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#1 2007-05-24 23:30:01


We all have bad days! But, how do we deal with the issues?

Everybody has bad days right? No matter if you are young, old(er), Native American, Spanish, or whether or not you have a disability or not. My point is that people of all diverse backgrounds have problems they deal with daily. It just seems that lately as I get older there are more and more things (physically) that are effecting what I can or cannot do.
What do you think! Does getting older necessary put more bad days or problems encountered happen more frequently?
As far as how I have handled the physical ailments, mostly I take Tylenol to mask the pain, but surprisingly, the best medicine on a warm day is to exercise outside.
And when I have other major problems due to my disability I get frustrated, but realize that I can either p_ _ _ _ and moan about it or get up and move on, most days I chose the later. I know that some of my disabled friends have other ways of dealing with bad days, but I have found that dealing with them head on and having a faith in a higher power helps.



#2 2007-05-25 02:55:06


Re: We all have bad days! But, how do we deal with the issues?

I had a neighbor who had a degenerative disease that caused her to be more and more disabled to the point where she was eventually bedridden and gradually losing her sight and hearing. When I would visit her, I was always struck by the fact that she would use the phrase, "I have been so blessed" about every ten minutes.

She is laying in bed, her personal care assistant is wiping her chin after she has held up a glass for her to drink, and we are talking about careers, and she says, "I had a good career. I have been so blessed. You know a lot of people spend their life working at Wal-Mart and McDonalds and one dead-end job after another and I had a chance to move up in business and have a lot of responsible positions."

We were talking some more while her attendant was turning her to prevent pressure sores and the subject got on to my daughters' choice of colleges and she said, "I have been so blessed. You know, I was the only one in my family to get a college degree."  And she went on to describe all the good times in her college days.

I was talking to  a friend the other day who was  a very gifted athlete when he was young and is now disabled due to injuries on the job. He is 60. I asked him if he ever got depressed about not doing the things he used to do and he said, "You're joking, right? No! I feel lucky that I got to be a good athlete at one point because a lot of people never do. Now, I have been to lots of funerals of my friends, so at least I am still here."

For some people, it seems that a positive attitude really helps them. The question is, how do you get that attitude? Do you practice it? Is it wisdom that comes with age? Or are you just optimistic or not? I don't know.



#3 2007-11-10 20:18:54


Re: We all have bad days! But, how do we deal with the issues?

I think it has to do with your character.  I think that with age comes wisdom, but if you don't have the right attitude, with age can also come bitterness, or stress from the responsibilities that come with age.  Having a positive attitude definitely makes life better and easier to deal with.  I read a book lately that said that every night, you should write down one positive thing (at least) that happened throughout the day.  It helps to put a perspective and positive end to the night!



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