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Assignment # 10
You have been asked to give a one hour presentation on careers for community college students who will be graduating this spring. Write the outline of your speech and email it to me. Include the following:
  • Advice on what you might expect in looking for your first job
  • Statistics on youth unemployment
  • The importance of work
  • How to improve your chances in the job market
  • ONE (or more, if you are feeling ambitious) overhead that you would use in your presentation.

EXAMPLE OF AN OVERHEAD is given below (someone told me that in the Midwest these are called transparencies, not overheads. Is that true?)


Adults who come from higher income families:

* Tend to make better grades in school

* On the average, attend better schools than students from low-income families

* Are less likely to drop out of school

* Are more likely to be accepted in college and graduate school

* BECAUSE of their more years of education, tend to get better jobs than people who grew up
    in poorer families

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