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#1 2007-05-24 02:43:56


Making freinds

i am moved to a new town and i am hving trouble making freinds. I was wondering if any of you have freinds with sever disabilities lik me and if so how did you meet them?


#2 2007-05-24 02:49:54


Re: Making freinds

Hello, Flooey -
I have a couple of friends that have pretty noticeable disabilities. My friend, Tina, who I have known for years, is blind and I met her at judo. We both have a lot of similarities outside of judo - interested in teaching kids, both will tell you exactly what we think.

My friend, Willie, who I have known for years (gee, it really has been years!) uses a wheelchair and I met him through work.

I would think if you are interested in meeting more friends your best bet is just to go out and do stuff. Work, join a sport and you will meet people with similar interests. I don't know what your disability is or what your interests are, but I think you should be able to find something. There is a series of articles by Willie Davis coming out in our June newsletters on physical activities where he writes about wheelchair basketball, hunting, camping and pool. If you are not really into sports, you might want to consider a course at a local college. It doesn't have to be for credit. You could take a continuing ed class in whatever interests you.



#3 2007-05-30 15:32:05


Re: Making freinds

I feel like the best place to meet friends is through a job, any job.  My roommates and I recently moved to a new town and since they have secured employment, they have made a lot of friends through work.  Continuing ed classes are also good places, especially if you take them at a community college, so tuition is cheaper.



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