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#1 2007-06-17 15:55:32


Patience when your child has a disability

I had a teacher in fourth grade who always said Patience is a Virtue. She would be proud of me now I bet.

My daughter is doing good again. She got another job. I wanted to thank thoose people who wrote me after she lost the last one. Its Sunday morninng and I am thinking the most important thing for when you have a child with a disability is patience. Even though the law says Amy is an adult now there are a lot of times she just makes the most wrong decisions. When she does something just stupid like quits a job because they won't let her have Friday night off to go to a party she just wants to go to it makes me want to scream.

I remind myself that she did not want to be born like this and she is a loving person with a lot of good thingss about her. That keeps me patient when she comes by the next week crying about not having any money and having her phone turned off.


#2 2007-06-18 13:08:40


Re: Patience when your child has a disability

Congratulations!  It is definitely hard to have patience, especially when you care about someone so much and just want them to be happy.  As long as there is a support system around, getting through struggles such as this will be that much easier.  Being young and committing to a job is pretty difficult - you are making the move into committing yourself to a new, "adult" life and that can be challenging for any young person.  To help her, you can find little positivities about her job and make it an exciting thing to do.



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