The Secret Entrance, by Marshawn Longie

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This year I will be discovering the secret entrance.
  Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself my name is Beverly.  I have curly hair, brown eyes, and I have an 80's type of style.  I'm going to stay with my grandma Willow.  She has green eyes, light brown hair, and wears fancy leather clothing.  My grandma won't let me touch her books on her shelves.  That's why I think there's a secret entrance. 


A little bit later my grandma headed to the grocery store.  So I will try to investigate.  But, before I start I will call my friend Rachel.  Before Beverly was going to call she thought it was a bad idea and stopped.  The Beverly started looking around, and then she pulled a book.  Everything started shaking then she fell into a hole and darkness surrounded her. 


Beverly turned on her flashlight and started looking around. Beverly then found a light switch and turned it on.  When Beverly turned it on, then she saw a demon, Beverly was horrified. Before Beverly could run away the demon took over her body.  Then the demon heard a door. 


Soon grandmother arrived home.  She went downstairs to the secret entrance and found Beverly laying down crying.  She put Beverly on her lap but when she Beverly's face it gone.  She let go of Beverly then Beverly disappeared.  The demon was going through Beverly's memories, and then the demon started targeting Rachel.  Rachel only lived 2 blocks away.  So the demon wanted to start with her. 


Beverly's grandma Willow got up and was trying to figure out where the demon was going.  Then she knew that Rachel was closest to the neighbor hood. Grandmother dashed outside, started her black motorcycle, and started driving to Rachel's house.  When grandmother arrived she heard Rachel screaming at the top of her lungs.  When grandmother came inside Rachel was throwing things at the demon.  But when grandmother took a closer look at Rachel she realized Rachel's arm had gotten bitten by the demon. 


Grandmother then carried Rachel outside, Rachel then started crying.  Grandmother went back inside to find Beverly crying on the floor, soon grandmother yelled at Beverly  "I will not fall for a trick like that again!"  But Beverly looked at her then grandmother realized her face was back.  Grandmother hugged Beverly tight.  In the background Rachel was yelling, "Is it going to help me?!" Beverly and grand mother were laughing. Tears were flowing, Rachel yelling and throwing a fit, everything was perfect. 


The paramedics arrived to bring Rachel to the hospital.  Beverly and grandmother were waving and saying good bye while they were taking Rachel away.  Rachel kept telling them "You guys were no help to me!!" Grandmother and Beverly started walking to the motorcycle; grandmother started it up and started driving. 


When they went inside the house Beverly's eyes started turning green.  Meanwhile grandmother was preparing some tea.  Beverly disappeared again.  Beverly went to go see Rachel, Beverly unplugged everything that Rachel was hooked up to. Lets just say Rachel didn't make it.  Beverly returned to grandmothers house after that. 


Grandmother got a call that Rachel didn't make it, she told Beverly.  Beverly faked cried.  Soon Grandmother went to bed, then Beverly got up grabbed a bat and went to her grandma's room the terrible things happened. Ambulance came, everything happened so fast.  Sadly Grand Mother never made it. 

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