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woman at computerVIRTUAL FIELD TRIP # 2
Relax at the computer, take your shoes off. This is like a field trip you would take in one of your other classes but you don't have to put your coat on, go out in the cold and worry about getting back in time to pick your kids up from day care. The idea is the same as a regular field trip. You go along, observe, and hopefully pick up some useful ideas.


This link is the table of contents for the Center for Research on Women and Girls in Sports latest report. I would particularly recommend the section on poverty, race and physical ability. In brief, they find that girls who are poor and minorities could benefit most from sports but are least likely to participate. You can see the truth of a lot of what they say by looking around the reservation and seeing how prevalent obesity is and how little participation there is in sports and other physical activity, particularly among girls. Did you ever ask yourself why? This report will give you at least some of the reasons.

Current therapies for treating obesity. This link discusses some medical definitions, measures and interventions including various drugs.

American Obesity Association. GO TO THIS SITE. I think it is a gold mine of information for those who are just beginning to learn about obesity. Their newsletters are very good, in fact, the article in the link above is from one of them.

Click here for sources on obesity in the Spirit Lake Virtual library. All of these are on our CD if you don't have Internet access, or can be downloaded from the website.

There is much, much more I have to say about obesity (and every other topic in this course, for that matter), but I suppose I ought to stop now and move on to the next topic, which is moral development. There is very little on this topic on the next page because, quite frankly, Kohlberg and the whole moral development theory area bores me to death. (What? Was I supposed to lie? Go to the next page anywat. It's short, there is an interesting exercise in it and a few points I put in because I would feel guilty if I totally ignored the topic.)

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