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A.) Lori's husband died in a car accident six months ago. She is thirty-seven years old and has two children, ages five and eleven. She comes to you, as her younger child's preschool teacher and wants to know what she should expect from her children in the way of questions about the death, and what sort of problems the children might have. Most of all, she wants to know what you can recommend to help her children adjust as well as possible. Write her a letter giving her your best advice.

B) Your cousin Marilyn's baby died from SIDS last week. She was five months old. The whole family wants to do the right thing, but they feel so helpless. They are afraid of saying the wrong thing and don't know what to do, so everyone has pretty much been avoiding Marilyn. Her mother, your Aunt Louise, comes to you, the relative with the most education in this area, and says, "Give us your advice."

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