pout: \between the hole, can have a big deal! Give each other a step, a step himself, what has passed away. Coquetry, is contradictory to soften the \Like a baby with a two-way, with only understood coquetry, tolerance and even conniving wife spoiled men have such good fortune. Run into the same lump Elm man deserved his wife out of luck. In this case, they had to spend the boring life!

do not know when to start like it would come here every night ,robe ed hardy
see you look so handsome
me you can not see you I see you
lost their
really want to hold your hand through the rain
any difficulty until I stay with you forever till it ends

way of love just me and you
sometimes, you are always so naughty I always worry
heart whenever you close your eyes and jump stop
millions of the one you always have your shadow
filled my mind not to want you do not
be able to forget you are always in my dreams have been

much like to see you say something to you I really love you
of my heart not to miss suspected
go hold your hand ups and downs
I have any difficulties with you forever until the end of time until

way of love only me and you

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~There You Are~
Chocolate brown eyes raised to look at the petite woman infront of him as she bowed. She was happy, a bright smile gracing her lips and her eyes shinning. The white haired captian smiled to, it didnt reach his eyes, but love does that to a person,dr dre beats, he had been inlove, deeply and believed and hoped that his feelings would be returned, even if he had never said it aloud, but thehy werent. And it was okay. She was happy, she never knew, and now she never would, it was okay, he wanted her happy, even if it stung deep inside and felt like the coughing fits and the tighetening of his throat and non existant fist's that squeezed his lung's were absoutley nothing. He instead, for her painted on a smile.

"Im getting married taicho! I never thought he would ask! it took him so long, but im getting married, and he will have a family! nii-sama is happy to. Finally, we will be a real family together." She was happy and it hurt. He coudlnt be sure what hurt most, the reality that he had truely lost his chance, or was it the fact that he hadnt really tryed? alot could be said about the captian of the thirteenth division. Selfish wasnt one of those thing's. He was kind, caring, smart, respectable, if you wanted to get into more detail, he was sick, but there was another thing, he was inlove, with someone who didnt love him back. It hurt.

"Taicho, are you alright?" The voice startled Jushiro away from his mornful thought's and smiled instead and nodded. "Im fine, so when is the wedding?" He asked painting another smile on his lips for his fukitaicho. Ruining Ruika's good mood with his own wasnt somthing he was going to do, it wasnt fair, she deserved her happyness, as did Renji, so he smiled through the pain.


The months passed, he smiled. He ached, never had he believed that somthing like this would grow inside of him and fester turning into somthing so ugly. He had withdrew himself, even from Retsu and Shunsui, they didnt understand, both had found thier loves. Retsu and her sweet seventh seat Hanatoru, and Shunsui, by suprise had tamed the eleventh division captian into what could only be considered a gift from the gods since the soul society hadnt been torn apart in thier spats. Even his former student Kuchiki Byakuya had moved foward, the ache he once felt seemed to be lessening with the help of Kurosaki Ichigo. The winter war had opened the eyes to many, to see their loved ones, and he was happy, but it hurt.

So when he first noticed the flirting, to say that he was a bit suprised, was well...a understatment. He had been in his office, the coughing fit had suprised him since he hadnt done anything strenous, but it appeared all the same, so he coughed and hacked until blood spurted from his lips. Then there was a soft hand on his shoulder making his eyes raise to the green eyed woman in his office. She held out a tissue and gentally whipped at his mouth and helped him sit rightfully again before moving back to where she had been, as silently as she had entered his office, she was gone leaving the man to wonder in her wake.

Time went by, and he saw her often, she was sweet and kind. She was very shy and he thought it was cute, she reminded him in alot of way's...well he wasnt sure the word to describe it beside's pure. So when the littie thing's began changing he noticed. He was usually very dense to foward advance's,dr dre pro, but then again the only flirting he had ever seen was from the woman's meeting's and well, he wasnt sure if what Rangiku did could be considered flirting, no this was shy, innicont, almost unsure flirting.


First it was a wrapped package on his desk with some of the candy's that he had loved so much, but had yet to get out and get himself. At first he thought it was his former luitenit's, but when they swore they hadnt done it, but would do it next time, he brushed it away, though the smile on his face for the first time in months reached his eyes.

The second gift was tea, a fine kind and hard to come by. Again he was left gaping for answer's since, well there wasnt a trace of reitsu around in the office beside's his own, but he hadnt left himself anything that was silly, but then..who was? he turned to his luitenit and Ruika merely smiled saying that he was certainly special to someone, but assured she hadnt seen anyone either. Jushiro was loss for words but smiled all the same, someone cared. The gift's were sweet, and someone had taken time to get somthing for him.

As time passed more gifts came, always as mysterious and never with a trace of who it was. A new Kimono, a inkwell since in his last coughing fit he broke his, summer soon bled to winter, and with the changing season's, as did the gift's. A scarf came, a beautifully painted picture of his siblings together. Then came a new comforter for his bed, it was soft and warm, with warm comforting color's. Only this time there was a note. 'To keep you warm where other's have left you cold.' Nothing more. And Jushiro smiled, since for not the first time, the gift's made him smile. He was slowely getting over the pain and rejection that had perhaps not on purpose, been shoved at him.


He heard it, in the pale light of early morning, the moon was still setting as the sun was rising and they had become one. He was in his office, he was behind on paper work and was trying to get caught up before another mountain of it was set on his desk. There was soft footsteps, he looked to the sky to tell the time, it was about six am. His division would be waking, but knowone came to his office until at least eight in the morning. So when the door opened revealing Kiyoko with a wrapped box Jushiro was well....shell shocked wasnt right, oh he was suprised alright, but another part of him wasnt.

As the time passed he had gotten over most of the pain, of course it was still there, it hummed in the back of his head if he let his mind dwell on it to much. But now seeing the young woman looking at him with wide eyes and a blush dusting her cheek's, he smiled. As he rose to his feet and walked towards her, he could almost feel her thinking turning and running. He smiled though and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close. It hurt, but it was a bitter sweet pain.

"Captian...I-I." Jushiro smiled and put his hand on her head to silence her. "I care deeply for you, but I was inlove before, the pain isnt gone, but if you are still willing, still believe im the one you want. In time.." The woman looked up and smiled. "I'll wait."


That was two year's ago. Now the white haired captian sat on the porch, his chocolate colored eyes looking out to the lake before another coughing fit came, it was like this in the morning though. Four ragged coughs and then blood. 'One, Two, Three, Four' as if counting down, blood fell from his lip's and stained his hands and the hardwood he sat on. Though before he could move, a hand was on his shoulder, and a tissue was whipping his mouth gentally. He turned and smiled seeing Kiyoko, a smile on her lips and a glimmering silver ring on her ring finger.

"Are you alright koi?" she whispered softly as she sat beside him. Jushiro looked at the woman and smiled, his eyes light again glimmering happyness and love and he merely nodded. "Yes im fine. Like the first time, whenever I need you, for help in the division, the morning fits, and simply there to be there for me. There you are." And the woman who held his heart only smiled.

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