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#1 2007-09-28 17:05:53


Are people on reservations un-informed?

As Erich interviews more and more people on different reservations regarding their experiences getting disability information there seem to be two dramatically different views. The administrators and program directors we talk to sometimes tell us that parents are not interested, community members with disabilities are apathetic, and they ALWAYS tell us that they are doing everything possible to get the word out in the community. They are sending out newsletters, maintaining a website, hosting public information meetings, maintaining office hours, sending staff members out in a blizzard clothed in nothing but pages from the most recently passed version of IDEA and ADA. Okay, well, maybe I made up that last one just to see if you were paying attention!

On the other hand, parents and individuals with disabilities tell us that they receive almost no information about their rights, they learn about services mostly through word of mouth, from other parents of children with disabilities.

Is it that information is there and people don't know where to find it? Are there different perspectives between those running the programs and those needing information on how often and where information should be available?



#2 2007-10-06 23:09:53


Re: Are people on reservations un-informed?

Is this the case on those reservations that have programs for special needs members, funded directly under the tribal funds? I know nationwide that there are tribes who do this. As far as perspectives, I feel that most tribes are not morally representing their people the best they can. They may say they are getting the information out, but what about follow up to those disabled tribal members. I can only wish that tribes reflect upon their history in how they treat and take care of those tribal members with special needs. Enough with the selfish and egotistical ways of trying to be self important. My suggestion is that tribes take a look at how they set their priorities.

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