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Communication with a person who cannot speak
I attended your workshop this weekend at CANAR in Seattle. I spoke to you about my nephew with a brain injury. He was unable to speak and we decided to use a book that went with him wherever he was to assist us with communication. He took it to his school and to both of his foster homes (his foster parents divorced) so it enabled him to have consistency in his life. At least we could talk to him about what he was doing with whomever he was with, if he went to the store, or washed the dog or went to the park or whatever. It helped him get through a very tough time. Now he is beginning to talk so I believe the book helped him. His mom would put in pictures, and his cousin would make little notes about what they did together. Teachers participated. We knew when he went to the Dr. and dentist and it helped us communicate when otherwise we might not have. Hope this helps. -- June
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