As If Ethics Mattered

    1. If you are a project director, tribal council member or other individual in authority, let it be known that you want to be informed of ethical violations. Announce this at meetings with your staff. Announce it in the general assembly. Mention it on your project website.
    2. Provide means for people to let you know - anonymously - about ethical issues. There is a Spirit Lake Consulting Ethical Questions forum. Anyone can login using the username anonymous and the password tribaljoe .
    3. If you are concerned about an ethical issue but fear repercussions, feel free to use the Spirit Lake Forum to discuss it. Be aware we will remove immediately any baseless allegations or personal accusations.
    4. When an employee does come forward, don't shoot the messenger. For example, Amy tells you about co-workers who have been punching each other in and out on the timeclock, so each works about a 22-hour week, and then you turn around and write her up the next week because she called in sick. We have seen supervisors justify this based on "it's our policy" but they have not enforced that policy for any other worker. Make sure that Amy is not treated any differently than anyone else. In fact, no one but you and Amy should ever know that she reported these problems.

    What other ways can you support an ethical organization ? One way is by increasing the emotional intelligence, both your own and of your workplace.