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Dr. Longie

PRESIDENT: Dr. Erich Longie, Enrolled Member, Spirit Lake Sioux


  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership
  • Masters in Educational Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Teacher Education


  • President, Spirit Lake Consulting
  • President, of Cankdeska Cikana Community College
  • Academic Dean, Cankdeska Cikana Community College
  • Even Start Director
  • Adult Basic Education Instructor
  • Third Grade Teacher


  • Co-author of federal and foundation grants funded for over $30 million
  • Self-study coordinator for three successful accreditation visits
  • Member of numerous boards and committee both off and of the reservation, including Four Winds School Board, IMED Board, KABU Reservation Radio Board
  • Small Business ownerBorn, raised and lives on the Spirit Lake Nation
  • Four sons and one daughter
  • Served in U.S. Marine Corps

"Having my research published in an academic journal and addressing the General Assembly of the Spirit Lake Nation all in the same week is an example of what our company strives to develop - the ability to walk in both worlds and be respected in each as a person with competence and integrity."

Disability & Chronic Illness: Caring for our People Family Life and Disability Special Education Rights

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